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Russell Hobbs 24732 Desire Food Processor Review

Cheap and reliable don’t always go hand in hand. You might find a cheap kitchen appliance, but it might not be as reliable as such to meet your needs in the kitchen. However, the Russell Hobbs 24732 goes against the odds to offer you a food processor that is both cheap and reliable at the same time.

This model is made to also fit in that squeezed kitchen, and it will offer the needed versatility as you prepare your ingredients and recipes.

So, how reliable is the food processor on a scale of 1 to 10? We would answer that question straight away, but let’s first see the features and functions of the product in detail.

What’s the price?

The 24732 Desire Overview

The Russell Hobbs Desire is a top food processor that is meant to work with versatility and user-friendliness when it comes to food preparation delivery. It doesn’t consume much of your space, but it surpasses some large models out there by far. If you want a unit to ease your small preparation tasks in the kitchen, this might just be the ideal companion. The best part is that this fella comes at a very friendly price tag.

Features And Functions Of The Desire

Elegant/Space-Saving Design

The first thing to notice about the 24732 food processor is the decent design that makes it stand out in the kitchen with elegance. This one is made with a chic matte black finish, which is universal enough to blend in with any style of the kitchen out there. Plus, it has a small size that allows you to use it in a tiny house with a confined kitchen space. If you needed one for your RV, this one would do too.


You shouldn’t expect to have such a massive and overly generous capacity with this cooker. It might disappoint you if that’s what you are looking for. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have the smallest capacity either. Rather, this food processor offers you the main mixing bowl of 2.5 liters and a blender jug of 1.5 liters. Not so bad if you are in a house of fewer than four people.


The first thing that you should know about the Desire food processor before you even start using it is that it is not designed for heavy tasks like crushing ice. This model comes with a 600W motor that is designed to work through small tasks, including plushy and juicy fruits or ingredients. It might not be a beast with that motor, but the Russell Hobbs 24732 will run with minimal vibrations and operating noise.

Variable Speed

This 24732 model offers you two-speed settings that include low and high-speed levels. The low speed is ideal for chopping ingredients into large pieces, while the high speed is for chopping ingredients into smooth and creamy dips or soup. There’s also a pulse function for added convenience.

Safety Features

Having a kitchen appliance that is designed with the necessary safety features can be very helpful. This food processor is designed that way, and you can be sure of confidence when working with it. The food processor comes with a double safety lock on the bowl, which is meant to secure it in place. You no longer have to worry about accidental starts that might damage the motor or injure you.

Furthermore, the product comes with nonslip feet for added stability. It will work without moving around the kitchen counter.


This Russell Hobbs Desire food processor comes at a low price tag, but you still get a whole lot of accessories with it. Besides the mixing bowl and blender jug, the product also offers you a spindle, mixer attachment, creamer attachment, driveshaft, chopper attachment, shredding/slicing disc, and a pusher. There is also an instruction booklet to guide you on how to use the product accordingly.


  • Elegant and space-saving design
  • Offers a lot of accessories for versatility
  • It is available at a decent price point
  • Comes with safety features for extra confidence when working with it
  • Features a convenient cord storage


  • The lid locks on a bit tight, which can be challenging to remove


So, what is the reliability score of the Russell Hobbs 24732 We’d give it an 8/10 rating in terms of its reliability. The only major challenge is that it doesn’t have enough power for handling heavy tasks.

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