Russell Hobbs 24722

Russell Hobbs 24722 Desire Jug Blender Review

Russell Hobbs is a reputable brand that delivers top-notch appliances. Among them, they deliver blenders, and the Russell Hobbs 24722 is one of the highly-rated models. Is this a good blender? Would it help you make juices and smoothies with ease? Yes, it would, and it out-shines most units out there in terms of the blending performance.

In this article, we will be looking at the further features and functions that make this blender a good pick.

What’s the price?

The Desire Jug Overview

The Russell Hobbs 24722 is more than just a regular blender you may find out there in the market. This model comes with a premium finish that will add some elegance to your kitchen space. The motor onboard is a moderate type that should be strong enough to handle all the common plushy fruits or veggies. It is not the right motor that can be overpowered, but you will generally enjoy working with this blender when making juices and smoothies.

Features And Functions Of The 24722

Classy Design

This Desire Jug blender is designed to serve two functions; add some glory to your kitchen space, and offer a decent blending performance. It is a beauty with brains kind-of blender that anyone would appreciate having at home. The blender is presented in a stylish premium matte black finish that should go with any style of kitchen. Plus, the design is meant to save you some counter and cabinet space.

Whether you leave it on the countertop or decide to store it away, the appliance won’t take up much of your space.


The capacity of a blender, or any other kitchen appliance used to prepare food, is a factor that you must consider. You need to know if the blender can easily prepare enough smoothies or juice for the people in the house. This one offers you a 1.5-liter capacity that is a common size for most blenders. The model wouldn’t be a bad pick for a family setting. It can allow you to prepare several glasses of juice or smoothie without a problem.

4-Point Stainless Steel Blades

Another thing to love about the blender is the uniquely designed blades. The blades are meant to slice through ingredients with ease. With the 4-point blades on the blender, you can easily whizz, blitz, or blend different types of vegetables and fruits. This way, you can use the blend to prepare healthy soup, milkshake, or smoothie in no time.


We wouldn’t say that this model has a powerful enough motor for crushing ice cubes. But if you need a model for making smoothies and juices, that shouldn’t be a point of concern. The blender is equipped with a decent 650W motor that can blend any plushy fruit or vegetable. It then delivers a top speed of 22000 RPM.

Variable Speed Setting

The Russell Hobbs Desire Jug includes a variable speed setting that will let you choose the right level for whatever you are preparing. Here you will only get two-speed levels that might seem too little, but still functional enough. Along with that, there is a pulse function that adds versatility to the whole preparation.

Choose the speed level of your choice is easy breezy as there is a turn knob to easily select the speed setting that meets the ingredient you are preparing. The slow-speed setting is best for blending chunky or thick dips, while the high-speed setting is for smooth fruits or silky soups.

Removable Filler Cap

You won’t have to open the lid to add water or other liquids to the blender jug. Rather, the blender comes with a removable filler cap to help you with that. This filler cap will allow you to add ingredients continuously without any of them escaping or you having to remove the whole lid.


  • Comes with a premium matte black finish
  • Nonslip suction feet for stability
  • It has a compact and space-saving design
  • Easy to use and clean parts
  • Removable filler cap for adding ingredients when blending
  • Comes with a convenient cord storage


  • You cannot use this model for hot soup


The Russell Hobbs 24722 stands as a decent model that will help you prepare your smoothies and juices with ease. It doesn’t consume much space, and using it is easy breezy. Just keep in mind that it isn’t meant for hot soup.

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