Russell Hobbs 24570

Russell Hobbs 24570 2.5L Deep Fryer Review

Among the leading and most-reputable kitchen appliances brand in the UK, Russel Hobbs definitely stands as one of the best. The brand delivers reliable kitchen appliances, including deep fryers. So, if you like to go the traditional way of frying your meals, you might want to invest in the Russell Hobbs 24570. This deep fryer comes with a stylish design that would fit in just about any kitchen style. Plus, it won’t eat up your space, regardless of where you wish to place it.

Let’s have a deeper exploration of the deep fryer.

What’s the price?

The 24570 Overview

The Russell Hobbs 24570 is an electric deep fryer that is made not only to look good but also to give you an easy time when working with it. This one also lets you check the cooking progress without having to lift off the lid, and you can cook different foods with it. If you don’t like the common deep frying smell around the kitchen or house after cooking, this cooker is designed to eliminate that. Even better, using it is easy enough, and so is buying it. You won’t have to break the bank to acquire this unit.

Features and Functions


This Russell Hobbs deep fryer will fit in any kitchen, regardless of the style. It rocks an amazing new and sleek design that is easy on the eye. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about having a small kitchen space. Even if you live in a studio apartment or you would love to have one in your RV, this one is designed to make that possible. It comes with a compact and space-saving design that would make it a friend of most UK homes.

The 24570 deep fryer comes with a 2.5-liter oil capacity that allows you to prepare food for up to four people with ease. Preferably, you should use it to prepare food for two to three people.

Large View Window

From experience, it is always tempting to check the cooking progress of your food. In this case, some people might be forced to cancel the cooking process, lift the lid and check how their food is cooking. But this cooker is designed to eliminate that. You don’t have to lift the lid to see the cooking progress. Rather, you will get a convenient view window that you can use to check the progress without having to lift off the lid.

Carbon Odor Filter

Frying with a regular pot with cooking oil normally leaves you with an unpleasant carbon odor around the kitchen or the whole house. However, the 24570 is designed to save you that stress. You won’t have to worry about the smell filling the kitchen once you are done cooking. This is made possible by the carbon odor filter system on board.

Adjustable Thermostat

No more guessing the cooking temperature that is ideal for whatever food you are frying. The 24570 deep fryer is made to let you adjust the temperature according to your needs. There is a rotary knob that you can turn to set your cooking temperature perfectly. Also onboard are indicator lights that will tell you if the cooker is on, along with the cooking progress.

Nonslip Feet/Nonstick Frying Basket

There is a dedicated frying basket that comes with the cooker. The frying pan offers a cooking capacity of 1 liter, and it comes with a nonstick coating for convenience. This will prevent the food from sticking and also offers you an easy time when cleaning it. Plus, the frying basket is linked with a cool-tough handle system.

Plus, there are nonslip feet onboard that will ensure the cooker stays stable enough as you work with it. No more unnecessary movement of the cooker as you work with it around the kitchen.


  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Modern and stylish design that blends in any kitchen style
  • Cool-touch walls and handle
  • Easy view window to eliminate the need for lifting off the lid during the cooking progress
  • Comes at a decent price point
  • Nonslip feet makes the whole unit stable as you use it


  • The handle might come off its lever too easily


The Russell Hobbs 24570 is an electric deep fryer that would suit your squeezed kitchen with ease. It comes with an easy-to-use and very safe system. Even as you use it in your small kitchen space, the cooker will stay stable on the countertop. Above all, it is available at a pocket-friendly price.

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