Russell Hobbs 19771

Russell Hobbs 19771 Deep Fat Fryer Review

In this article, we will review the Russell Hobbs 19771 deep fryer to see if it is worth the buy. Our focus will be its performance, durability, ease of use and cleaning, outstanding functions, and how all of those compare to products within its price.

So, in the end, you should have detailed information on the product that should bring you to a single purchase decision- either buy or consider other options.

What’s the price?

Our Evaluation Of The 19771


Like we always would say, the power of your deep fryer is one of the most significant determinants of its overall performance. In fact, if your device fails here, it fails everywhere because no generosity in size, durability, or ease of use worth a thing if the machine flounder in getting your food cooked properly.

The Russell Hobbs 19771 comes with a robust heating system rated 1800W- high compared to other models, but for a product within its size, the power is quite average. Thus, guaranteeing quick heat-up and adequate sustenance of the temperature to get large portions of meals from fries, fish to chicken prepared conveniently and quickly.

Food Capacity:

Your home’s size or intended purpose of use (say you own a small café or frequently invite friends over for fries) is another crucial detail that points you to your ideal product. It is the norm to get devices that serve a little bit higher than your home size. Yet, going too far, say opting for a 3.5L deep fryer that should feed a family of six when you’re only three at home, means you’d be spending more for the excess space you don’t need (since larger products usually have higher prices) and the extra electrical cost of running a bigger appliance.

This product has a 3.2L tank. Its large size stretches its range of use from a fantastic option for large homes to an excellent device for cooking large portions of food for a small outing with friends.


The 19771 may not tick the boxes for a stylish or sleek appliance but undoubtedly has a modern look that is equally aesthetically pleasing. It has a stainless steel construction with BPA-free parts for durability and healthy cooking, and its polished stainless steel exterior makes the unit scratch and rust-proof.

We can easily say that the product has a lightweight construction for its reasonably big size and large tank capacity. Lastly, it features an anti-slip feet design for stability when in use, eliminating the possibility of accidental movement.

Temperature Range:

Compared to competitive products, this Russell Hobbs deep fryer comes a little short in the temperature range. Specifically, it allows for heat selection only between 160 to 190 degrees Celsius rather than 150 to 190 degrees on other models. However, on the bright side, it lets you select more heat options in an increment of 10 degrees than the 20 degrees on competitors.

Besides, the ideal temperature for deep frying falls between 177 to 190 degrees Celsius- going less can get your meals greasy; so, it is justifiable to ignore a 150 degrees heat option. 

Ease Of Use and Cleaning:

Operating this device isn’t more complicated than any top-quality deep fryer- it utilizes its temperature knob as a switch and heat selection option, similarly to these high-quality products. However, the designers included an operating light and a “Ready” indicator to make its use more convenient.

Cleaning the appliance is also a breeze because all its parts are removable, and the tank has a non-stick coating.


Russell Hobbs has a reputation for superior-grade constructed products with long service life, and this appliance eludes it. The stainless steel construction and polished exterior eliminate rusting or scratching, and the Teflon non-stick coated tank lasts for long if used safely (with wooden or less abrasive cooking utensils).

The 19771 Specifications

Dimension41.5 x 22.8 x 23.5 cm
Power1800 W
Weight2.4 kg
Capacity3.2 L


  • Large food capacity
  • Superior-grade stainless steel construct
  • Modern and lightweight design 
  • BPA-free plastic parts
  • High power heating element
  • Anti-heat handles 
  • Easy to clean

Product Limitations

  • Fewer temperature selection option than competitive products
  • The heating element’s position (at the bottom) means the basket has to be tilted when in use.


Russell Hobbs 19771 performs excellently in making tasty chips and meals- which is the most significant point. It has a highly-durable, scratch, and rust-proof construct, only that it doesn’t have the most stylish design. It suits a reasonably large home and gets our full recommendation for purchase.

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