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Quest 34250 Brushed Square Deep Fat Fryer Review

Quest may be a leading brand in the cookware industry with products featuring innovative functions. Still, our review of the Quest 34250 deep fryer ignores the manufacturer’s reputation and possible bias to see how the product compares to other models of similar size and price.

We aim to give you enough information that brings you to single-word answers for if the product suits you and whether you should buy it.

What’s the price?

Our Evaluation Of The Quest 34250


Power is the first thing to look out for when purchasing a deep fryer. In succinct terms, high-powered models handle more robust cooking operations efficiently than low-powered options. However, when considering power, you have also to put the device’s size in mind. Larger devices need more power to get the much oil required to fry foods quickly heated and sustain the temperature. In contrast, compact products use a smaller amount of oil and less power to operate.

This Quest product comes with a 900W rated heating system. Compared to competitive models generally, the power is little. However, for its compact size and small capacity, a 900W power is sufficient to heat up quickly and cook an extensive range of meals efficiently.

Food Capacity:

Another crucial consideration that should guide your choice for an ideal deep fryer is the tank capacity. Precisely, if you’ve got a large home, say with five members, your perfect product should have at least a 2.5 L tank.

Quest 34250 comes with a small tank measuring 1.5L; thus, suited for small families, couples, or individual use, like in a student apartment.


The 34250 deep fryer doesn’t come with one of the most stylish designs, nor will it add an exceptional sparkle to your kitchen aesthetics,but it will do its job excellently. It appeals to persons who prefer a simple modern look that blends into any deco and not necessarily bright-coloured appliances. The machine has a very compact design that allows for easy mobility like outdoor use, especially in caravans or small-scale frying applications, say in a small café.

As available on other top-models, the deep fryer has a large transparent window at its top to give you a clear view of the cooking process. It also has a rust-proof, scratch-proof, superior-grade brushed stainless steel finish for durability. Lastly, there are integrated air filters to reduce smoke emissions and anti-slip feet to prevent irregular or accidental movement of the unit.

Temperature Range:

The Quest 34250 allows for temperature selection between 150 to 190 degrees Celsius to meet a wide range of cooking needs. This function works with the integrated thermostat that regulates the heat to ensure optimum delivery of the selected temperature for the entire cooking process.

The temperature selection function on this machine differs from those on competitive models. First, it gives you an extensive range from 150 to 190 rather than 160 to 190 degrees Celsius. Yet, it offers only three options for heat- 150, 170, and 190 in contrast to four available options on many brands.

Ease Of Use And Cleaning:

The simple overall design makes operating the device very easy. The entire control features a temperature knob (with the switch integrated);that you only turn to the desired heat and inspect until your meal is ready.

Cleaning the machine is also effortless – thanks to its nonstick interior coating. It also features a detachable handle for easy storage. Finally, it has two easy-cool holding side handles that’s let you safely and comfortably move and store the device after use.


This product comes with superior-grade construction and hasa pretty long service life when appropriately handled.

The 34250 Specifications

Dimension33.9 x 28.8 x 27.1 cm


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Superior-grade construction with scratch-proof and rust-proof finish
  • Large observation window
  • Integrated side handles for easy holding and mobility
  • In-built air filter
  • Non-slip rubber feet

Product Limitations

  • Only suitable for small homes


Conclusively, Quest 34250 deep fryer is an affordable product ideal for small homes and guarantees a properly cooked meal. It comes with a superior-grade construct and innovative designs like an integrated air filter. So, it is worth the buy and gets our full recommendation. 

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