Pro Breeze AF-02-AE

Pro Breeze AF-02-AE XL 5.5L Air Fryer Review

Having a good air fryer with a decent capacity to prepare food for a family can be satisfying. Even better, having one with multiple cooking modes only makes it better. If you need a reliable air fryer to add to use at home, the Pro Breeze AF-02-AE would be a good pick.

Besides offering you multiple cooking modes, this cooker comes with a digital control panel that is relatively easy to use once you get used to it. What more does it offer? This article will help you learn more about the air fryer.

What’s the price?

Pro Breeze 5.5L Overview

The AF-02-AE is an air fryer considered to be among the best in the UK. Thanks to its incredible performance, this unit would be a good choice for you. It comes with a stylish and compact design, and you will easily fit it in your small kitchen. Even with that, it manages to offer a decent cooking capacity that will be enough to prepare food for your family. We can say that this model has a relatively easy-to-understand control panel, along with other useful safety features.

Features and Functions


Some people don’t care about the design of a kitchen appliance, as long as it performs its job properly. On other hand, there are those who prefer having a good-looking unit in their kitchen. If you are one of those people that value the design of a kitchen appliance, this one would suit you. This Pro Breeze 5.5L air fryer comes with a compact and practical design that would glorify your kitchen counter with ease.

There is a brushed chrome lid, along with a black gloss outer finish that gives it a modern and luxurious look. It would definitely blend with any kitchen style.

It then offers a 5.5-liter capacity that should prepare food for up to 5 people.

Advanced Super-Hot Cyclone Technology

Cooking can be frustrating if there is no even heat distribution around the appliance. Nevertheless, if you have proper heat distribution, you will be sure of even cooking. That is exactly what this cooker offers. Thanks to the advanced super-hot cyclone technology, you will enjoy not only even cooking, but a quick one as well.

Large, Nonstick Fry Basket

Most appliances these days are designed to provide you healthy cooking, and this one possesses that feature. The AF-02-AE air fryer comes with a high-quality fry basket that has a nonstick coating to let you use less cooking oil. Another feature that makes the fry basket unique is the ventilation grille on the sides. This helps to pass the super-heating air all around the food. The bottom part of the fry basket also has holes that will drain excess fat as it is cooking. Cleaning the fry basket is also easy breezy.

7 Cooking Presets

This Pro Breeze 5.5L fryer offers you more than just the air frying feature. You can also make use of other modes including Fish, Chips, Chicken, Pork, Shrimp, Cake, and Steak. Generally, you can cook a whole lot of meals with this unit. There is also a timer that allows you to set how long you want the food to cook automatically.

Digital LED Screen

Thanks to the LED screen on this unit, you can easily see what mode you have chosen. The display will work well with the control panel that is also easy to access and select the cooking mode you wish. Nevertheless, you should know that you might not find it that easy if you are using it for the first time.

Safety Features

As you cook with this 5.5L air fryer, you wouldn’t have to worry about your safety. Specifically, it comes with some useful safety features that include inbuilt over-heat protection and auto-off sensors. If the cooker is left unattended for a long time, it will automatically go off to save you energy.


  • Stylish and compact design
  • Offers 7 cooking modes
  • Easy to clean
  • Auto-off and over-heat protection
  • Large cooking capacity


  • The rear vent gets hot when the cooker is running.


Who should go for the Pro Breeze AF-02-AE? We would recommend this unit to anyone looking for a reliable cooker that can cook enough food for a family while offering versatile cooking. Besides that, the cooker is easy to operate once you get used to it. It also comes with the necessary safety features.

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