Philips HR7510/11

Philips HR7510/11 Viva Compact Food Processor Review

Too often, a simple kitchen appliance doesn’t always come with great results. However, there are a few models out there that are simple in design, but massive in their delivery. The Philips HR7510/11 food processor is one of those units.

This product would be a good pick for you are on a relatively limited budget but you also need a good-performing appliance.

But how really does the model perform? Here is a review to help you understand it in detail.

What’s the price?

HR7510/11 Overview

The Philips HR7510/11 is a food processor that is designed to handle tough ingredients while saving you kitchen counter space. For those that have a small kitchen space, this model would suit them perfectly. You will also enjoy multiple accessories that come with this unit. Even better, the food processor is developed with advanced technology to better its chopping performance. If you need it specifically for chopping purposes, you will find it quite satisfying. And, as we have stated, it comes at a decently affordable price point.

Features and Functions Of The HR7510


We always like to start with the most visible aspect of the food processor, which is the design. This model comes with a simple design that is meant to not cramp your kitchen style. It might not be as flashy as the likes of Ninja products, but it is very much functional.

Another positive aspect of this product’s design is the fact that it won’t take a lot of your kitchen space. If you live in one of the UK houses with confined kitchen spaces, this fella would suit you perfectly.


Would this model suit a family setting? That depends on how big is your family. If you have a family of three, then it would serve you perfectly. The food processor offers you the main blending bowl of 2.1 liters, which isn’t too constrained compared to other models out there. It then offers you a working capacity of 1.5 liters. That should allow you to make up to five portions at the same time.


The motor on this model surpasses most units out there. It offers you a decent 800W motor that should be able to handle just about any ingredient you throw at it. With this motor, you can knead, slice, juice, or whisk with this food processor.

PowerChop Technology

This is another unique feature of the HR7510/11 food processor, which helps to enhance its overall performance. The PowerChop technology combines the blade shape, cutting angle, and inner bowl to assure you of a superior chopping result. This is applicable when handling both the soft and hard ingredients.

Furthermore, you can make use of this technology to make baby food puree and mix cake batters. There is an ergonomic double-sided disc that makes it overly easy to slice with one side and shred with the other.


The HR7510/11 is designed to offer you maximum delivery. There are 29 functions that let you handle just about any ingredient or fruit. With all these functions, you will not have any limit to what you are making. There are different accessories that give you the freedom at handling whatever you wish. Among the accessories, you will enjoy the S-blade and the 2-in-1 disc that allows you to slice or shred your veggies.

Color-Coded Speed Guide

The speed settings on this Philips Viva Compact model are easy to select. They are rated with a color code for efficiency. For perfect results, the speed color will be matched to the accessory color. For example, speed 1 is best suited for whip cream, beating eggs, bread dough, or pastries. On the other hand, speed 2 is perfect for minced meat, smoothies, and more.


  • Decently powerful motor
  • Multifunctional with up to 29 functions
  • Color-coded speed guide for perfect results
  • Compact design for use in smaller kitchens
  • PowerChop technology enhances chopping performance


  • The lid can be stiff to remove


The Philips HR7510/11 is a top food processor that is designed to offer you an amazing preparation experience. In terms of being multifunctional, this beast scores 10/10. It is also user-friendly, and you will have an easy time when cleaning the accessories. The model is loaded with a technology that helps to enhance the chopping performance with ease. Above all, you will not dig your pockets any deeper when you want to purchase this food processor.  

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