Philips HR3652/01

Philips HR3652/01 ProBlend Technology Blender Review

How much would you pay for a reliable blender made with an innovative blending technology to make the whole process a breeze? Over £300 maybe? Well, that would be a relatively high price point. But what if I told you there is one that goes for nearly half the price? Yes, the Philips HR3652/01 is available at a very friendly price point, and it assures you of an enhanced blending experience with its innovative technology.

Here is a review that will help you get a better picture of the product and also decide if it is a unit worth purchasing.

What’s the price?

The HR3652/01 Overview

Coming with a massive motor and excellent blending technology, the HR3652/01 will truly give you a memorable blending experience. This fella will offer 50% finer blending compared to most units out there. It then offers you a wide selection of blending modes with variable speed settings to assure you of versatility with your operation. When it comes to cleaning the blades and blender jug, you will find it easy, thanks to their design.

Features And Functions Of The HR3652


Having a space-saving blender that doesn’t compromise with the performance and overall delivery can be very helpful. This one offers you an appealing model that would act as décor in the kitchen. Even when you are not using it, you can just let it sit on the kitchen countertop and it would still be functional.

It can also fit in any kitchen space with ease since it comes in a compact design. Even if you want to use it in your squeezed studio apartment, this model will not disappoint.


Yes, the blender comes with a compact design, but that shouldn’t fool you. It might come with a space-saving design, but the blender still meets your needs accordingly. It offers you a massive 2-liter glass jar that would make it ideal for use in a family setting. With this capacity, you can prepare enough juice, milkshake, or smoothie for the whole family.


We stated that the Philips HR3652/01 runs with a powerful motor that can handle just about any vegetables or fruits. Here, you get a 1400W motor that delivers a top speed of 35000RPM. This is ideal to assure you of smooth blends in a shorter time. But you should be warned. The motor can be loud when running at a high speed.

Pro-Blend 6 3D Blending Technology

Phillips has gone a step further to offer you a blender that runs with innovative technology. Thanks to this technology, you will enjoy a swift blending experience while maximizing the nutrient content in each spin. The technology will unlock and extract more nutrients in every vegetable or fruit that it blends. This then assures you of enjoying a smooth and healthy glass of smoothie or juice.

Versatile Blending Modes

There is more to love about this blender besides the advanced technology and powerful motor. This unit allows you to adjust the speed and also try out some blending modes while at it. You can enjoy a preset program that is dedicated to making smoothies or you can choose to go manual with the manual mode. The manual mode offers you variable speeds that you can use to handle different ingredients.

Auto-Shut Off

You will not have to worry about overworking the blender. Thanks to its automatic shutoff feature, it will shut down the unit if it senses any overload. If you keep it running for over three minutes, the blender will automatically shut off. This helps to protect the motor and save energy in the long run.

Ease of Cleaning

The blender comes with removable blades that you can take out when you want to clean them. Once removed, you can easily clean them under a running tap. No need for scrubbing them. You can also put them, including the blender jug in the dishwasher for a quick clean-up.


  • Compact design
  • Its blending technology will unlock more nutrients
  • High speeds offer smooth blends
  • Has an auto-shutoff feature
  • Variable speed settings with an auto preset for smoothies
  • Highly-powerful motor handles almost any ingredient


  • It can be loud when running at a high speed


The Philips HR3652/01 is one unit that can help you achieve most of your blending experience. It is a versatile model that comes with blending preset and variable speed settings. You can also get it at a decently cheap price point.

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