Philips HR1922/21

Philips HR1922/21 Avance Collection Juicer Review

When it comes to home appliances, Phillips ranks among the top manufacturers in the UK. Juicers are among the kitchen appliances that they make. If you are looking for a reliable juicer to get started with, you can give the Philips HR1922/21 a shot. What makes this juicer special? Why should you buy it? Will it meet your needs accordingly?

We would answer all those questions instantly but read on this review to have more info about the juicer and why it would make a good purchase for you.

What’s the price?

HR1922/21 Overview

The HR1922/21 is a juicer that is made with an iconic and futuristic design that will glorify your kitchen space while still being functional enough. It runs with innovative technology to give you more juice and decide what texture you want the juice to be. If you don’t like having a messy kitchen, this juicer will be your friend. It has a feature that will make it easy to pour the juice in glasses or jugs while keeping the kitchen counter tidy enough. Even the cleaning process of this juicer is a breeze.

Features And Functions HR1922

Stylish Design

The first thing that we loved about this juicer is its stylish design. It looks sturdy but also elegant enough to bring some style to your kitchen. Even when you are not using it, you can leave it on the countertop to act as décor. It doesn’t take much space either, though it wouldn’t be a good pick for a kitchen with a squeezed space.


In comparison to other juicers out there, the Philips one comes with a more powerful motor. To be precise, the juicer offers you a sturdy motor of 1200W. With this motor, you can easily handle any type of fruit or vegetable. Another thing to note is that the motor is designed to run smoothly. In other words, it will work with limited vibrations. Nevertheless, you should expect it to be louder than other less-powerful motors.

Fiber Boost Technology

Do you love your juice pulpy? Maybe you love having a glass of smoothie that is rich in all the nutrients. If you do, then you will love working with the Philips HR1922/21. Thanks to the Fiber Boost Technology of this juicer, it allows you to enjoy 50% extra fiber. This will then let you choose the ideal texture of juice that suits you.

There is a switch button that lets you select the juice texture that you prefer. Whether you want fresh and clear juice or you want a thicker smoothie, the juicer lets you do that at the switch of a button.

Extra Wide Feeding Chute

For those that hate the long preparation time when making fresh juices, this model is designed to save you that. With its amazing feeding tube that comes with an XXL size, you can confidently load fruits as a whole. You won’t need to peel or chop fruits. For example, the feeding chute can conveniently accommodate a whole apple.

Drip Stop Prevents Mess

There is an integrated drop stop that lets you stop between juicing sessions. As a result, it will keep the kitchen counter clean without any mess. To activate the drip stop, you just have to turn the spout.

Quick Rinse Function

Isn’t it satisfying to have a juicer that is easy to clean? It truly is a relief to have such. With the Philips juicer, you can perfectly clean the parts without having to dismantle them. There is a quick rinse function onboard that will only require you to pour water through the feeding chute. From here, you will then need to activate the function for it to clean the juicer properly.


  • Sturdy and stylish design
  • Large feeding chute saves prep time
  • The drip stop feature minimizes mess on the countertop
  • Features a quick rinse function for easy cleaning
  • FiberBoost technology lets you choose the texture of your choice.


  • It is louder than some models


The Philips HR1922/21 is a decent juicer that has basically all the needed features to make it a good buy. You may have to dig your pockets a little deeper to purchase it, but it won’t disappoint. Other than the slightly loud motor, this juicer is very reliable and efficient.

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