Philips HR1867/21

Philips HR1867/21 Viva Collection Juicer Review

If you are in the health and fitness journey and you want a juicer to help you boost your health with nutritious juice or smoothie, a reliable juicer is one thing that will help you with that. The Philips HR1867/21 stands among the best juicers sold in most stores in the UK.

So, how reliable is the juicer? Here is a review to explain that.

What’s the price?

The HR1867/21 Overview

The Philips HR1867/21 is a strong and durable juicer that is made to give you an easy time when preparing your ingredients. It would also be a good pick if you need one for the family since it offers a good capacity to serve several glasses. With this Viva Collection unit, it will assure you of limited mess and fuss, which is an added advantage as you prepare your veggies and fruits. Above all, this makes a good juicer if you need an affordable model.

Features And Functions Of The HR1867


If you love having a good-looking appliance in your kitchen, you will love having this model. The Philips Viva Collection juicer comes with a brushed aluminum construction that helps to keep it strong, durable, and still good-looking. Besides having an elegant design, this model also comes with a space-saving design.

The juicer only measures 42.2cm x 23.8cm x 23.4cm, which makes it compact enough to fit even in the smallest available space in your kitchen or apartment.

Even with its compact design, this juicer still offers you an amazing 2-liter capacity. The best part is that the juicer can make the 2 liters of juice in one go and quickly enough.

Powerful Motor

This model comes with a strong motor that helps it to grind any type of fruit or vegetable. You get a 700W motor that will extract the maximum amount of juice from the veggies and fruits. The best part is that the motor will work with limited fuss. It has enough power to crush, mix, or blend the ingredients.

QuickClean Technology

Understandably, cleaning a juicer can be stressful. However, the HR1867/21 is designed to give you an easy time when cleaning it. All the surfaces of the juicer parts come with a smooth surface that makes it easy to clean. All you will have to do is rinse the parts and wipe away the mess. Generally, this technology helps to clean the juicer in just one minute.

The quick-clean technology lets you pour water inside and activate the feature to clean the model in just 60 seconds.

Large Feeding Tube

A lot of people have an issue when preparing vegetables or fruits. Nevertheless, this Philips Viva Collection juicer is designed to lessen the preparation time and save you energy while at it. It comes with an extra-large feeding tube that measures 75mm to give you an easy time. With this feeding tube, you can put vegetables and fruits as a whole. Whether it is a whole apple, beetroot, or carrot, this feeding tube will take them without the need for slicing.

Easy to Assemble

Every component of this Philips juicer has been designed to give you an easy time when assembling and working with it. Generally, you will assemble the juicer quickly and easily enough. It also comes with a round design and smooth surfaces on the pulp collector to let you disassemble it with ease.

Pulp Collector

You will not have to worry about the pulp collection of this unit. All the pulp will be collected conveniently in the pulp container. The pulp container and lid are transparent for you to know when it is time to empty it. Luckily, it is easy to empty the pulp container.


  • Elegant and durable brushed aluminum design
  • QuickClean technology will clean up the whole unit in just one minute
  • Quick and easy to assemble/disassemble
  • The transparent pulp container lets you know when it’s time to empty it
  • Large 2L capacity
  • XL feeding tube saves prep time


  • It can be noisy when it is running


The Philips HR1867/21 stands as one of the best juicers if you need a pocket-friendly model that serves you accordingly. It is made to be assembled very easily and quickly with limited effort. Thanks to the wide feeding tube, you will be sure of saving time and energy when preparing your ingredients. Even when it comes to cleaning the unit, this juicer will give you an easy time. Above all, the price tag is also very friendly.

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