Omega J8008C

Omega J8008C Juicer Extractor Review

The Omega J8008C stands among the best horizontal masticating juicers in the UK. This juicer is an upgrade of the previous versions, and it is designed with an appealing finish as well. While this might not be the ideal pick if you need a budget juicer, it is very much worth every penny. If you want to extract juice from any fruit or vegetable out there, this unit would be a good pick for you.

Here is a review to help you have a virtual experience of the juicer.

What’s the price?

Omega J8008C Overview

The J8008C is a horizontal single auger masticating juicer that comes with a massive 80RPM motor to grind the veggies and fruits slowly to offer you smooth juice with efficiency. Even better, this unit will run with low-noise operations to let you use it without worrying about making noise for other people in the house. If you don’t like spending a lot of time when preparing veggies and fruits, this one would suit you accordingly.

Features And Functions Of The J8008C


This Omega jiucer is designed to serve you with elegance while remaining strong for long enough. Thanks to the stainless steel design, this unit will easily last for long even if you will be using it too often. It won’t take much of your kitchen space either.

The juicer comes in at 35.56cm x 16.51cm x 30.48cm. So yes, this is a great model to save you space while meeting your juicing needs. Along with that, this model only comes in at 5.9kg, which is basically lightweight.

Dual-Stage Juicing

If you were looking for a juicer that can grind your juice to be smooth enough, the Omega J8008C would serve you decently. This one comes with a dual-stage juicing system that is made possible by the 80RPM motor that assures you of efficiency when juicing.

Even better, this juicer comes with a low-speed operation that is meant to reduce heat buildup. In other words, you will not have to worry about the minerals and vitamins in the fruits being damaged. Generally, the juicer will help you achieve the most nutrients in every glass of juice or smoothie you make.

Large Feed Tray

Your prep time will be reduced greatly when you are using Omega J8008C. With the extra-large feed tray, you can easily load vegetables and fruits when whole. In other words, you won’t even have to slice them when feeding them to this juicer. This will save you both time and effort with ease.

Adjustable Pressure Nozzle

With this unit, you get to adjust the pressure of the nozzle to let you choose the one that meets your preference. The five variable pressure levels allow you to pick according to what you are grinding. Thanks to these pressure levels, you can be sure of achieving optimal yield from the ingredients that you are juicing.

The low pressure is best for using with soft ingredients, while the high pressure will work best for tough ingredients like leafy greens and wheatgrass. All in all, you can use this juicer to grind any vegetable or fruit regardless of its texture.

Auto-Pulp Ejection

Thanks to the automatic pulp ejection, you can enjoy continuous juicing to save you time and effort while at it. Keep in mind that you can choose the pressure level to meet the output and extraction of your choice.


  • Comes with an elegant and durable stainless steel design
  • Features a large feed tray that lets you load veggies and fruits as a whole without the need for slicing them
  • Offers five pressure levels to choose the output and extraction based on the ingredient texture
  • Low-speed grinding prevents heat buildup
  • Sturdy feet help to keep the unit stable even as it is grinding the ingredients


  • The price tag might be too high for some buyers
  • It doesn’t feature a dedicated pulp container onboard


Even with the high price tag, is the Omega J8008C worth the purchase? Yes, it is. This is one juicer that will easily grind any type of vegetable and fruit. Thanks to the pressure level settings, you can choose the output and extraction that suits the type of ingredient that you are grinding. You will not experience heat buildup with this juicer, and it comes with a motor that runs with low-noise operation.

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