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Ninja AG301UK Foodi 5.7L Air Fryer Review

Finding a reliable air fryer that meets your cooking needs accordingly can be tricky. One thing you should consider when you are picking an air fryer in the UK is the brand. Ninja, for example, is a leading brand that delivers top-notch kitchen appliances. Their air fryer, Ninja AG301UK, stands as a decent unit that you would want to have in your kitchen.

Here is a review to help you understand more about it, and decide whether it is a good pick for you.

What’s the price?

Ninja AG301UK Overview

The AG301UK is an air fryer that is designed to look sleek but also is functional to the maximum. It is also made with an innovative technology that makes it efficient enough. With this model, you will not only enjoy its air frying features. It allows you to make use of five cooking options. This way, you can be confident of preparing different foods with this single unit. The control panel is also easy to use. While it might not be a budget model as such, this cooker is worth every penny.

Features And Functions Of The AG301UK


This cooker comes with a compact design that will easily fit in a squeezed kitchen. You can also place it under a kitchen cabinet with ease. Its flip-up design makes it easy to load up the ingredients for it to start cooking. Here, the cooker offers you a decent 5.7-liter capacity that can prepare food for around four people. So, you can use it for your family or if you live alone.

Cyclonic Air Technology

This Ninja AG301UK fryer is designed to take your grilling game to the next level. Thanks to Cyclonic Air Technology, you can be confident of grilling like a pro. This technology makes use of a powerful fan that circulates temperatures to a maximum of 260 degrees Celsius around the unit. As a result, you will get results of even cooking and all-around searing. Plus, this technology allows you to cook food faster and without the need for flipping it.

5 Cooking Functions

Doesn’t it satisfy to have a cooker that lets you do more than just air fry your foods? It truly is satisfying. With this unit, it lets you choose the ideal cooking function as it offers you Air Fry, Dehydrate, Roast, Bake, and Grill functions. You can also cook your foods from frozen without the need for thawing.

Control Panel

Being an air fryer with innovative technology, you’d expect this unit to have a digital control panel. The cooker offers you an advanced control panel with buttons to choose every cooking function that you want. Adjusting the temperature is also a walk in the park.  

Nevertheless, it might be a little challenging to use if you purchase the machine for the first time. But there is a manual that will guide you on how to use the cooker.


When you purchase the Ninja AG301UK, you will also get a crisper basket, grill plate, and a cleaning brush to help you clean the parts properly. Even better, you will enjoy a recipe guide that is authored by professional chefs. This way, you can prepare different meals with ease.

Virtually Smoke-Free

Cooking with too much smoke can be a nuisance. The makers of this model understand that, which is why they offer you a smoke-free machine. The grill plate is temperature-controlled, and there is a splatter guard, along with a cool-air zone. These features work together to reduce the smoke production as the air fryer is cooking.


  • Compact design
  • Smoke-free operation
  • Cyclonic air technology circulates heat for even cooking
  • Offers five cooking functions
  • Comes with a free cookbook


  • It can take a long time to preheat


Is the Ninja AG301UK a decent air fryer to buy? That depends on what you want. If you need an overly advanced model with a whole lot of cooking accessories, you might be disappointed. But if you need a unit that will offer some cooking functions other than air frying, you’d love working with it. Loaded with five different cooking functions, this unit stands as a good unit worth adding to your kitchen. It would be a good pick if you are looking to prepare food for up to four people. Generally, it is worth every penny.

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