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Morphy Richards 401012 Prepstar Food Processor Review

Having been in the UK industry for over eight decades, Morphy Richards has delivered amazing kitchen appliances that have touched the heart of millions of homeowners. The Morphy Richards 401012 Prepstar is a good food processor that makes the cut among the best models out there. This one is designed to save you the whole food prep time while making the experience easy and fun-filled.

Should you purchase this food processor? Here is a review to help you make that decision.

What’s the price?

Prepstar Overview

The Morphy Richards Prepstar is a food processor that allows you to grate, whip, mix, chop, and slice with a single unit. All that you will have to do is interchange the attachments accordingly. Besides coming with multiple attachments, this one has a decent motor that can handle small tasks swiftly. We wouldn’t recommend this for working on tough tasks like crushing nuts or ice cubes. It does come with a unique design that lets it glorify your kitchen space. You wouldn’t have a difficult time working with the machine either.

Features And Functions Of The Prepstar


We can bet that Prepstar Food Processor is one of the few food processors with a totally unique design. This one doesn’t come with the regular food processor design like others out there. Rather, it offers you a model with a spherical-like design that will make a statement in your kitchen. Furthermore, the design of this unit allows it to save you some kitchen counter and storage space.


This might be a compact model, but it offers quite a generous capacity. Here, you enjoy the main mixing bowl of 4 liters with a working capacity of 1.6 liters. The reason this is possible is that the food processor doesn’t come with a large motor base, which tends to take too much space.


Speaking of the motor, the Prepstar food processor is loaded with a 350W motor that will easily handle small tasks. But this is not a powerful motor that can crush ice cubes. Still, you will find the model solid and capable of handling small tasks without any challenge. Preferably, only use it for preparing plushy or soft vegetables.

Variable Speed Setting

You can use it to prepare different ingredients and recipes since it offers you a variable speed setting. Here, you will enjoy 6-speed settings that are meant for versatile operation. There’s also a pulse setting that adds some versatility to the unit.

Feeding Chute

The Morphy Richards 401012 comes with a feeding chute with a decent size to let you feed in ingredients with ease. You may not be able to fit a whole onion, but you will only need to split them into two halves. Generally, it doesn’t force you to chop ingredients into small bits before feeding them to the unit.

Unique Accessory Storage

One of the things that most people complain about food processors is that they come with too many accessories that might be challenging to store. But what if you had a model that offers multiple accessories, along with dedicated storage for keeping them safely? If that idea pleases you, you’d enjoy working with this model.

The Prepstar Food Processor comes with a specialized storage section. Their storage part offers you different compartments that let you store all six accessories with ease. This way, you will easily store the whole unit and the accessories as one. It helps to lessen the possibility of losing an accessory.

Ease of Use

Changing the speed settings of this Prepstar model is easy breezy. You won’t have a difficult time selecting the speed level of your choice. Also, cleaning the accessories and the bowl is a walk in the park. They are also dishwasher safe if you want to save some cleaning time.


  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Easy to use controls
  • The accessories are easy to clean
  • Comes with an onboard compartment for easy attachment storage
  • Offers a generous 4-liter capacity


  • Not the best choice for mixing heavy ingredients


Is the Morphy Richards 401012 a good pick for you? We would say it is if you need a food processor for handling light tasks like mixing, grinding, slicing, whisking, or grating. But it wouldn’t suit you are looking for a model for kneading doughs. The machine is also available at a very decent price point, so that is another reason for going for it.

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