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Best Mini Oven UK –  Portable Electric Table Top Cookers

What would you do if you have a kitchen with limited space, but you still want to use an oven to meet your cooking needs? Easy, just invest in a good electric mini oven.

As the name suggests, a miniature oven comes in a compact size, which is placed on the kitchen counter. But the small size should not fool you. This type of table top cooker works the same as the normal-size oven. Some of them even offer more features. It only comes with a squeezed size to save you space.

We did some research and we’ll be sharing what we found about the best mini ovens in the UK. Given the fact that there are multiple brands in the UK market offering different models, it becomes challenging to settle for one.

However, we highlighted 10 models we think can be a good pick for you. Let’s get on with it.

Mini Ovens: Our Top Pics

Sage BOV820BSS Smart Oven Pro9.4Check
Ninja SP101UK Foodi Mini Oven9.4Check
Igenix IG71318.8Check
Russell Hobbs 22780 Mini Kitchen Multi-Cooke8.8Check
LAKELAND 61770 Multifunctional Mini Oven8.8Check
Team Kalorik TKG OT 1013 BCRL8.6Check
Koolla Mini Oven8.6Check
NJ NJ-30B8.6Check
Beko MSH28B Mini Oven and Hob8.4Check
NETTA NT-MiniOven18L8.4Check

Small And Portable Table Top Oven Reviews

An electric mini oven might be small in size, but the decision to settle for one is going to be huge if you don’t know how to go about it. Luckily, here are some selections we think are worth the purchase.

1. Sage BOV820BSS Smart Countertop Oven

Sage BOV820BSS

The first spot goes this Sage model. We thought amazing mini oven was among the leading units in the UK, especially since it combines its compact design with advanced technology.

In terms of size, this baby comes at 47cm x 32cm x 28cm, which should be enough to save you space with perfection. The table top cooker comes with a nice, stainless steel finish that makes it pop out on the kitchen counter while staying strong for long.

But the major point of focus is the iconic Smart Element iQ. With this Element iQ, it will transfer the heat across five quartz elements for accurate and stable heat distribution. In turn, you will be sure of having the needed heat when and where necessary. Keep in mind that the countertop oven comes with a 2400W rating that offers super-fast preheating for whatever meal you need to prepare.

This unit is also convection-powered, which means that it comes with an inbuilt fan that helps to circulate hot air inside. As a result, this will help to speed up the cooking process by increasing the hot air and bringing down the cold air.

There are 10 cooking functions onboard that allow you to bake, grill, reheat, warm, prepare pizza, or bake cookies. Above all, there is a dedicated slow cook function that allows you to enjoy tenderized and well-developed food flavors.

As you’d expect, this small oven comes with an LCD screen that allows you to choose the settings accurately. There is also an interior light that goes well with the clear view glass door for you to see the cooking progress with ease.


  • Elegant yet sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Comes with Element iQ for smart heat distribution
  • Features 10 cooking settings with a slow cook function
  • Interior oven light with clear view glass door
  • LCD screen for easy and accurate control


  • The price is not as ‘mini’ as such

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2. Ninja SP101UK Mini Table Top Oven

Ninja SP101UK

We had to give the second spot to this portable oven from Ninja. This would be one of the go-to mini ovens in the UK if you truly need a space saver.

Specifically, this electric mini oven measures 51cm x 37cm x 19.5cm. If you want to squeeze it on your kitchen counter just under your low-placed cabinets, this unit would work easily for you. When you need to store it away, just place it on its side and you save yourself 50% more space.

Even with its compact design, this tabletop cooker still offers you eight cooking functions that include roast, air fry, dehydrate, toast, bagel, or keep warm. In other words, you can use it to cook meals or as a microwave to heat up your leftovers.

The heating technology of this miniature oven is another point worth highlighting. Unlike the convection heating technology on other models, you will get six infrared heating elements on this one. These heating elements deliver a wider temperature range, and they better the circulation of hot air around the food. With the infrared heating elements, you can preheat the table top oven in just 60 seconds and cook meals for the family in just 20 minutes.


  • Designed for true space-saving
  • Works with 6 infrared heating elements for quick preheating and cooking
  • Features Air Fry function
  • Features digital crisp control technology for crispy meals
  • Elegant design


  • It cannot fit a whole chicken

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3. Igenix IG7131 Electric Mini Cooker

Igenix IG7131

Our third contender is the Igenix IG7131 electric mini oven, which comes with a more traditional design that is very functional as well.

It doesn’t take much space either as it measures 38.5cm x 56cm x 41cm to assure you of a compact unit while offering you the necessary cooking functions. Even so, it offers a 30-liter capacity that should be enough to cook for the entire family with ease.

Along with that, the table top oven offers 1500W power that should be enough to cook whatever meal you wish to prepare. It is thermostatically controlled to let you cook with versatility. You get a dial knob that lets you adjust the temperature from 100°C to 220°C. With this range, you can easily get the temperature range for whatever meal you want to cook.

In terms of the cooking functions, this one is somewhat limited. It only allows you to switch the heating elements accordingly. Specifically, you can choose the upper heating element, the lower, or both of them to heat at the same time.

Besides that, there is a 60-minute timer dial for letting you cook within a set time. We have to state that the tabletop oven comes with a double-insulated glass door that doesn’t heat up as it cooks. Also, this glass door allows you to view the cooking progress while containing the heat inside.


  • Large capacity for family cooking
  • Comes with a cooking timer
  • Stainless steel door handle stays cook even at the highest cooking temperature
  • Basic design but still multifunctional
  • Clear-view glass door


  • Limited cooking functions

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4. Russell Hobbs 22780 Portable Mini Multi-Cooker

Russell Hobbs 22780

If you need a mini oven that does more than offering the oven feature, this portable unit from Russell Hobbs would be a good pick. Everybody knows that Russell Hobbs has been a leading brand in the UK when it comes to kitchen appliances.

This table top oven offers you an oven and two hotplates, which can be used at the same time. Even with the dual design, this cooker still qualifies as a space-saver. It only measures 38.5cm x 36.5cm x 48.5cm. You shouldn’t have a difficult time finding room for it in your kitchen space.

If you need a countertop cooker for the family, this one would still do since it offers a reliable cooking capacity of 30 liters. There are thermostatic controls onboard, which let you adjust the temperatures from 60°C to 230°.

This is a fan assisted mini oven that will ensure proper heat distribution as it limits the cooking time while saving energy consumption. The hot plates come in different sizes and they offer you varied wattage as well. With the large plate, it comes with a 1000W rating while the small plate comes with a 750W rating.

There is a 120-minute timer that comes with a ready bell and an auto-shutoff feature. This way, you can be confident of saving energy as you cook.


  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Decent 30-liter capacity
  • Offers a portable oven with two hot plates
  • The defrost function is powerful
  • 120-minute timer with ready bell and auto-shutoff feature


  • The door is not clear

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5. Lakeland 61770 Multifunctional Small Tabletop Oven


Finding a sturdy mini oven that can not only serve you for a long time but also offer you different cooking can be challenging. But as you browse the UK for the available models, here is one that can easily make the cut.

This model comes with a sleek design with its stainless steel construction. It looks glossy and will truly make a statement on your kitchen counter. When you are using it or when it is not in use, this cooker still remains useful enough.

It measures 50.5cm x 41cm x 35cm, and you would be sure of having a space-saving mini cooker in your kitchen.

This table top cooker comes with a decent 1800W rating that will offer you enough heat for cooking different types of meals. The cooker then offers you eight different cooking modes that allow you to bake, grill, or roast with ease. There is also a dedicated rotisserie function that lets you cook crispy and flavorful chicken right from your home.

There is an integrated timer, and you can view what is cooking inside with the internal light. The digital controls are easy to read as well.


  • Sleek and glossy stainless steel design
  • Offers 8 cooking modes
  • Features the rotisserie function
  • Yogurt function lets you make your own yogurt
  • Comes with an internal light for viewing food with ease


  • The shelf and supports could be stronger

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6. Team Kalorik TKG OT 1013 BCRL Electric Mini Oven

Team Kalorik TKG OT 1013 BCRL

This unit stands among the best mini ovens in the UK, which come with a sizeable cooking capacity. You can be sure of cooking meals for the whole family with this unit.

Here, you will get a massive interior volume of 40 liters. Even with such a large capacity, this countertop oven still comes with a compact size of 32.5cm x 50cm x 33cm.

There is an adjustable thermostat that lets you choose the ideal temperature for your meals. The temperature settings on this one can be adjusted from 100 and 250°C. With this temperature range, you can cook different meals with ease. The temperature is easily adjustable with the turn knob onboard.

Besides that, this model comes with two functions, which are the rotisserie and the fan-assisted function. Whichever function you choose, you will get the chance to cook meals with versatility and perfection at the same time.

But that’s not enough. This electric mini oven also offers you a 60-minute timer with a noise alert once the set time runs out. Even better, there is an auto-shutoff function that will switch off the unit once it has finished cooking on the timer function.

There is a heat-resistant glass door that lets you view the cooking progress while still remaining cool to the touch. Even at the highest temperature, the glass door will not heat up. The internal light allows you to view the food in a low-lit kitchen or at night.


  • Large cooking capacity
  • Offers rotisserie and fan-assisted functions
  • Heat-resistant glass door
  • Timer with an auto-shutoff feature
  • Comes with different cooking accessories


  • Reading the exact temperature can be tricky

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7. Koolla Portable Table Top Cooker

Koolla Mini Oven

This is another model that would qualify among the best mini ovens in the UK. It is a space saver, but it also offers you a massive cooking capacity with multiple cooking functions.

This awesome mini oven comes in at 53.6cm x 40.6cm x 34.5 cm to fit in any kitchen space or RV. It comes with a 3D recirculation air function that lets you enjoy a reliable cooking experience with the cooker. In terms of the cooking capacity, this one offers you 35 liters to let you prepare food for the whole family.

Other than the large cooking capacity, this countertop oven offers you five functions, along with a hot air blower. The five optional heating functions let you grill, bake, roast, and more. On the other hand, the hot air blower function will allow hot air to move evenly around the food and save you cooking time. In other words, you will not have to manually rotate the food as it is cooking.

This model also offers you a 120-minute timer that will sound a bell once the set minutes run out. Even better, the cooker will automatically shut off after the set time. This helps to save you energy bills in the long run.

As you’d expect, this portable oven comes with a clear view window and a cool-touch handle that offer you user-friendliness.


  • Cool, black design
  • Offers a large 35-liter capacity
  • Features the hot air blower function that promotes easy hot air circulation around the food
  • Comes with a 120-minute timer with an auto-off feature
  • It is user friendly


  • It doesn’t heat up fast enough

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8. NJ-30B 1600W Mini Convection Oven


Sturdiness and reliability are two factors that contribute to the high ranking of this mini oven. It is definitely among the best small models in the UK.

This one comes with a 1600W rating that should be enough to offer the needed temperatures for cooking your meals. There is a thermostat that you can use to adjust the temperature accordingly. This one 100 to 230 degrees Celsius. There is a turn knob to let you do that with minimal effort.

By the way, keep in mind that the temperature controls are available in six stages/levels. This way, you can easily choose the perfect temperature level for whatever you are cooking.

The cooker comes with a decent 30-liter capacity that isn’t bad at all. That inner capacity can fit food for the entire family without any problem. It also doesn’t consume much of your kitchen space, so it would work for you if you need one for your apartment or squeezed kitchen.

No need to time the cooking time manually since this coutertop oven comes with an inbuilt timer. Thanks to the 60-minute timer, you can set the time you want to cook the meal and let the cooker do its thing. Once the set time runs out, a bell will ring and the unit will shut off automatically.

You can view the cooking process through the glass door, which is also designed not to heat up as the unit is running. For your safety, this cooker comes with a cool-touch stainless steel handle that will also stay cool even when the unit is running at the highest temperature.

You’d want to consider this model if you are looking for a decent budget mini oven.


  • Compact design with a 30-liter capacity
  • Comes at a decent price point
  • Time with bell and auto-off function
  • Cool-touch stainless steel handle and knobs
  • Nonslip feet keep the unit stable


  • You cannot stuff a whole chicken in this one

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9. Beko MSH28B Countertop Oven And Hob

Beko MSH28B

This mini oven offers you a 1100W rating that should give you the needed heat for cooking your meals. One thing that makes this small oven among the best in the UK is the fact that it offers you a 2-in-1 cooker. Here, you can enjoy the oven like other models, but also get to use two electric hobs on the top of the unit.

The hot plates come with a Rapiddlite zone, which is meant to boost the heat for your meals. In the long run, you will be sure of having a reliable cooker that handles almost any food that you throw at it. There is a knob that lets you control the hot plates with ease. Generally, you can use the oven and the hot plates separately or use them at the same time.

The countertop oven offers you a 28-liter capacity that comes with a double-glazed door for enhances the cooking experience and giving you an easy time when cleaning it. This unit lets you adjust the temperature from 90 to 230°C.

There is a separate grill-only function that we thought was helpful enough. Also onboard is a 120-minute timer that works with a bell and an auto-off function for efficiency.


  • Dual-cooker with an oven and two hot plates
  • Compact design
  • Decent price for its features
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Comes with a dedicated grill-function


  • Some users thought it could be a little faster in heating up

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10. NETTA NT 1200W Electric Mini Tabletop Oven

NETTA NT-MiniOven18L

Last on the list, but among the leading models in the UK is this portable mini oven from NETTA. Furthermore, it happens to be the smallest unit on the list, but still very functional.

This one comes in only at 47cm x 33cm x 35cm, and offers you a cooking capacity of 18 liters. It might not be the perfect choice for a family setting. Nevertheless, the delivery of this model is quite satisfying. With 1200W of power, you can be confident of having enough heat to cook your meals with ease.

You can adjust the temperature from 100°C to 230°C with ease. Along with that, the cooker comes with a 120-minute timer for giving you enough range to cook multiple meals in it. A ready bell and auto-off feature work perfectly with the timer function.

Thanks to the grill rack, baking tray, and tray handle, you can enjoy using this countertop oven for preparing different meals. Furthermore, there is are three inbuilt shelf heights that perfectly suit your cooking needs.


  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Three inbuilt shelf heights
  • Nonstick rubber feet for stability
  • Heats up quickly
  • Easy to use and clean


  • The body can heat up when the countertop oven is running

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Buying Guide: How To Buy The Best Mini Oven

Now that we have given you a list of some of the best mini ovens in the UK, you should know how to shop for one. Basically, it is all about finding a unit that meets your cooking needs accordingly.

Here are something should be looking out for;

  • Size. Being a mini oven, you must ensure that it is compact enough to fit in your confined kitchen.
  • Cooking capacity. Even though we are talking about a small oven, you should still consider the cooking capacity based on the food quantity you will be preparing.
  • Features. Consider choosing a model that has different cooking functions, along with an interior light, clear view glass door, and different temperature levels. If you love making pizza, the model should come with a special pizza drawer.

Other things to consider include the controls, ease of use and cleaning, auto-off feature with timer, and other cooking accessories.


Which model would you consider as the best mini oven in the UK? We would say that the best portable oven is that which meets your cooking needs and preferences to the maximum. It is not exactly the most popular unit on the market. Nevertheless, always choose a model from a reputable brand at all times.

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