Magimix Juice Expert 3

Magimix Juice Expert 3 18082 Review

The Magimix Juice Expert 3 allows you to make plant-based milk, smoothies, and juices with minimal effort. It uses what is known as cold press technology which helps it retain all the minerals and vitamins you’ll need for your healthy drink. You will extract 75% Iron, +36% more vitamin A, and +67% more vitamin B. It is a great juicer and will not take up plenty of space in your kitchen and it is very powerful.

What’s the price?

Juice Expert 3 Key Features

  • Impressive accessories – When you purchase this juicer you will get the following items, Juice Filter XL, Extra Press XL, Citrus Press, 2 x Citrus cones – large & small, Lid with XL feed tube, Free Magimix app, Recipe book, and a Spatula.
  • Cold press technology – One of the reasons why people buy this juicer is because of this feature. You will be able to extract every last drop of nutrients, vitamins, and other minerals from fruits and vegetables thanks to this feature.
  • The machine is not only for fruit juice – You can make everything from smoothies and plant-based milk easily with this Magimix machine.
  • Long-lasting and dependable – You can have this machine in your possession for years because it is durable thanks to the materials used to make it. Many plastic juicers on the market are known to break after a few uses however, you’ll have no such worries with this machine.


  • Compact – This lovely Juice Expert 3 juicer will not take up plenty of space in your kitchen due to its compact design. With dimensions of 18.3 x 21.4 x 41.5 cm,You can buy it knowing full well you won’t have any issues fitting it in your kitchen.
  • Come with a recipe – Not many manufacturers supply customers with a recipe book however, you get one here allowing you to try different recipes. You will not be restricted to just the recipes you know but also be able to impress your family and friends with a wide range of recipes as well.
  • Higher yield – You can get a higher yield when you use this Magimix 18082 juicer up to 96% which is very impressive. You will extract 85% more vitamins and 95% more antioxidants when you purchase this machine.
  • Dishwasher friendly – If you happen to own a dishwasher at home, you can place the components inside it and have them washed that way. You can also hand wash this juicer’s components however, you’ll need to buy brushes to clean this machine properly.
  • Easy maintenance – The removable parts of this machine are all dishwasher friendly and can be placed in there if you need to clean them.


  • Doesn’t come with jugs – The first drawback is the lack of jugs. Jugs make life easy for customers because they can pour their juices straight into them after they’ve finished making them. While this is not a deal-breaker, many customers feel it would have been nice if the machine had jugs.
  • No cleaning brushes – Another major downside that many people have when they buy this tool is the lack of cleaning brushes. You’ll need to purchase them separately which adds to the cost however if you have a dishwasher at home, the components can be put in there for cleaning.
  • Price – The market price of this machine is divisive because it’s in the middle of affordable and premium. The majority of customers seem to believe that the price is a bit high and wish it was cheaper.
  • Bulky – At 8.82 kgs, this machine is not light and some people might find it hard to find space for it in their kitchen even though it is compact. You need to make sure you place it on something that can support its weight. Moving something this heavy requires care because injuries can happen if one is reckless.

Final Thoughts

The Magimix 18082 is without a doubt one of the best machines on the market for extracting juice. It gives you delicious smoothies, mills, and juices consistently even if you use it every day. Thanks to the amazing technology it has, you will always have juice that is rich in essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. The recipe book is an excellent addition because you can try new things and its compact size means you’ll worry less about space.

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