Kenwood KVL8320S

Kenwood KVL8320S System Pro Chef XL Titanium Mixer Review

In the UK market, you can find multiple mixers from different brands. Kenwood stands among the leading makers of top-quality stand mixers. Their Kenwood KVL8320S model is a premium unit that is known to cost a lot of money but also comes with excellent delivery.

But how really does this Chef XL mixer perform, and would it be a good purchase for you? Here is a review to help you with that question.

What’s the price?

Kenwood KVL8320S Overview

The KVL8320S Chef XL, as we have stated, is a premium model that goes for almost eight times the price of some units out there. And even though a highly-priced appliance is not automatically a good performer, this one is actually worth its high price tag. From the construction to the capacity, to its powerful motor, this mixer doesn’t disappoint. It looks cool and very sturdy that you’d enjoy having it in your kitchen. The mixer also has multiple speed settings that let you handle different ingredients with ease.

Features And Functions Of The KVL8320S


If you laid your eyes on this Kenwood KVL8320S stand mixer, without knowing how much it costs, you will immediately want to take it home with you. The mixer comes with a nice design that should blend with your current kitchen style without a problem. Another thing about the mixer is that it is made to serve you for a long time without breaking down.

Imagine working with a mixer that is made with a titanium body? Now that is one appliance that would take a beating with ease. Unlike other mixers that are made with plastic casings, the Chef XL will be durable enough as it meets your food preparation needs.


First off, this would be a good pick for a family setting. If you have a large family or you tend to host a lot of guests in your house too often, you would want to get this unit. With this mixer, you get a stainless-steel bowl that offers a generous 6.7-liter capacity to prepare dough for 200 cupcakes. So, you can use it to prepare those cupcakes or cookies for a gathering.

The bowl comes with a glossy finish, and it features two handles that are ergonomically molded to let you carry it around with ease.

Powerful Motor

The motor of any appliance must be powerful enough to meet your needs accordingly. If you are planning to prepare dough for pizza, rye bread, or even cakes, the motor should support that easily. The Kenwood KVL8320S stand mixer is loaded with a 1700W that will take any task you throw at it. Truly, nothing can stop this mixer with such a motor.

Folding Head with Halo Illumination Spotlight

This Chef XL stand mixer is meant to give you an easy time as you work on your ingredients. Regardless of whatever you are working on, the mixer will serve you perfectly. It offers you a fold head that flips up easily for you to remove the bowl or install the accessories. The head is spring-loaded for it to fold up with minimal effort.

But what puts it ahead of other models is the unique halo illumination spotlight at the head. This is not just for beautifying the unit. Rather, the spotlight allows you to see ingredients in the bowl with ease. You no longer have to worry about ingredients hiding in the bowl or you miss a spot.

Electronic Speed Control

There is a touch-sensitive switch onboard, which will power on the model and also let you change the speed level accordingly. You will change the speed like you would change the volume on a radio – very easy. Generally, the modern turn knob of this mixer is very responsive.


  • Sturdy titanium construction
  • Responsive speed control
  • Halo illumination light to see ingredients in the bowl
  • Generous capacity
  • Loaded with a powerful motor that has an overload protection
  • Offers over 20 optional attachments for versatility


  • Comes at a high price point
  • Large footprint


So, who is the Kenwood KVL8320S Chef XL meant for? We can say that this is specifically a family-friendly stand mixer or if you own home-based baking business. It delivers accordingly and would serve you for a long time without breaking down. Regardless of what task you may have for the mixer, it will handle it without any challenge.

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