Kenwood KVC7300S

Kenwood KVC7300S Chef Titanium Stand Mixer Review

You have heard the saying ‘with great power, comes great responsibility.’ In this case, we say that ‘with a great price point, comes great delivery’. That statement applies to the Kenwood KVC7300S, which is a mixer designed to elevate your mixing game by far.

Is it a good mixer, and should you purchase it? We collected some information about it, and we will be sharing them in this review to help you make an enlightened decision.

What’s the price?

Kenwood KVC7300S Overview

The KVC7300S is a premium mixer that assures you of having an all-around incredible mixing experience. It comes with a super-powerful motor that won’t be shy of handling any ingredient. There are other useful baking tools that are meant to make work easier for you in the kitchen. You will enjoy a swift speed control as you choose the one that meets your mixing needs accordingly. This mixer also comes with a feature that prevents the mess on your countertop. The only thing that might make you hold your step is its enormous price point. But if you don’t mind spending a few more Pounds on a top mixer, that shouldn’t bother you.

Features And Functions Of The KVC7300S


As we have said, this is a premium mixer that comes with a chic design. Kenwood KVC7300S is made to blend with any kitchen style, and you will be sure of enjoying its delivery for long. The machine is made with a strong and durable titanium body and stainless-steel parts that will keep it strong enough even with frequent uses.


Being that the mixer costs over £500, you’d expect it to offer a decently large capacity. With this model, you can easily use it in your family setting to prepare food enough for everyone. This baby comes with a stainless-steel bowl that has a 4.6-liter capacity. The bowl is not only meant to offer enough capacity for a large family, but it’s also designed for speed and power. It can handle the heavy-loads without a problem

However, one unique feature of this model is the in-bowl illumination. With this illumination, you can easily see whatever you are mixing in the bowl.


There is enough power to handle whatever project you may have for this model. You get a 1500W motor that will knead, mix, or whisk anything you put in the bowl. But you have to accept the loud noise that comes with a powerful motor. Nevertheless, it isn’t too loud that you will need to wear protective earmuffs.

Nonstick Baking

Baking enthusiasts will truly love working with this model. It comes with tools that help you to enjoy a nonstick baking experience. The Kenwood KVC7300S offers you a full set of nonstick tools that include a K-beater, dough hook, and a balloon whisk. Above all, the whisk runs with a planetary mixing action to ensure all the ingredients are perfectly mixed.

25 Optional Attachments

When you purchase this Kenwood model, you will be confident of having a mixer with unmatched versatility. There is a unique fold function that assures you of perfect control over your ingredients. You then get to enjoy 25 optional attachments that let you do more in the kitchen.

Electronic Speed Control

Forget about the turn dials you find in most mixers out there. This one offers you an electronic speed control that lets you stay in charge of your mixing tasks. All you have to do is press the speed control button and the machine will do its thing. Keep in mind that the speed control button has a halo illumination to add some elegance to it.

Even better, the mixing bowl comes with a splash guard that prevents messes on the countertop as you work on your ingredients. It will start slow to prevent having flour clouds.


  • Sturdy titanium body construction
  • Electronic speed control offers precise mixing
  • Easy to clean the attachments
  • Offers a large bowl capacity with in-bowl illumination
  • Comes with over 25 optional attachments for unmatched versatility


  • It comes at a mammoth price point


Is the Kenwood KVC7300S worth the money? In all fairness, we can confidently say that it is worth every penny. Yes, it comes at a high price tag, but what it delivers makes it worth the bargain. Above all, you can be confident of this model serving you for a very long time without breaking down.  

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