Kenwood KVC3100

Kenwood KVC3100 Chef Stand Mixer Review

If you are planning to beat, whisk, or knead ingredients in your kitchen, a reliable mixer is what you need. Getting a versatile mixer would even be more resourceful. So, if you need a decent mixer to handle your multiple mixing tasks around the kitchen, you can try the Kenwood KVC3100.

This model comes from a kitchen appliance brand that has been around for many decades, and it is sure to serve you accordingly. But how reliable is it? Why is it a top-pick? Here is a review to help you understand the delivery of the product further.

What’s the price?

Kenwood KVC3100 Overview

The KVC3100 is a mixer that is designed to meet your mixing needs in the kitchen while still making a statement in there. If you love showing off your kitchen appliances, this one would help you with that. It comes with a glossy finish that can blend with your kitchen style easily. Thanks to its powerful motor, the mixer will easily handle your high-demanding projects without any issue. There are also accessories that allow you to enjoy nonstick baking with excellence.

Features And Functions Of The KVC3100


If you would walk into a store and found this Kenwood KVC3100 mixer as the product of the day as it sits on a counter, you’d walks straight to it, even without the salesperson directs you to it. The mixer comes with a white finish that can easily get anyone’s attention. Being a white-themed mixer, you can easily use it in any kitchen space, regardless of the style. It will not cramp your kitchen style since the bowl also comes in a stainless-steel construction, another neutral color.


To be honest this model doesn’t offer the biggest capacity out there. But that doesn’t make it any less functional. On the contrary, it can still fit in a family setting as it offers you a decent 4.6-liter capacity. With this capacity, you can easily prepare enough food for the family. For example, the bowl lets you prepare two loaves of bread or a 3-kg large cake.

You can use the bowl to prepare either two quick eggs or 44 cupcakes all at once.

Motor with Planetary Mixing

The motor on this beast is meant to mix, knead, or whisk through any ingredient out there. Equipped with a massive 1000W, this model will not stop at anything. It then works with a planetary mixing action that will cover the whole contents of the bowl. In other words, there is no need for turning or mixing the ingredients manually. This machine will not leave anything behind.

Unmatched Versatility

The Kenwood KVC3100 comes with a basic design, but the attachments that are available can assure you of having more power to handle any ingredient that comes your way. It has more than 25 optional attachments that will let you do more in the kitchen. One of the attachments available for this model includes a spaghetti/noodles maker. However, some of these attachments are sold separately.

Variable Speed Setting

The mixer is designed to give you an easy time when working on your ingredients. Whether you need a low speed for mixing heavy ingredients or a high speed for light tasks, the mixer won’t disappoint. All you need to do is adjust the speed to meet your desired level. There is a variable speed, along with a pulse function that lets you tailor the speed accordingly for getting excellent results.

Easy Clean-Up

It is easy to clean the accessories on this model, and it also gives you an easy time to keep the kitchen counter clean as you work with it. Thanks to the dedicated splash guard that comes with the mixing bowl, you will not have to wipe off the counter too often. No more messes on the counter when the mixer is running.


  • The universal theme allows it to be used in any kitchen style
  • Easy to control speed knob
  • The powerful motor handles even the toughest tasks
  • Easy to clean accessories
  • Optional attachments give you more versatility with your projects
  • Offers nonstick baking with the planetary mixing action


  • The arm and lever can be still at first


Is the Kenwood KVC3100 a decent mixer worth purchasing? Yes, it is. If you tend to do a lot of baking in the kitchen, you would love working with this unit. It offers you versatility and user-friendliness at its best.

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