Kenwood KMX754BK

Kenwood KMX754BK kMix Stand Mixer Review

Are you planning to knead some dough for pizza, rye bread, or brioche? If you are, then you will most definitely need a decent mixer to help you with the kneading part. But finding one has never been that easy. However, you can give the Kenwood KMX754BK a shot if you need a reliable mixer to meet your kneading and other mixing needs.

But is this really a good mixer, and should you consider buying it?

What’s the price?

Kenwood KMX754BK Overview

The KMX754BK is a stand mixer that comes with a stylish design and it is designed to offer you consistent results with your food preparations. This mixer is meant to give you an easy time when mixing or kneading your ingredients. It comes with a large mixing bowl that you can use to make enough dough for bread or pizza to feed your family. The best part is that the model is designed with an easy-to-use control knob. It might come at a high price point, but we can say that it is very much worth every penny.

Features And Functions Kenwood kMix


Anybody would love an appliance that doesn’t only does the job with perfection, but also has an appealing design. Kenwood offers this mixer with those two qualities. This standing mixer is sure to make a statement in your kitchen and anybody would notice it quite easily. It features a retro design that is stylish enough to blend with any style of kitchen.

Family-Friendly Capacity

If you tend to prepare a lot of dough all at once for the family, you will need a product that lets you achieve that with ease. This fella is designed to make that happen. It comes with a massive 5-liter mixing bowl. But this is not just a regular bowl, but the bowl comes with a clear glass construction to let you see the ingredients with ease. This is another design feature that adds a plus to the mixer.


Will the motor on this unit knead and mix your ingredients as needed? Yes, it will. The KMX754BK model is loaded with a solid 1000W motor that easily mixes whatever you throw at it. Regardless of what you wish to mix in the bowl, the motor will help you achieve that with minimal effort.

Fold Function/Head Lift

The large glass mixing bowl works well with the whip to make work easy for you. There is a unique fold function, along with the planetary mixing action that is meant to give you a perfect mix of your ingredients. This way, you can create even the most delicate mixes like brioche.

The head lift comes with a slow spring construction, which is meant to offer you a quick one-handed operation. This then reduces the fatigue when working with the mixer.

Nonstick Baking

There is a full set of nonstick baking tools with the Kenwood KMX754BK. These tools are meant to give you easy kneading/mixing and baking time. They include a balloon whisk, a K-beater, along with a dough hook. You can be sure of having an easy time when preparing bread or mixing cake ingredients.

Variable Speed/Slow-Speed Attachment Outlet

Kenwood KMX754BK mixer comes with a variable control speed function that allows you to choose the right speed for whatever you are handling. It lets you enjoy an electronic speed range, which will then build speed slowly to meet your preference. Plus, it comes with a slow-speed attachment outlet, which allows you to start at a slow speed to prevent clouds of flour or sudden spills. There is also a pulse function for quick blitzing.


You get a whole lot of attachments with this mixer. There are over 10 optional attachments that allow you to enjoy the entire mixing process. Among the attachment is one for meat grinding, which then makes the mixer a versatile model.


  • Stylish and good-looking design
  • Generous capacity
  • Easy to clean attachments
  • Variable speed settings
  • Comes with different attachments for versatility


  • It comes at a relatively high price tag


Should you purchase the Kenwood KMX754BK? If you tend to prepare pizzas or rye bread too often, this would be a good pick for you. It offers versatility, a large capacity, and it is generally easy to use. You might have to spend a few more pounds on it, but you won’t be disappointed with its delivery.

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