Kenwood HM680CR

Kenwood HM680CR Mary Berry Chefette Hand Mixer Review

If you have been purchasing appliances in the UK over the years, you must have come across the Kenwood brand. But you should not confuse it with the Japanese brand that’s well known for its audio systems. The Kenwood, UK-based brand delivers top kitchen appliances, and their model the HM680CR Mary Berry Special Edition is one of the best out there. In this article, we will be exploring the features and functions of the Kenwood HM680CR to help you make an informed decision.

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Kenwood HM680CR Overview

The HM680CR would be a good mixer for you if you need a basic model that is not too powerful or advanced but can still do the job. This one comes with a 350W motor that makes it easy to handle the recipes in the kitchen. It is also loaded with different functions and settings to help you prepare ingredients accordingly. While the mixer might not have a massive capacity to suit a large family, we still find it functional enough for a house of two to four people. You can be confident of safety as you work with this mixer.

Features And Functions Of The HM680CR

Stylish Design/Capacity

One thing that secludes this Mary Berry model from other units out there is the fact that it comes with a very unique design. The design doesn’t only make it look different from other units out there, but it also makes a statement in your kitchen. This one comes in the design of a regular hand mixer that is attached to the standing base. You can hold on to the handle as the mixer is running.

Unfortunately, this might not be your go-to model if you have a large family. It comes with a 3-liter stainless steel bowl that isn’t too small either. This one can prepare enough ingredients even for a small family. Keep in mind that the bowl comes with a convenient splash guard that will prevent the ingredients from messing the cooking area.

2-in-1 Functions

Like we have mentioned earlier, the Kenwood HM680CR is more of a basic model that is meant to save you some kitchen space while also giving you an easy time when working with it. Even with its basic design, this unit offers you two functions to let you achieve the most of it. Keep in mind that it comes with a handheld mixer design.

So, you can use it as a handheld mixer or a stand mixer based on what suits you best. If you use it as a handheld mixer, you can use it with any other bowl. Detaching the hand mixer is easy enough, and it shouldn’t give you a difficult time.

5-Speed Settings

Kenwood HM680CR mixer might be limited in its functions, but it is not limited in its settings. You get five-speed settings that you can choose based on whatever you are preparing. The 5-speed settings will let you use the mixer to fold, mix, or whisk your ingredients. You can work with this mixer to bake or cook.

The most important thing about the 5-speed settings is that they are easy to access and select. This is made possible by the settings that are placed on top of the mixer handle. You can reach for the controls easily with your thumb.

Safety Features

The Mary Berry mixer is made with a sure-grip handle that helps to offer better control of the unit while enjoying a comfortable grip as well. There is also a safety interlock function that will make sure it does not switch on unless the components are attached properly. If you happen to attach the components loosely or wrongly, the mixer will not run.

There are some accessories that come with this mixer and they include stainless steel kneaders and beaters. To assure you of safe storage, the unit comes with a convenient cable grip that will avoid the power cord hanging around the kitchen counter or cabinet.


  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Offers 5-speed settings
  • Can be used as a handheld mixer or a stand mixer
  • It comes with a bowl and splash guard for tidiness
  • Durable construction


  • Some users wished the whisk could go further down


That marks the end of our Kenwood HM680CR mixer review. We are confident you have the needed information and you can decide if it is a good pick for you or you should pass for a different model. Either way, you would appreciate having this appliance in your kitchen if you don’t need one with a large capacity.

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