Instant Pot Duo 30

Instant Pot Duo 30 3L 7-in-1 Multi Pressure Cooker Review

Does the thought of having a multi-cooker amuse you? If it does, then you should consider going for the Instant Pot Duo 30. This is a very popular cooker in the UK, and its popularity is not only based on its brand. Rather, this multi-cooker offers a whole lot of functions that will help you save on other cookers out there. This single model will play the role of up to seven cookers.

What’s the price?

Duo 30 Overview

The Duo 30 is a multi-cooker that is designed for versatility, efficiency, and it will save you time/effort big time. This would not be a good pick for those living in a tiny house or if your kitchen space is limited. It is a massive cooker that offers you different functions to handle different cooking needs. With this single unit, you can use it to cook almost any food. Well, it might be challenging to get started with in terms of its operation, but it will give you an easy time once you get used to it.

Features And Functions Of The Duo 3L

Design/Cooking Capacity

This cooker is designed to last through multiple uses as it comes with a stainless steel finish with a black handle. The stainless-steel and black theme are common among most appliances out there, and it also gives it a universal look to easily blend with any kitchen style.

It also comes with nonskid feet that help to keep it extra stable as you use it on your kitchen counter. This one is massive in design, so we wouldn’t recommend it to you if you need a space-saving model.

But it would be a good pick for a family setting as the cooker offers you a large cooking capacity. You can choose the capacity that suits you best. They are available in 3-liter, 5.7-liter, and 8-liter capacities. Whichever unit you go for, it won’t disappoint.

7-in-1 Cooker

Buying this single unit will let you enjoy the functions of 7 appliances with ease. Here, you can use the model as a pressure cooker, steamer, slow cooker, yogurt maker, saute, rice cooker, or food warmer. You will not even have to purchase a separate microwave when you have this cooker. It will do the job of many other cookers with absolute ease.

14 Cooking Presets

Versatility is a common term to use when you are talking about the Instant Pot Duo 30. It is designed to give you an easy time when cooking with it. As we have mentioned, the cooker offers different functions at once for easy food preparation. Along with that, it comes with 14 presets that you can use as you cook different meals with it.

Among the 14 cooking presets, you can enjoy soup/broth, meat/stew, rice, steam, porridge, slow cook, keep warm, and more.

Our best function is the Delay Star, which will start cooking even when you are not around. If you need to get food is ready once you come home from work, you can make use of the Delay Start.

Control Panel

There is a convenient control panel with all the functions and settings of the cooker. There is also a digital display that lets you know which function you selected. At first, the control panel would be challenging to use since it comes with a whole lot of buttons. But once you get used to it, it will be a walk in the park.

Ease of Cleaning

There is an inner liner or pot that is removable for easy cleaning. Opening the lid is also quite easy, and it will only start running once the lid is securely locked. This is a safety feature that we found to be useful enough.


This model comes with some accessories that we found to be very useful. There is a stainless steel cooking pot, a condensation collector, rice measure, rice paddle, spoon, and a stainless steel trivet.


  • Massive cooking capacity for a family
  • Comes with 7 functions in one model
  • Offers 14 cooking presets
  • Includes a delayed start for starting to cook before you get home
  • Easy to clean the parts
  • Offers added accessories for convenience


  • Can be challenging to use for the first time


The Instant Pot Duo 30 is a great multi-cooker to add to your collections, and it is designed to handle different foods with ease. It is easy to clean, and you can be sure of using this model for a long time without it breaking down.

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