Innoteck DS-5894

Innoteck DS-5894 12 Litre Digital Air Fryer Review

Are you looking for an air fryer oven to cook larger meals than a typical compact fryer? In this post, we will review one product you can consider – the Innoteck DS-5894 air fryer.

Our focus is to evaluate its cooking performance, durability, outstanding features, and edge over competitive products within its class and price, limitations, and possible design flaws.

So, in the end, you will have well-rounded information for your buying decisions, knowing if the product is worth its price and suitable for your home.

Let’s dig in already!

What’s the price?

The DS-5894 Overview

Innoteck Kitchen Pro Innoteck DS-5894 is a sleek, large air fryer oven suitable for large homes. The product would most likely appeal to persons who prioritize advanced and straightforward operation, excellent cooking performance, even for thickly cut meals. It may be a perfect choice for persons who love other high-end features like precise temperature control, cooking programs, and extended timer options. 

Some Unique Features Of The Innoteck Kitchen Pro Fryer

High Power Cooking With Large Basket Capacity:

All air fryers operate by circulating hot air across the basket to cook meals, and their power determines the overall cooking performance. One advantage of having a high-power fryer is that it wouldn’t flinch at thick-cut meats or meals, nor will it cook any meals just on the surface. With high-power fryers like this one, it also takes less time to get your food ready than competitive models with low-powered heating elements. The only drawback is that they add more units to your electric cost.

DS-5894 comes with a 12Litre cooking basket with three rack levels that allows you to make family-sized portions of foods for large homes. Yet, the racks are removable, letting you prepare even larger meals, say, roasting a jumbo-sized chicken. 

LCD Monitor And Preset Programs:

We can easily say that the interface of this fryer is advanced. That is because, unlike many models with a temperature control knob and timer knob, this product features a large, touch screen LCD monitor that lets you choose cooking modes and displays the temperature and timer for a more precise selection.

Though touch screen interface might mean that the device’s user-friendliness is a bit compromised, say when a granny intends to use it. However, this machine’s designersadded eight preset cooking programs, including roast, dehydrate, slow-cook, fry, roast & bake, etc., you can easily choose for better cooking convenience. However, all of these preset programs stay within a temperature range of 65 to 200 degrees Celsius.


If aesthetics is an essential criterion to you and you wouldn’t pass an opportunity to make your kitchen appear more modern and shimmer luxury, you will find this product fitting. The appliance is only available in black color with a silver handle/temperature dial but has a glossy finish that adds sparkle to your kitchen. And thanks to its touch-screen interface, it appears quite sophisticated, and its interior light not only gives you ample view of the meal but further adds to its beauty. 

Temperature Control And Timer:

Like every other top-quality air fryer in the UK, the DS-5894 comes with a temperature control knob and a timer for cooking with little to no inspection. However, its unique advantage is that you can select temperatures in increments of one degree Celsius (thanks to its digital display console) rather than five degrees available on many competitive brands. The temperature and timer dial sits at the top of the device, along with the start/stop button for better spacing and improved aesthetics.

Other Functions:

This Innoteck Kitchen Pro fryer has anti-slip feet for stability, double-layer steam-resistant glass doors that provide a good view of the meal without obstruction from steam like other devices. The entire body of the machine is cool-touch; meaning, it doesn’t get hot while cooking. Hence, minimizing the risks of burns.

Product Specification

Dimension31 x 32 x 39 cm
Weight9.1 kg
Basket Capacity12L


  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • Double-layer steam-resistant glass door for an improved view
  • Anti-slip feet for stability
  • Digital touch control panel
  • Eight preset cooking programs
  • Stay-cool body
  • Excellent cooking performance
  • 24-hour timer
  • Supplied with one rotating basket, one Rotisserie split, one retrieval tool, a drip tray, and three removable racks 


  • Not so user-friendly
  • Heavy

Recommendation And Purchase Option

Conclusively, Innoteck DS-5894 comes with all the high-end features available on top-quality competitive products. The sleek design, extended timer setting (24 hours), preset cooking programs, and stay cool body are a few of its outstanding features.

So, the product gets our full recommendation. However, you might need to take some time to explain the mode of operation if you’re buying it for an older friend.

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