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Best Ice Crusher UK – Electric And Manual Crushing Machines

Whether you are throwing a party, trying to perfect your homemade margarita, or serving some snow cones, you will need properly crushed ice. So, how will you achieve this? It will only be possible if you have a reliable ice crusher.

But still, you need to find the ideal crusher that will assure you of finely crushed ice. If you are lucky to have a freezer with an ice feed, you can enjoy the crushed with ease. But for the rest of us, we can always turn to ice crushers.

It might not be as easy as such to purchase a specific crusher since the UK market is filled with thousands of them. However, this article is meant to give you an easy time when settling for a single model.

Let’s get on with it.

Ice Crushers: Our Top Picks

Cooks Professional G2633 Ice Crushing Machine8.6Check
LIVIVO IC075-CO Electric Ice Crusher8.4Check
DWD Premium Manual Ice Crusher8.4Check
BETEC 40508.2Check
CASART Electric Ice Crusher Machine8.2Check
BarCraft KCBCICECR Manual Ice Crushing Machine8.2Check
LACOR 60327 Manual Ice-Crusher8.0Check

Ice Crushing Machine Reviews

As you explore the UK market, you will realize just how many brands are there. These brands then deliver a wide range of ice crushers that make it difficult to choose one. We understand all that, which is why we selected these seven models we think should be among your top selections.

1. Cooks Professional G2633 Ice Crushing Machine

Cooks Professional G2633

In summer or winter, you can make snow in a bowl with this awesome ice crusher. It stands among the best units in the UK, and its delivery is one of the things that made us go for it.

This is one appliance that will offer you versatility with its adjustability nature. The capacity is also worth the mention as it offers you a 1.1-liter capacity jug. With this, you can prepare enough frost for the family or party members.

This slushy maker is also made to stir ice constantly like a commercial slushy machine. In other words, it will stir your drinks with ease. There is an inbuilt stirrer that will keep the ice moving once it falls into the jug.

What about its adjustability? Well, this electric ice crushing machine allows you to choose coarsely-crushed or fine-crushed ice. Either way, you will be confident of achieving perfect results. Given that this model allows you to make ice of different textures, you can use it to make iced coffee, cocktails, smoothies, or slushies.

Using this ice crusher is also easy breezy since you only need to fill the top compartment with cubes and let it do its thing. There is a measuring guide that lets you see the amount of liquid that you will need to make ice.

You will be sure of user safety as you work with this model. The jug onboard is made to lock into position under the crusher to prevent unnecessary movement as you work with it. This machine will automatically start when the lid is locked into positon.


  • Comes with a stylish red design
  • It lets you crush coarse or fine ice
  • The machine only starts running once the lid is locked securely
  • Features measuring guides to let you know the amount of liquid that is needed
  • Stirs drinks efficiently
  • Comes at a decent price point


  • Opening the top might be challenging for an elderly person or if you have a wrist injury

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2. Livivo ICO75-CO Electric Ice Crusher


If you want a model that will blend with your kitchen style with is, this awesome ice crusher would be a good pick. It is popular among the UK stores, and its decent price point is one of the things that make it a top unit.

This one comes with a cool-looking black theme that will blend with any kitchen style out there. Of course, it also has a space-saving design that lets you use it in your confined kitchen space. Like the previous model, this one also offers you versatility. You can use it to make snow cones, slushies, or ice for your drinks.

To assure you of excellent results, the ice crushing machine comes with stainless steel blades that are super-sharp and efficient enough. These blades allow it to handle different ice cubes and deliver a large amount of crushed ice quickly enough. Besides that, these blades are meant to keep ice well separated.

There is a hopper that is easily removable for cleaning or serving. Keep in mind that this container comes with a decent 1-liter capacity and it is transparent for easy viewing of the content.

It is important to mention that this is an automatic model that comes with dual crushing modes. All you have to do is turn the control dial to adjust the crushing modes.

The twist-off lid is transparent too, and you can easily view the content from above. Even better, there is an inbuilt safety feature that will only start the blades once the lid is firmly locked.


  • Cool, black design blends with any kitchen style
  • Offers two modes that are easy to adjust
  • Easy to open and close the transparent lid
  • A powerful motor can crush a handful of cubes quickly
  • It will only start running once the lid is properly closed


  • Some users thought it was somewhat noisy

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3. DWD Premium Manual Ice Crusher

DWD Premium Manual Ice Crusher

Our third contender is this manual ice crusher from a reputable brand in the UK, DWD. If you don’t mind applying some elbow grease when crushing ice, you will have an easy time using this one.

One thing that makes this crusher among the best units in the UK is the glossy finish that will make a statement in your kitchen. Here, you will be getting a nice crusher that has a stainless steel finish that is very much shiny. This should give you an easy time when you need to wipe it.

Being a manual crusher, this model comes with a long hand crank that you will need to turn for it to crush the ice as you wish. It might need some elbow grease, but the overall user experience is friendly. All you need to do is load the ice and turn the hand crank to start crushing the ice.

When you combine the sturdy hand crank with the thickened stainless steel blades, you will be sure of having a very reliable model with you. Even if you load the crusher with large cubes, these blades will slice through them like a hot knife through butter.

While it might not give you two crushing modes, this unit will still deliver the needed texture for your ice. The secret is to keep turning the hand crank until you achieve the needed texture.

You will need to install the hand crank once you receive this unit, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Setting the whole unit up is a walk in the park.


  • Comes with a mirror-like finish
  • Sturdy design for durability
  • Easy to set up
  • Lets you crush the ice to suit your needs/preference
  • It can crush even large cubes with ease


  • Loading it with more cubes might reduce its efficiency

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4. BETEC 4050 Crusher, Electric

BETEC 4050

We give the fourth spot to this electric ice crusher from BETEC, another well-known product in the UK. If you love having an appealing unit in your house that is also fully functional, this one would be a good pick.

This model is made with a box-style design that looks almost like a water dispenser. It might not be the best pick for those squeezed kitchen spaces. Regardless of that, this unit comes with a very appealing look with its stainless steel finish.

This is an electric ice crushing machine that eliminates the need for crushing the ice by yourself. All you have to do is load the cubes in the top funnel. The funnel is easily removable if you need to store the unit or clean it. The machine runs on an 80-watt motor that is powerful enough to crush cubes with ease. With this motor, it allows you to crush cubes at a rate of 15kg in an hour.

The sturdy steel blades allow you to do that with ease. Plus, there is a metal gear onboard that is strong enough to make your ice crushing work a breeze.

We loved the nonslip rubber feet that help to keep the whole unit secured. Even as the motor runs at the top speed, this unit will not move around the counter.

There is a collection container that is 3 liters in capacity, which allows you to prepare a large amount at a go.

Besides that, the machine offers you a safety switch that will prevent the ice from being crushed whenever the drip tray is removed.


  • Unique and elegant design
  • It can crush 15kg of ice in an hour
  • Features a safety switch that detects the removal of the drip tray
  • Large 3-liter container
  • Removable loading funnel


  • Costlier than some models

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5. CASART Electric Crusher Machine

CASART Electric Ice Crusher Machine

If you will be needed an ice-crushing machine for a large production for a party, this would be the right pick for you. It can easily be found in top UK stores due to its amazing delivery.

This electric ice crusher is made of high-quality material to serve you for a long time. With this fella, it is made of aluminum and stainless steel blend that assure you of a sturdy model that is durable enough. The casing and hopper are both made of durable metal materials. Also, it features a heavy cast base that is meant to offer the needed stability of the whole unit. This then helps to limit the vibrations and noise as you work on the ice.

It is an electric model that comes with a 200W motor and it is capable of shaving or crushing 65kg of ice in a single hour. That is way above all the models on our list.

There is an ON/OFF switch that is designed for safe operation, even if your hands are wet. You will be handling ice cubes, which can make your hands wet. That is why the switch is made to be water-resistant. Furthermore, there is a safety cover switch that will keep you safe and prevent unnecessary injuries. The machine will shut off whenever this cover is open.

One point worth mentioning is that this ice crushing machine can run continuously for 20 hours without any issues. It, therefore, qualifies as a commercial unit.

How do you crush or shave ice with this model? All you have to do is load the hopper with cubes and push the handle. This will then crush or shave the ice as you require.

It is not only easy to operate this machine, but also to clean it.


  • Sturdy metal design
  • It can work continuously for 20 hours without a problem
  • Delivers 65kg in one hour
  • A strong metal base offers stability
  • Reliable safety features onboard


  • The price tag is not that friendly compared to some units

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6. BarCraft KCBCICECR Manual Ice Crusher Machine


Moving on with the list, we present this crusher to you. It is one of the best manual ice crushers in the UK.

We picked this model due to its design and elegant appearance. It comes with an appealing stainless steel look that will make a statement in your kitchen while still proving to be functional enough.

There is a long hand crank that is made of stainless steel to remain strong and durable even as you use it regularly. The best part is that the crank itself rolls easily and swiftly to lessen the elbow grease needed to shave or crush the ice. Even if you are crushing large ice cubes, this fella will make work easy for you.

Given the fact that it doesn’t rely on electricity or batteries, you can use this crusher portably with ease. If there is a party outdoors, simply carry it with you and it will deliver accordingly.,

Another thing to love about this manual ice crusher is the fact that it allows you to adjust the final ice as you wish. If you need it coarse, simply rotate the crank until you get the needed result. We would recommend this one to you if you want one for your home bar.

There is a clear acrylic container that you can use to collect the ice. If you need to serve cold drinks with crushed ice, there is a scoop included to help you with that.

Furthermore, there will be no need to worry about the unit moving around as you use it comes with nonslip rubber feet to keep it stable and in place.


  • Elegant stainless steel finish
  • The hand crank moves smoothly
  • It offers you a scoop for easy serving
  • Nonslip feet keep it stable
  • Easy to operate


  • Ice can get stuck sometimes, which might force you to rotate the hand crank forth and back

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7. LACOR 60327 Manual Crusher

LACOR 60327

We wrap our top ice crusher machines list with this model from LACOR. It is another great pick you should go for if you need a reliable manual ice crushing machine in the UK.

One thing that made us go for this model is the fact that it has been designed for durability. This fella can really take a beating. Thanks to its sturdy construction, you can enjoy working with this model for a long time.

It comes with sturdy stainless steel construction that will withstand both indoor and outdoor conditions. There is also a stainless steel shaft that allows you to spin it around with ease as you crush your ice cubes. Even if you have some large cubes, this baby will crush them with minimal effort. And yes, this might be a manual machine, but you will not experience much exhaustion as you work with it.

Thanks to the stainless steel blades on board, you can easily make fine and coarse ice with this unit. Here, you choose the texture of the ice to suit your preference.

The steadiness of the machine is also assured, thanks to the suction pad that it comes with. This suction pad is located at the base of the unit, and it helps to keep the whole machine in place and reduce vibrations as you spin the crank.


  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • It looks elegant in design
  • Easy to spin hand crank
  • Features a suction pad that keeps it in place
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Not the best pick for a party

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Buying Guide: How To Choose the Best Ice Crushing Machine

So, now you have an idea of the top ice crushing machines that you should consider looking for in the UK market. But maybe you haven’t found a specific model that suits your needs. What do you do if that’s the case?

The solution is not to continue looking for a top-rated ice crusher. Rather, you should have a strategy of how to choose the right crusher. Here is a look at the factors you need to consider as you shop for your next machine.


The first point we always consider is the size of the ice crusher. These machines tend to come in different sizes. You need to choose one that will fit in the available space. Some models come in a small size to fit on your kitchen counter, while others will need to be installed on the floor. All the units we have covered on this list are countertop models.

If you have a squeezed kitchen space, ensure that you choose one that doesn’t take much of your space.

Along with the size, ensure that you consider if the machine is portable enough, especially if you will be using it indoors and outdoors occasionally.

Electric or Manual?

Once you confirm the available space to fit the ice crushing machine, you will need to consider if you need a manual or electric model.

Differentiating between the two is very simple. An electric ice crusher will run on rechargeable batteries or electricity. All that you will need to do is load up the feeding container, lock the lid securely (if it comes with it), and press a button to start grinding the cubes.

With the manual model, you will need to load up the cubes and rotate a hand crank that comes with it. Here, you will be grinding the ice manually.

Using a manual ice crusher can be reliable, but it will exhaust your hands in the long run. On the other hand, an electric model will crush the ice quickly and with less effort. However, it won’t run without electricity or batteries.

Ice Storage/Speed

What amount of ice can an ice crusher hold at a go? This is a feature you need to keep in mind. If you are preparing ice for a party, you should consider choosing a unit that will easily hold enough ice at a go.

With the speed, it relates to the amount of ice the machine can crush at a specific time. For the parties, consider going for those that can prepare 15kg or more of ice in an hour. If you can get one that can prepare more, the better.

Don’t forget to consider the size of the collector. It should perfectly meet your needs.


An ice crushing machine that is stable enough will let you work efficiently, and it also lessens the unnecessary accidents since it will not be moving around the table as you work on the ice. That being said, ensure that you find a model that has a suction pad or nonslip feet to keep it stable as you work with it.

In terms of security, ensure that the ice crusher has the necessary security features. For instance, it should only start working if the collection container is in place or if the lid is securely closed.

Above all, choose a durable model and one that comes from a reputable brand in the UK market. Always purchase a unit with good value for money.


There goes it, folks. As you step out to find the best ice crusher in the UK, remember to follow the buying guide that we have just shared. Remember to choose a machine that doesn’t only meet your needs accordingly, but one that will give you an easy time to use and maintain. All in all, observe the necessary safety precautions as you use the crusher.

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