HOWORK SM-1520Z 1500W Food Mixer Review

When it comes to the design and performance balance of an appliance, the HOWORK SM-1520Z scores decently. This unit is designed to capture the attention of your visitors in the kitchen, and it doesn’t score any lower when it comes to its performance.

But is it a good mixer to purchase? We think it is, but here is a detailed review to support our point further.

What’s the price?

SM-1520Z Overview

The SM-1520Z is a stand electric mixer that is designed to work like a beast while managing your mixing, whisking, and kneading tasks with ease. Besides being a versatile model, this one will also glorify your kitchen space while performing excellently. You would love this model if you need one for your large family. There are other accessories that come with this unit, which allow you to handle different food preparation tasks easily. The motor onboard is also powerful enough to knead, beat, and create multiple recipes.

Features and Functions


Let’s start with the design of this mixer. Basically, but comes with a standard stand mixer design, but one thing that makes it stand out from other models is the color theme and other curvy highlights. With this model sitting on your kitchen counter, your visitor will easily notice it. As a result, you can choose to let it sit on the counter if you want to show it off to anyone stepping in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be a good pick for you if you live in a confined house with a small kitchen space.

Generous Capacity

Being that it won’t work best in a confined kitchen space, it means that you will enjoy a large capacity for preparing a lot of recipes at once. If you want a model for your family, this wouldn’t be a bad pick. Specifically, the model comes with a large 8-liter stainless steel mixing bowl that allows you to prepare food for up to 7 people.

Powerful Motor With Over-Heating Protection

The motor on this HOWORK model is designed to handle multiple ingredients and recipes, even tough tasks. This mixer is loaded with a 1500W motor that can beat, whisk, or knead whatever you throw at it. But the best part is that the motor comes with an overcurrent and overvoltage protection. In case of a possible overheating, the motor will shut down automatically.

6-Speed Settings/5 Functions

Versatility is the order of the day with this HOWORK mixer. It is designed with different speed settings that allow you to choose the one that meets your food preparation needs perfectly. Specifically, you will enjoy 6 different speed settings that you can choose accordingly. From the different speed settings, the HOWORK SM-1520Z comes with a slow-speed start that prevents flour clouds or spills.

Furthermore, you also get five different functions that you can choose from with the mixer. These functions include emulsify, mix, knead, stir, and beat. In other words, there is no limitation when working with this mixer.

Tilt-Head Design/Power Indicator

The mixer comes with a convenient tilt-head design, which is meant to give you an easy time when working on your recipes. You can tilt the head if you need to add ingredients to the dough/mix in the bowl. But there is also a blue LED light that will go on when the machine is on.


The mixer also offers you different accessories that only help to enhance its versatility. First off, there are the three main accessories, which include the whisk, mixer, and, dough hook for performing different applications. Besides that, the mixer offers you other attachments, which include an egg-white separator, dropping cover, and a scraper.


  • Elegant and stylish red design
  • Large 8-liter capacity
  • Easy to wash accessories, including the stainless steel bowl
  • The powerful motor can handle almost any mixing and kneading task
  • It comes with different attachments
  • Offers you 6-speed settings and five functions for versatility
  • Works at a decently low-noise operation compared to other models
  • Easy to use controls


  • This is not a good pick for a squeezed kitchen space


Who should go for the HOWORK SM-1520Z? Any baking enthusiast would love working with this mixer. As long as you want to use it for making a huge amount of recipes for a large serving, this would serve you well. It is easy to use and has enough power to handle just about any task you throw at it.

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