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How To Clean A Burnt Pan? 5 Amazing Methods

Most of the time, the aspiring chef we all have inside, tends to get too excited to try out new dishes. This, ultimately, makes it hard to keep an eye on the flame while you cope with the ingredients, and the pan has to bear the consequences. Now fighting off this staining requires both hard work and time, but a little smart work in this regard can go a long way.

You need not spend a fortune on buying pan cleaners that although might work, but prove to be a burden on your kitchen budget in the long run. This is why we have come up with certain tips that you can use to get your shiny pan back with the mere household items. This can be a high time you bid farewell to burnt and greasy frying pans. So, as we know, cleaning a burnt pan is not always easy, luckily we got some tips. To explore more, keep reading.

1. Vinegar And Baking Soda

We know this sounds more like an old wives’ tale, but trust us, vinegar never disappoints when it comes to cleaning a burnt pan. It not only helps in removing the greasiness but also deals quite efficiently with the burnt marks. Using this mixture would help in avoiding the deep scrubbing step that can leave permanent scratches on your pan’s shiny surface. For this, all you have to do is to take vinegar and water in equal proportions. Pour this mixture into the burnt pan and give it a good boil.

After this, you can drain this liquid into the sink and sprinkle some of the baking soda on it. This powdery layer of soda would break the bonds of the oily compounds, for better results, you can use a sponge to scrub it lightly. Voila! Your pan is clean! That’s all, now rinse your pan, and you’re good to go.

2. Use A Dryer Sheet

A dryer sheet is no less than a savior when it comes to dealing with the stubborn stickiness of your pan. The best thing about this tip is that it doesn’t cost that much since dryer sheets are a laundry compulsion and can be found in every home. All you have to do is to take a mixture of water and soap and spread it evenly throughout the pan. Then, you may wait for an hour to see if the stains are losing their consistency. After this, you can go ahead with a dryer sheet and settle it inside your pan. This may take an hour or two, but once completed, you will notice that the sticky marks have become more watery. In the end, a good scrubbing session would sort it all out.

In case you’ve run out of dryer sheets, you may opt for a fabric softener, but there’s no need to go over the board with it. Just a spoon would suffice for the toughest of the burnt pans. This method is useful for people who have just bought a new pan and don’t want to use any sort of harsh chemical.

3. Salt

No matter if you don’t have vinegar or dryer sheets at home, salt is something that is an indispensable part of every kitchen and tends to be a cheaper solution. Even if you aren’t a pro in basic kitchen necessities, you can surely depend on the salt to get rid of the sticky marks on a burnt pan. For this, take some of it and apply it to the inside of a cut lemon. Lemon has got citric acid that works by deteriorating the bonding of the tough stains and hence can be more of a natural approach. All you have to do is just to massage your pan’s surface with this lemon and see how it works wonders.

Furthermore, for the people who are into this tip, you can go for kosher salt that is specifically for this purpose. It doesn’t have any toxic ingredients that might decolorize your pan. Also, mixing the salt with your regular dish detergent can be a good way to increase the intensity of the process. Since it’s a cost-free method, you might need to be a little patient as it would take time. However, we assure you that the results are worth the wait.

4. Potassium Bi-Tartrate

We do know that this name sounds rather complicated, so let us break it down for you. This implies the famous cream of tartar that is known for its abrasive nature for years. When nothing works for your burnt pan, tartar is the one solution you can rely on. The amazing thing about this one is that you can find it in any superstore next to your house. You can get loads of it in a cheaper amount and hence it’d go a long way.

You just need a tablespoon of it and mix it with a cup of water. Pour this mixture into your pan and wait for the water to reach the boiling point. This powerful combination can tackle the hardest of the stains in one go. This means you won’t have to strain your arms with the deep scrubbing anymore.

To sum up this method, just take any soft cloth and use it to rub off the mixture you’ve applied. This would keep at bay all the unnecessary scratching and your pan would look as shiny as the first day.

5. Ketchup

Yes, you read it right. So, if you want to clean a burnt pan – ketchup is one of those components that surprisingly have multiple uses apart from adding taste to dull dishes. Since we are talking about burnt pans, it is obvious that such pans lose their shine over time. In such a scenario, ketchup can be the most reliable helping hand; all you have to do is to let it sit on your pan’s surface for at least 15 minutes. Then, you can wipe it with a damp cloth and see how it brings back all the sparkle and rejuvenates your pan’s shine in one attempt.


As a final note, cleaning and dealing with a burnt pan can be a real pain, but investing your time and effort in the above-mentioned tips can bring fruitful results. These tips aren’t burdensome on your budget, and their long-term results can be the harbinger of a pleasant change in your kitchen routine. Above all, they don’t require you to be a pro at it; just start with salt, vinegar, and soda to make your way to a shinier pan than ever before.

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