Homgeek NY-8188

Homgeek NY-8188 Multifunction Smoothie Blender Review

The Homgeek NY-8188 is one of the best high-speed benders you can find on the market because it has 2000W of power. Power is very important when it comes to shredding, grinding, and chopping of ingredients and you get that in abundance with this appliance. Anything you throw in this blender will not lose any of its nutrients.

It keeps all the nutrients the body needs and if you have problems swallowing or chewing certain foods, this blender will put those worries at ease as it will break everything down into smaller pieces. Below are some of the key desires of this incredible blender and some of its pros as well as cons.

What’s the price?

The NY-8188 Key Features

  • Cocktail maker – If you are a fan of homemade cocktails, this is the blender for you. All you have to do is add a bit of alcohol, some ice, some fruits and you’re ready to blend. You will be able to produce great-tasting cocktails for you and your friends.
  • Incredibly versatile – Thanks to the stainless steel blades found inside, you will be able to shred, grind and chop a variety of ingredients like cheese, bread crumbs, and nuts.
  • Make deserts – If you are into your ice creams, milkshakes, and smoothies, you have to buy this NY-8188 blender because this is what it does best. You will not be disappointed with your results and all you have to do is grab some milk, ice, and your favorites fruits.
  • 8 razor-sharp hardened blades – These blades make the process of blending, crushing, and more super fast and easy. You will crush everything including hard fruits in a matter of seconds.
  • Durable – Made from impact-resistant materials, this Homgeek NY-8188 blender will not show any signs of wear and tear even if you use it constantly. It will hold its own and as long as you look after it, it will be in your possession for many years.
  • Dishwasher friendly – If you have a dishwasher in your home, you can put parts of this Homgeek blender into the dishwasher. Even if you choose to clean it by hand, it is one of the easiest blenders to wash.
  • Speed settings – This Homgeek blender has 8-speed settings that allow you to adjust depending on the ingredients you have at your disposal. There is a dial that can be rotated at any time during use.


  • Make healthy meals – If you are health conscious or looking to cut down on unhealthy foods, you can make salsas, dip, and hummus thanks to this blender.
  • Powerful – The 2000W of power it offers will break down everything from seeds, fruits, and vegetables. The results are as smooth as you can get with all the nutrients intact.
  • Impressive package – When you buy this product, you will get a recipe book, manual guide, a tamper, 2 litre Tristan container, and a motor base.
  • Pre-programmed settings  – It has 4 pre-programmed settings which are Pulse, Grinding, Ice Crush, and Smoothie for better precision and control.
  • Impressive capacity – You will get a 2 litre jug that allows you to blend large amounts of solids and liquids for you and your family.


  • Can overheat – Overheating is a very common problem when it comes to products like blenders many of which require a 10-15 minute cool-down period before you can use it again. When it comes to this blender, you need to be careful while using this blender because continuous use of longer than 10 minutes can cause it to overheat.
  • High price – The second issue customers have with this blender is the price. They think that it is a bit too high despite the top-quality features it has. Those with limited funds will be priced out of this blender and might have to search the market for a cheaper model.

Final Thoughts

The Homgeek NY-8188 is a good quality blender for small and big tasks. It comes with a wonderful recipe book that allows you to make a variety of meals and many customers are impressed by its shredding, chopping, and grinding power. Cleaning is such a breeze and if you’re not a fan of hand washing, you can just throw it in the blender. Any accessories not recommended by the manufacturers like lids and jugs should be avoided at all costs because they can cause the blender to malfunction which can be dangerous.

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