Fridja F1900

Fridja F1900 Powerful Masticating Juicer Review

For those that love having an appealing appliance in their kitchen, here is a juicer that you should consider getting. The Fridja F1900 is one juicer that is designed to glorify your kitchen but also make your juicing journey impressive enough. Compared to most models out there, we’d say this juicer comes at a decent price point. Not too high neither too low.

Here is a review to help you understand more about the juicer.

What’s the price?

Fridja F1900 Overview

The F1900 juicer is designed with an elegant finish, and it is sturdy enough to survive daily use. This model comes with a high nutritional value as it allows you to extract juice from different fruits and vegetables. It is loaded with a decently powerful motor that runs with minimal operating noise. There are other accessories that help to make the whole juicing process easy. Furthermore, the feeding chute is large enough for easy feeding.

Features And Functions Of The F1900


Fridja F1900 juicer is designed with an elegant finish that will make a statement in your kitchen. This one features a matte black stainless steel finish, which will stay strong even with multiple uses. The base comes with stainless steel construction that makes it heavy and stable enough as you use it.

You will not have a fitted/removable collection jar with this model. Rather, it comes with two 1-liter jugs that allow you to collect the juice with ease and enjoy easy cleaning. This way, you can confidently use the machine to prepare juice for the entire family.


If you compare this Fridja juicer to other models out there, you will be confident of having a unit that performs elegantly in preparing your juices. This one is loaded with a powerful 240W motor that will spin the auger to crash any veggie or fruit you throw at it. It is a slow masticating auger, which will spin at 55RPM, which should be good enough to deliver nutrient-rich juices. Besides that, the motor is designed to work smoothly and with minimal noise.

Tilting Feeding Chute

This F1900 model comes with a unique design, including a different-looking chute. There is a tilting feeding chute that is designed for minimal waste. The chute also comes in at 75mm, which is larger than some models out there. This in turn gives you an easy time when loading fruits and veggies into the chute.

Thanks to the large feeding chute, you will not have to slice or chop fruits and vegetables when preparing.


The Fridja F1900 is designed with a sieve onboard, which helps to make the juicing experience a breeze. This sieve will help you remove all the pulp from the juice. You can choose whether you want the bits in or out. If you want them in, simply remove the fitted sieve.

Also, the juicer is offered along with two filters to help you prepare any drink. Whether you need fruit ice cream or fruit sorbets, the filters will help you achieve that easily.

Dual Functions/Anti-Drip Tap

The juicer is also made with two functions that make it extra efficient. With the two functions onboard, you can be sure of enjoying the whole juicing process. There is a function that allows you to combine flavors or more than two fruits/vegetables. This function ensures that the fruits and vegetables mix properly in the bowl to offer you a delicious and nutrient-rich cocktail. Another function is the reverse, which prevents clogging of the juice.

There is an anti-drip tap that will direct the juice straight to the jug to minimize the mess on the countertop. You won’t have to clean the countertop whenever you pour drinks into the jug or glass.


  • Comes with an eye-catching design
  • Slanting chute reduces waste
  • The parts are easy to clean
  • Heavy-duty and durable construction
  • Runs with minimal operation noise
  • Offers two 1-liter jugs with a cleaning brush


  • Some thought the chute diameter could be wider


The Fridja F1900 is a decent juicer that would work perfectly for those that love the versatility with their juicers. It is available at a decent price point and you can be sure of having a reliable model to help you with your juicing journey. The juicer is easy to use, and it doesn’t make much noise either. Generally, we can confidently say that it would be a good buy for you. 

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