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Best Fridge Freezer With Water Dispenser UK

A fridge freezer is one appliance that you would want to have in your kitchen. While these appliances were primarily invented to preserve perishable foods, their new upgrades have made them different over time. Today, you can find a fridge freezer with a water dispenser, which assures you of cold water whenever you need it.

But deciding on one model can be tricky. With the many brands and models in the UK market, the search only gets tougher. That is why we came up with this article to help you out. Here, we will explore the top fridge freezers that come with an integrated water dispenser.

We will review the top models you should consider going for, and also give you tips on how to shop for the right model.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Fridge Freezers With A Water Dispenser: Our Top Picks

Samsung RB29FWRNDBC Freestanding Fridge Freezer9.4Check
Samsung RB31FDRNDSA Fridge-Freezer9.4Check
Haier HTR3619FWMP Freestanding Combi9.4Check
Samsung RS52N3313WW Freestanding American Style9.2Check
Hoover HMNB6182B5WDK With Water Dispenser9.0Check
Russell Hobbs RH90FF176SS-WD American Style9.0Check

Fridge Freezer Reviews

Yes, there are a whole lot of fridge freezers with a water dispenser that dominates the UK market. However, here is a look at 6 models we thought would make a good pick for you.

1. Samsung RB29FWRNDBC Fridge Freezer With Digital Inverter Technology and Water Dispenser


Our list kicks off with this model from Samsung, a brand that has dominated the UK market for many decades now. This fridge freezer with water dispenser will conveniently maximize your storage space while offering you cold water whenever you need it. Even better, it is designed to conserve energy to the fullest as it runs.

The refrigerator comes with a slim appearance to fit easily in your kitchen space. Besides that, it features two doors that let you store different types of foods. Whether you just want your food to be chilled or you need them frozen to the maximum, this model will let you achieve that with ease.

It offers you a total of 288 liters capacity, where the cooling section comes with a 190-liter capacity, while the freezing section offers you a capacity of 98 liters.

We loved the delivery of the water dispenser feature. There is a filtered water dispenser that will not require any plumbing for it to run. However, some users found it tricky to remove the water tank for refilling. But once it is well set up, you can enjoy cold water whenever, without the need for opening the fridge door.

Furthermore, the fridge comes with an Easy Slide shelf that is placed on rolling hinges. It will pull out easily for you to organize and access food items with ease. Even better, it lets you see what you have stored in the back with ease.

Along with that, there is a Full Open Box that is meant to give you easy access. This box will extend out to let you maximize the available space. Even when the refrigerator door is open at 90 degrees, the box will open fully. You can use the box to store your pizza boxes with ease.

Another reason for choosing this unit is the fact that it runs efficiently with less noise and it comes with a Samsung Digital Inverter Compressor, which helps to maintain a consistent temperature inside. In turn, this will help to conserve electricity.


  • Slim, space-saving design
  • Runs with low-noise operation
  • The Digital Inverter Compressor and Total No Frost conserve electricity
  • Comes with deeper shelves for more storage
  • Easy Slide shelves offer easy removal


  • Removing the water tank can be tricky

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2. Samsung RB31FDRNDSA Freestanding Fridge-Freezer


If you want a slightly larger model to meet your family’s needs, this refrigerator would be a good pick. It also brushes shoulders with some of the leading models in the UK.

This fridge freezer with water dispenser comes with a stylish American side by side design. The silver finish makes it compatible with any kitchen style. It comes with a simplistic yet bold design that you would love to have in your home. In terms of the capacity, this fella offers you a total of 329 liters, which should be enough for your large family.

It has four door racks, five easily adjustable shelves, as well as a wine rack that can easily hold two bottles. You can also fit an egg rack in the refrigerator with ease. With the freezer section, it comes with three drawers, along with an ice maker.

For a regular refrigerator, it can be challenging to navigate food items as you try reaching for the item at the back. However, this one comes with an Easy Slide shelf that is built on rolling hinges. As a result, the shelf will pull out easily for you to organize and access food items with minimal effort.

There is an external water dispenser that doesn’t have any protruding elements. The slim dispenser is inset to maintain the sleek surface of the refrigerator. No plumbing is needed with this model either.

Another feature that makes this unit outshine most fridges in the UK is the bright LED light that will shine bright enough inside the refrigerator for you to see the food items with ease.


  • Large capacity to fit an equally large family
  • Easy to move shelves
  • The water dispenser is inset to maintain the sleek surface of the fridge
  • Bright interior LED light
  • Multiple shelves and racks for storing different food items


  • The water container restricts the storage of large items

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3. Haier HTR3619FWMPCombi Fridge Freezer With Non-Plumbed Water Dispenser

Haier HTR3619FWMP

The third spot goes to this Haier fridge that is another great unit to purchase if you need a stylish model that is ideal for a family.

This sleek fridge freezer with water dispenser comes with a massive capacity of 345 liters, and it offers you a couple of drawers and racks to let you store multiple food items with ease. With this unit, it offers you three doors that give it that unique modern design.

One thing that makes this model a top pick in the UK market is the unique Fresher Techs feature that is meant to keep food fresher for longer. In other words, you will not have to compromise on freshness and design. It offers both with excellence.

There is also an isolated drawer compartment within the refrigerator, which comes with independent temperature control. With this control, you can easily change the temperature from -1° C to +1° C. This way, you can get the ideal temperature to chill your foods and drinks.

The model comes with Easy Access drawers that let you browse your food item with ease. All you need is to pull out the drawer and reach out to whatever food item you need.

Even better, this fridge freezer comes with Total No Frost technology that will prevent the buildup of ice inside the freezer. In other words, you will not have to defrost the freezer manually.

The non-plumbed water dispenser allows you to start using it with absolute ease. Once the refrigerator is set up, you only need to refill the water container and the water dispenser will be ready to get rolling. Water is directly fed from an internal water tank that is easy to refill. Water filters or plumbing will not be needed here.


  • Large capacity with a slim design
  • Total No Frost Technology prevents frost buildup
  • Independent temperature control on the isolated drawer compartment
  • Easy Access drawers
  • Easy to refill the water tank


  • You can’t fit large items in the two drawers

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4. Samsung RS52N3313WW American Fridge Freezer (Non Plumbed Water Dispenser)

Samsung RS52N3313WW

This model also comes with a stylish minimal design that can make a statement in your kitchen as it keeps your food and drinks chilled or frozen. It stands among the best models in the UK, and its elegant finish is one of the things that makes it a top pick.

This fridge freezer with water dispenser comes with two tall doors, but a whole lot of racks and shelves. You can be sure of having enough storage for your food items with this unit. To easily suit your family needs, this fella offers you a massive capacity of 520 liters.

Thanks to the all-around cooling feature on this unit, it will ensure that every item on the shelves remains evenly chilled. You don’t have to worry about placing some food items further inside the refrigerator for them to be chilled. The technology helps to distribute the cool air evenly.

You will also enjoy a frost-free freezer with this unit. Thanks to the Total No Frost feature that maintains an even temperature all around the freezer, you will not have to worry about ice buildup. This helps to save your defrosting hassle.

The water dispenser on board allows you to enjoy chilled water without the need for plumbing it in. At a simple touch of a button, you can be sure of enjoying cool water anytime.

Furthermore, this fella comes with a Digital Inverter Compressor that will not start and stop abruptly. As a result, it consumes less energy as the fridge is running. We also loved the fact that this model doesn’t only run with less energy, but also with less noise.


  • Large 521-liter capacity
  • Frost-free technology
  • Individually cooled shelves and racks
  • Digital Inverter Compressor saves energy consumption
  • Well-placed racks and shelves for easy accessibility


  • A full bottle won’t fit in the door trays

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5. Hoover HMNB6182B5WDK (Water Dispenser – No Plumbing Required)

Hoover HMNB6182B5WDK

Our fifth contender is this fella from Hoover, which ranks among the best fridge freezers in the UK. The capacity that it offers is reliable enough, and you will love having it in your house

You get 197 liters for the refrigerator, while the freezer capacity is at 111 liters, which is decent enough. That should offer enough storage space for your food items in your house. The freezer also comes with four transparent drawers that give you full visibility and easy access to the food stored.

Furthermore, the fridge comes with three nonslip glass shelves that will remain stable and won’t move unstably. These glass shelves come with a trim that will stop any spillages that would contaminate the food storage below.

Also onboard is an extra-large salad crisper, a wine rack, as well as versatile door storage. You can place soda cans, wines, or egg racks in the door storage compartment.

The water dispenser feature allows you to enjoy chilled water at your disposal. It doesn’t require any plumbing or special adjustment for it to work. As long as the refrigerator is properly installed and the water container is filled, you will enjoy the water dispenser delivery with ease.

This fella is a good energy conserver as it is designed to run with low-noise operation. Furthermore, this unit comes with an A+ Energy rating to perfectly save on energy consumption. You will generally have an easy time working with it.


  • Comes with a cool-looking black design
  • The slim design makes it a good space-saver
  • Nonslip glass shelves
  • Offers four transparent freezer drawers
  • Excellent energy saver


  • The water container is challenging to remove and clean

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6. Russell Hobbs RH90FF176SS-WD American Style Fridge Freezer

Russell Hobbs RH90FF176SS-WD

We wrap up our list with this monster from Russell Hobbs, a brand that has dominated the UK market for many decades now.

This fridge freezer with water dispenser comes with a sleek American style that makes it look good in your kitchen while keeping your food chilled and frozen. You can enjoy the sleek, gray finish that will make a statement in your home. There are two does on this fella, but the interior comes with a whole lot of racks and shelves.

It comes with a total of 338 liters, whereby you get four door racks, four shelves, two drawers, and a wine rack to fit four bottles with ease. You can even place an egg rack in there. Keep in mind that the freezer capacity of this unit is 175 liters, which offers more space for your food items.

The water dispenser is made with elegance and it doesn’t ruin the sleek surface of the fridge. Refilling the water container isn’t challenging. You also won’t need a plumber to fix the water dispenser system.

Along with that, there is a convenient LED screen that displays the current temperature that the fridge and freezer are running in. This way, you can be confident of enjoying a reliable and accurate temperature setting experience.

You’ll also love the No Frost technology that will prevent the buildup of frost in the freezer. Here, you will not have to defrost the freezer manually. This doesn’t only save you time and energy, but it also saves energy consumption.

To assure you of a well-balanced fridge freezer, this model comes with adjustable feet for you to balance it perfectly for accuracy.

Above all, the refrigerator is designed to run with low-noise operation. Even if you leave it running at night, this fella will not make the loud operation noise.


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Comes with an LED screen to display set the temperature
  • Runs with low-noise operation
  • Energy efficient with a 4-star freezing rating
  • Adjustable feet for perfect balancing on uneven surfaces


  • The door material can be susceptible to dents

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Buying Guide: How To Buy the Right Fridge Freezer in the UK

So, have you decided on the fridge freezer that you will be going for? Not yet? That’s no problem. If none of the aforementioned models meet your preference, we will still help you find the perfect unit. As you explore the market for the best fridge freezer to purchase, you need to have some guide to help you.

Now that we have given you a list of our best fridge freezer that dominate the UK market, we will tell you how we ranked them. That being said, here are things you need to consider as you shop for your next fridge freezer with a water dispenser.

The Size

What size of fridge freezer do you want? That depends on the available space in your kitchen. As you consider the size, you should confirm the height, depth, and width of the appliance. The height, depth, and width of the refrigerator must perfectly fit in the available space in the kitchen. Keep in mind that there should be some space between the back of the refrigerator and the wall. Do not choose a piece that fits tightly into space in your kitchen.

Generally, there should be at least 2cm all around the appliance for proper ventilation. This also helps to prevent heavy energy consumption.

The Storage Capacity

Besides the size of the appliance, what is its capacity? You should always go for the right capacity that suits you or your family. Always consider how much room that you need and one that will accommodate the food you have. Just keep in mind that a larger appliance will use more energy to run.


In terms of the layout, it entails the ratio of the fridge to the freezer. Or rather how much space is available for the fridge and the freezer as well. Some units will come with a 70/30 layout that offers more fridge space than the freezer. Others will come with a 60/40 split that provides more freezer space. Still, there are selected models that come with a 50/50 split to offer you the same freezer and fridge space.

You can even find some models that come with the freezer section on the bottom and the fridge section on the top section.

Here, you should choose the layout that suits you best to avoid having to crouch down whenever you are accessing the unit.

Shelves and Fixtures

Next, you need to consider how you would like the refrigerator freezer to be organized. It might come with a large capacity but limited shelves and racks.

As you shop for your next fridge freezer with a water dispenser in the UK, consider if it has drawers and how many you might need. You can go for one with transparent drawers if you want an easy view of the food inside. This way, you will not have to move the food items around.

Most of the models we have reviewed in this list come with glass shelves, along with a spill-proof design. This anti-spill design will prevent unnecessary spillage, which might contaminate the food below. Such a design also gives you an easy time when you need to clean up any accidental spills.

If you eat a lot of eggs, you should consider a model with an egg rack that will hold them perfectly to prevent breakage. And if you love eating fruits and veggies, choose a model with a large salad compartment. However, such units will have fewer shelves.

On the other hand, a model with taller shelves will allow you to store tall bottles with ease.

Temperature Control

How tough or easy is it to control the temperature of the appliance? Preferably, you should choose one with a user-friendly thermostat. Here, you can set the ideal temperature to suit your chilling or freezing needs. Most of the modern models will come with a digital thermostat for quick temperature changes. Even better, some offer an LED screen to show the set temperature.

Ease of Cleaning

Regardless of the size and design of the fridge freezer, it should and must give you an easy time when cleaning it. For the shelves, they should be easy to remove and clean. The material of the shelves should let you wipe them with ease without any challenge. Preferably, the shelves, racks, and drawers shouldn’t have corners where debris can gather easily.

Above all, it would be wise to choose an energy-efficient model, and it should come with an A+ energy rating. Furthermore, consider the freezer rating, which will equally determine the energy consumption. Choose a refrigerator that can easily maintain the right humidity levels, regardless of the weather condition. The fridge that you pick shouldn’t be too wet nor too dry. Rather, a good fridge freezer will maintain the optimum humidity levels.

If you will be going out of the house for some days and even weeks, the refrigerator should come with a Holiday Mode, which is a unique feature that helps to save energy and cut down the bills.


There goes our review for the best fridge freezer with a water dispenser. As you step out to find the perfect model in the UK market, ensure that you choose one from a reputable brand. One thing you should keep in mind though is that these types of fridge freezers tend to come at a high price point. Luckily, their delivery is worth every penny.

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