Essential Summer Classics

Posted 29/06/2018 : By: Ictc

Essential Summer Classics

The British summertime is one that is often fleeting, but enjoyed nonetheless come rain or shine. We’ve become experts in preparing for every eventuality that mother nature can throw our way, from brolly’s over the BBQ when the inevitable light shower hits, to blowing the cobwebs off the factor 50 when the clouds dissipate and the sun begins beating down. The one thing you can count on at summer time, is that we as a nation, have the essentials ready and waiting to be deployed at the first sign of sunshine.

We’ve put together our list of essential summer collections that we love using over this season.

Virginia Casa ceramics will always be on our list of summer essentials. Stunning Italian made ceramics produced using local red and white clays. These pieces are perfect for presenting a crisp summer salad and canapé's and are a real focal point of any summer party or gathering.

Emma Bridgewater textiles are skilfully handmade in Norwich, England. The quintessentially British brand is one loved by many up and down the country and across the world. Including everything from aprons to oven gloves, napkins to tea towels, handling hot items and protecting you and your clothes never looked so fabulous.

La Rochere is the oldest working glassworks in France, having been established in 1475. It's wealth of experience and knowledge has made the brand a market leader in both mouth blown and machine pressed glass. No summer setting is complete without a carafe of sparkling water, a jug of refreshing Pimms and a bowl of succulent British grown strawberries all presented in exceptionally crafted La Rochere glass.

Pillivuyt is a brand of understated elegance. Their whole range consists of exceptionally timeless pieces that suit all occasions. Whether you're presenting a traditional laid table or serving a dish in our oven to table range, the diversity and functional simplicity makes preparing for any party easy and stress-free.

Opinel is synonymous with genuine provenance and traditional craftsmanship, established in 1890 in the Savoie region of France, its excellence exudes through every element of its design and manufacture. From food prep tools right through to exquisite table knifes, Opinel knives have a use for all occasions.

Our Tunisian Olivewood is known for its unique and striking appearance. Each piece has its own distinguishing features that makes it a focal point at any dining table or party setting.

1.Virginia Casa Cabbage Dish with Lid- 5521800 2.Pillivuyt Sancerre 200mm Plate- 34212220BL 3.Virginia Casa Platter- 5512407 4.Emma Bridgewater pack of 2 tea towels- 823405 5.Cereal Bowl 40cl 34170341BL 6.Large Chicory Bowl 31cm 5521700 7.Perigord Bowl 43623301 8.Boston Ice Cream Coupe 43603701 9.Medium Rustic Bowl 07010 10.Emma Bridgewater Double Oven Glove 823481 11.Perigord Goblet 43635101 12.Radish Bowl 5521300 13.Opinel Paring Knife 05001913

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