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Best Energy Efficient Kettle UK – Start Saving It

A kettle stands among the most essential utensils used in UK homes. They tend to be useful enough for lovers of tea and hot drinks. As you look for a kettle to use in your kitchen, you might want to consider going for an energy saving model. But which is the best energy efficient kettle?

First off, it would be very helpful to have a unit that can perfectly boil water for hot cups of tea and coffee, while it saves on your electricity bills efficiently. As you browse the UK market looking for the ideal kettle that is energy efficient, we shall be covering some models you might want to consider.

Energy Efficient Kettles: Our Top 8

Russell Hobbs K65 Cordless Energy Saving Kettle9.4Check
Duronic Electric Kettle EK30 BK9.2Check
Bosch TWK8633GB9.2Check
Russell Hobbs 21600-109.0Check
Russell Hobbs 204608.8Check
iKich UK189-018.6Check
AKZIM 2200W Fast Boil Kettle8.1Check
Duronic EK42 Eco Kettle8.0Check

Energy Saving Kettle Reviews

There are multiple models in the UK market, which makes it challenging to choose a specific unit that suits your needs. However, here are 8 models you should include in your wishlist.

1. Russel Hobbs K65 Energy Saving Kettle with Rapid Boil

Russell Hobbs K65

For many years now, Russel Hobbs has stood as one of the most reliable kitchen appliance manufacturers in the UK.

One of the top reasons for choosing this amazing energy efficient kettle is its iconic look that combines modern technology and a classic appearance. With this kettle, you will enjoy style and substance as it performs its water boiling functions with elegance.

It is designed to boil water in the shortest time possible. For instance, one cup of water will take this model only 40 seconds to boil. This is made possible by the Rapid Boil Feature that, in turn, helps to save energy. If you are in rush and you want a quick cup of tea or coffee, this fella will be your hero.

This energy saving kettle is made to save up to 69% of energy. Thanks to the Rapid Boil Feature, you can be sure of saving energy for each cup or jug that you boil with the model.

This energy efficient kettle offers you a 1.2-liter capacity that makes it the perfect size to cater to all. It doesn’t matter whether you want a cup of tea for you and a friend or you need some coffee or tea for the entire family. This kettle will serve you accordingly.

It comes with a perfect pour spout that delivers a streamlined water flow to your cup. You won’t experience splashes, spills, or splutters on the countertop with this kettle.


  • Iconic design with brushed stainless steel finish
  • It can boil a cup in just 40 seconds
  • Saves up to 69% of energy
  • Removable and washable anti-scale filter
  • Perfect pour spout minimizes spills, splashes, and splutters


  • The exterior of the unit will get very hot as it boils water

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2. Duronic EK30 Energy Efficient Eco Kettle

Duronic EK30 BK

Here is another unit that would be a good pick if you are looking for an energy efficient kettle in the UK. This one is an eco-friendly model that is meant to boil water with utmost rapidness.

It comes with a black and stainless steel design that gives it a pleasant look on your kitchen counter. You don’t have to store it away in the cabinet when it is not in use. The model comes with a decent 1.5-liter capacity that offers enough hot water for 4 to 5 cups. There is also an external transparent gauge that allows you to know the amount of water you are putting in the kettle.

This awesome energy efficient kettle comes with a Fast Boil Technology that will boil up the water fast enough to save you energy. Even better, there is a variable temperature control that lets you choose the ideal temperature for your beverage. You can choose from 40, 60, 90, or 100 degrees Celsius with this product. Whatever you may need to prepare with the kettle, the variable temperature settings will let you do so with ease.

The Keep Warm Function is another feature that helps to conserve energy. Here, you can set the kettle to keep the water warm for up to 30 minutes after it is completely boiled. If you prefer going for a second drink, you’ll find this feature helpful. No need for reheating the water.


  • Cordless design for portability
  • Keep warm function will keep the water warm for up to 30 minutes
  • Offers 4 variable temperature settings
  • Features fast boil technology
  • Cool-to-touch design


  • The design may not be pleasing to some people

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3. Bosch TWK8633GB Styline, Energy Class A

Bosch TWK8633GB

Undoubtedly, Bosch stands among the best brands not only in the UK but in the whole world as well. The TWK8633GB is a kettle that is designed for reliability and efficiency.

This energy efficient kettle comes with a nice design that is meant to give it an appealing look in the kitchen. Along with that, the kettle comes with a cool-touch handle and a double-walled stainless steel housing for convenience. You will not have to worry about getting burned when the water has boiled to the maximum temperature.

Speaking of temperature, you get four temperature settings to let you choose the ideal setting for whatever drink you want. The temperature settings range from 70 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius.

There is also a Keep Warm Function that eliminates the need for reheating the water if you need a second cup. The model is designed to keep water warm for up to 30 minutes. This function is not by default. You will need to activate it for it to keep the water warm.

With this energy saving kettle, you will be enjoying a 1.5-liter capacity that will be enough for more than 4 cups when it is full.

If you live in a hard water area, you would enjoy working with this model. It features a limescale filter that lets you use it without worrying about the hard water limescale.


  • Cool-touch and nonslip handle
  • Keep Warm Function of up to 30 minutes
  • Offers 4 different temperature settings
  • Fast Boil Technology
  • Removable and washable limescale


  • The design might be slightly awkward to some users

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4. Russel Hobbs 21600-10 Energy Efficient Kettle, Energy Class A

Russell Hobbs 21600-10

If you need a model with a slightly bigger capacity and one that will glorify your kitchen space, this one would do. This is not only one of the best energy efficient kettles in the UK but also one of the best Illuminated glass models out there.

Its 1.7-liter capacity allows you to have enough tea or coffee for the entire family. Even if you just need enough for two cups, this energy efficient kettle would serve you well.

We loved the fact that it is designed to save up to 66 percent of energy. This is made possible by the advanced technology that boils one liter of water as though it were boiling a cup of water.

Along with that, the energy saving kettle comes with a glass body to let you know the amount of water that you pour in. The best part is that the glass is strong and durable enough, and it will not expand even when the water boils at 100 degrees Celsius.

For extra elegance, this unit comes with blue illumination as it boils. This way, you will know when the water has started boiling and it will also add some glamour to the kitchen space – especially if the kitchen is partially dark.

There are a removable washable limescale filter and convenient cord storage in the 360-degree base.


  • Elegant glass design
  • Blue illumination when water boils
  • Excellent energy-saving feature
  • Convenient cord storage
  • Perfect pour spout


  • It can be susceptible to limescale when using hard water

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5. Russel Hobbs 20460 Quiet Boil Energy Saving Kettle, Energy Class A

Russell Hobbs 20460

If you don’t like a noisy kettle in your kitchen, you would love to go for this one. There are reasons for this model being one of the best energy efficient kettles in the UK.

This energy efficient kettle comes with a brushed stainless steel body that is meant to make it long-lasting and strong enough. It will heat up quickly and give you an easy time when cleaning it without any chances of discoloring.

The quiet boil technology allows you to use this energy saving kettle even in an office that needs a quiet environment. It would suit you if you value a quiet space. Besides that, the kettle comes with a rapid boil zone indicator that lets you fill the right amount of water for boiling. To show you just how fast this model is, it can heat up one cup in just 45 seconds.

That assures you of the needed energy efficiency as you use the unit. It also helps to save you time if you are in a rush and you need a quick cup of coffee/tea.

There is a removable washable limescale filter to make it ideal for those living in hard water areas. This one offers you a 1.7-liter capacity, and there is a nice blue illumination ring in the 360-degree base. The ring will go on when the water is boiling.


  • Sturdy and durable stainless-steel design
  • Removable and washable limescale filter
  • Blue illuminating ring on the base
  • Boils a cup of water in just 45 seconds
  • Runs with quiet boil technology


  • The stainless steel body can burn you when it’s hot

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6. iKich UK189-01 Eco Fast Boil, Energy Class A+++

iKich UK189-01

This stands among the most energy saving kettles in the UK as it comes with an amazing energy rating of A+++.

It comes with sturdy borosilicate glass and 304 stainless steel construction that is meant to serve you for a long time while still glorifying your kitchen space. This energy efficient kettle then offers you a decent capacity of 1.7 liters that should be enough for the family.

Thanks to the fast boiling technology, this unit will assure you of reliability, it will take 5 minutes to boil the full pot, and only 2 minutes to boil 500ml of water. Besides that, this model features an overheating and boil-dry protection safety technology. In other words, the unit will automatically go off when the water is fully boiled or if the water inside is too low.

It is designed to run with low noise to let you use it even in the noise-sensitive environment. With the wide mouth and ergonomic handle of this unit, you will have an easy time when filling or cleaning it. When the product is not in use, you can easily swirl the cord at the bottom of the kettle for convenience.


  • Elegant glass design
  • Comes with appealing soft blue LED light as water boils
  • Convenient cord storage
  • Runs with low-noise operation
  • Rapid boiling with excellent energy efficiency


  • It is not as fast as some models on this list

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7. AKZIM Fast Boil Kettle

AKZIM 2200W Fast Boil Kettle

Here is another model that would suit you if you need the best energy efficient kettle in the UK. It actually ranks among the top units in most stores out there. If you love having an appealing appliance that is functional to the maximum in your kitchen, this unit would suit you perfectly.

The first thing to notice about it is its elegant glass and stainless steel construction. This energy saving kettle comes with a sturdy borosilicate glass that will not expand or crack, even when the kettle hits 100 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the stainless steel parts help to keep the whole unit extra durable.

This one is a good family kettle as it offers a reliable 1.7-liter capacity that should be large enough for preparing morning tea or coffee for the family. A full boil can serve up to 7 cups of water, which is truly reliable.

In terms of the boiling rapidness, this one will only take 5 minutes to boil the 1.7 liters of water. Besides that, there is a variable temp control that lets you choose the ideal setting for your drink. You get to choose between 40 degrees and 100 degrees Celsius. This way, you can use it to prepare any type of drink or beverage.

We loved the convenient digital LED control panel on the handle, which lets you adjust the temperature in a range of ±5 degrees Celsius. In addition to the temperature control, this unit offers you a Keep Warm Function that is meant to hold water at your desired temperature for up to 60 minutes. In other words, you can go for another cup without the need for reheating the kettle.

It also comes with the iconic Strix temperature controller that is common in most energy-efficient appliances in the UK. This feature helps to turn off the kettle whenever the water has reached the set temperature and if there is no or little water inside. By the way, keep in mind that the unit will go off automatically if no action is taken after 1 hour when on the Keep Warm mode.


  • Elegant glass design
  • Features an LED screen for easy temperature change
  • Keep Warm function of up to 60 minutes
  • Blue illumination when water is boiling
  • Excellent energy saving


  • It might wobble when full and boiling at the maximum temperature

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8. Duronic EK42 Eco-Friendly 3000W

Duronic EK42

While this might be the last product on our list, it still stands among the best units in the UK. It also comes from a highly reputable brand.

This energy efficient kettle comes with an elegant, yet sturdy design that is meant to serve you for a long time. You will be getting a large 1.7-liter unit that comes in durable stainless steel construction. Even with its stainless steel design, this unit still offers you a transparent gauge to let you see the amount of water you put in. This allows you to only boil the right amount of water that you need – no wastage.

There is the iconic Fast Boil Technology that offers you a 3000W heating element to boil your water fast enough. You can be sure of saving both time and energy with this kettle. The best part is that you get to choose the ideal temperature for whatever you wish to boil.

This fella allows you to choose between four temperature settings that will suit your boiling needs. You can select from 40 degrees to 100 degrees Celsius with this unit.

There is also the iconic Keep Warm feature that allows the water inside to remain at your desired temperature for up to 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the energy saving kettle will go off if there is no action taken. In the long run, this will help to conserve energy while staying reliable enough.

Also onboard is a stainless steel filter spout that assures you of clean water at all times.  


  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Cordless design for easy portability
  • Ergonomic handle and 360-degree base
  • Keep Warm Feature for 30 minutes
  • Offers different temperature settings


  • The lid doesn’t raise up conveniently. The springs on it are somewhat weak.

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Buying Guide

Now that you have an idea of the best energy efficient kettles in the UK, it is important to understand the process of choosing one. It is not always about going for the most popular model out there. Rather, you should always choose a kettle that serves you decently while conserving energy to the best.

That being said, here are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing an energy-efficient kettle.

Rapid Boil Functionality

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a kettle that will save you energy is whether it comes with the Rapid Boil Technology. This is one of the main features that help to minimize energy consumption. If the kettle can boil water in the shortest time, it will reduce the amount of electricity that it is used. Besides that, it will help to save you time, especially if you are in a hurry.

Too often, a model that offers you the fast boil function will only do so for a single cup. In other words, a full jug might not work with the Rapid Boil Functionality. Most of them will offer the Rapid Boil Functionality that can prepare a cup of water in less than 40 seconds.

Keep Warm Feature

Another thing that you should consider as you browse among the top energy efficient kettles in the UK is whether it comes with the Keep Warm feature. As the name suggests, this is a unique feature that helps to hold up the water that you just boiled to a specific temperature for some time. They will keep water warm from 30 minutes to 4 hours. If you need a second cup of coffee or if you tend to use hot water too often, you must ensure that the product comes with the Keep Warm feature.

Remember that this feature will only be active if you set it. Once you activate the Keep Warm function, it will maintain the temperature of the water inside, and go off once the timer runs out.

Variable Temperature Control

This feature is unique and very energy efficient since it allows you to adjust the temperature accordingly. Too often, then the product will come with four temperature levels that allow you to choose the one that suits whatever you are preparing. Once the water comes to the selected temperature, the kettle will automatically shut off.

Boil-Dry Protection

What is boil-dry protection? Generally, this is a feature that will automatically switch the unit off in case there is no water inside or the water is too low. Besides that, the unit should shut off when the water reaches the set temperature. This way, it will prevent overheating or water splashes out of the kettle itself.

With the boil-dry protection, it will take care of those accidental heating of the unit. If you are in a rush and you forget to switch off the appliance, the boil-dry protection will take care of it by switching it off if there is no water inside.

Above all, ensure that you check the energy rating of the product which will come with the A+ rating. The more the pluses (+), the more energy efficient the model will be.


There goes it, folks. Have you decided on the energy efficient kettle that you will be going for? If you haven’t, you can consider some of the models we have reviewed in this article. Also, if none of the aforementioned models meet your preference, you should ensure that you follow the provided buying guide.

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