Elegant Life SM-1518

Elegant Life SM-1518 Tilt-Head Food Mixer Review

Are you a stylish-freak but you also don’t want to go overboard with a kitchen appliance? If you are, then you might want to give the Elegant Life SM-1518 a shot. This is a mixer that is an eye-catcher but remains cool enough. It comes with some variable speeds to meet your mixing needs, and the motor on board is meant to handle multiple tasks all at once.

In this article, we will be exploring the features and functions of the mixer and why we think it would be a good buy for you.

What’s the price?

The SM 1518 Overview

The Elegant Life SM-1518 steps into the scene with a stylish design that will draw everyone’s attention. But it is not just a beauty with no brains. Rather, this model is made to look good on your kitchen counter but also meet the mixing and kneading needs accordingly. It is one of those models that comes with a powerful motor that runs with a low-noise operation. Even better, you wouldn’t have to break the bank to purchase this model. It offers good value for money.

Features and Functions


Whether a visitor steps into your house just to see your new mixer or they are in for something else, they will easily notice this appliance. This Elegant Life mixer comes with a colorful design that is elegant but still cool. The blue-silver color of this unit will add some glamour to your kitchen space. You can even leave it on the table to act as kitchen décor.


If you need a model for your family cooking, then you will have no choice but consider the capacity that the product offers. No one wants a mixer that forces them to prepare several rounds of recipes just to make enough food for everyone in the house. Luckily, this model was made with the family setting in mind.

It offers you a generous 5.8 liters mixing bowl that should be enough to prepare food for five to seven people.


Now, does the motor onboard have enough power for handling ingredients you put in the mixing bowl? Yes, it is. This beautiful beast is equipped with a powerful 1500W motor that delivers maximum performance to work on your mixing tasks. Regardless of the baking preparation task, you may have for this fella, it will handle it with perfection. The pure-copper is designed to work with a low operation noise.

6-Speed Setting

The motor of the SM-1518 is high-rated to handle both tough and light mixing tasks. But even better, there is a variable speed setting that enhances its versatility. Thanks to the 6-speed setting on this baby, you get to set the perfect speed for whatever you are handling. Plus, there is a pulse function that offers that turbo speed when you need it.

Tilt-Head/Anti-Slip Feet

If you want to place in the bowl or take it out, the head of the mixer will tilt up easily to let you make that happen. This also allows you to install or remove the accessories from the head. There is a lift lock switch that allows you to lift the head or keep it locked when it is dropped down and running. Furthermore, the whole unit sits on for steady suction feet that are nonslip to offer extra stability.

Splashproof Lid

Forget about the messes that are usually made when you are preparing your baking recipes in the kitchen. The SM-1518 comes with a lid for the mixing bowl, which is meant to prevent splashes or spillages off the counter.


This Elegant Life model comes with few accessories to get the job done. You get a beater, dough hook, whisk, and an egg white separator. So yes, this is one multifunctional mixer that delivers amazing.


  • Colorful yet cool design
  • Offers six sped settings
  • Features a splashguard bowl lid
  • Powerful motor for handling any task
  • Decently affordable


  • The power cable could be longer


The Elegant Life SM-1518 is a good mixer that can handle whatever mixing, kneading, or whisking task you throw at it. Using it is easy breezy, and you will also enjoy a stable unit that will serve you for a long time. It is available at a decent price point with a good value for money.

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