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Best Electric Frying Pan UK – Multifunctional Skillets

So you need an electric frying pan to include in your kitchen’s arsenal. What exactly might you be looking for? Maybe you want a sizeable skillet that can cook for a family or you need a small unit that can cook food for two.

Whichever electric pan you might be looking for, we will help you find the perfect model in this article. Furthermore, we will give you suggestions of the 5 top electric frying pans we think would be a good pick for you.

Keep in mind that the best pan is the one that meets your preferences and cooking needs accordingly. That being said, let’s get on with it.

Electric Frying Pans: Our Top 5

Quest 355008.8Check
VonShef Large Multi Cooker8.8Check
NEDIS FCSP110EBK408.6Check
VonShef Square Multi Cooker8.6Check
Geepas 1500W Multifunctional Electric Skillet8.0Check

Top Skillets For Perfectly Cooked Food Reviews:

If you are exploring the UK market looking for a specific electric frying pan to use at home, the search can be daunting. However, here are the models we think would serve you decently.

1. Quest 35500 Electric Cooker

Quest 35500

It would almost be impossible to shop in a leading kitchen appliance store in the UK without coming across this amazing electric frying pan. This is not a popular cooker for its brand alone. Rather, it comes with other features that make it a top pick.

First off, this is a massive cooker that would suit one with a family. It may not suit you if you have a confined kitchen space. This one measures 40cm, and it can perfectly cook for a large family with ease. Keep in mind that it offers a 40×40 cm cooking surface to cook almost any type of food.

You won’t have to worry about the food getting stuck on the surface since it is non-stick. Whether you are browning, sautéing, frying, simmering, or braising, this skillet will deliver accordingly. Even better, this frying pan can be used for making chilies, breakfast, or for stir-frying. Multifunctional indeed.

If you need to regulate the cooking temperature, there is an adjustable thermostatic control to help you with that. With this thermostat, you can adjust the cooking temp from 100°C to 240°C. In turn, this will let you set the temperature that suits your cooking needs accordingly.

Above all, this cooker is built to easily take a beating. Even if you use it frequently, it will stand the test, thanks to its sturdy aluminum body and the toughened glass lid. Here, you can see how the food is cooking without worrying about the lid breaking too easily.

The power cable is detachable, which allows you to serve meals from the frying pan without the messy cable. This also makes it easy to store the pan.


  • Sturdy aluminum body with a toughened glass lid
  • Detachable power cord for easy serving and storage
  • Large cooking surface
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Non-stick coating


  • Not ideal for confined kitchen spaces

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2. VonShef 1500W 07/031 Electric Multi-Cooker

VonShef Large Multi Cooker

Another leading kitchen appliance in the UK is VonShef, and it is known for making amazing appliances. This model stands among the best electric frying pans out there, and it also possesses some amazing features.

It is yet another awesome electric frying pan that makes the cut if you need one for family cooking. The cooker comes with a 42cm cooking surface and a 5cm depth. So yes, this skillet can also do some frying if you need to. Furthermore, the large surface is meant to cook almost any type of food from breakfast, lunch, to dinner.

If you are cooking and the pan gets hot, you can safely lift it off the stove using the cool-touch handles and lid knob. In other words, the handles or lib knob will not heat up even when the skillet is cooking in a high-temperature setting.

Of course, this frying pan is also meant to last for long, thanks to its strong aluminum body and the toughened glass lid. The glass lid will not break quickly as a normal glass would. Also, the lid is heat-proof, which will remain strong even when you set the cooker at the highest temperature.

You will have an easy time when cleaning the pot since it comes with a nice non-stick surface.  

When cooking with this model, you can make use of the thermostat that controls the temperature up to 240 degrees Celsius.


  • Large design for family cooking
  • Offers a wide temperature range
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • High-quality non-stick coating
  • 5cm depth lets you fry with the pot


  • You might need to tighten the lid knob too often

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3. NEDIS FCSP110EBK40 Electric Skillet 


A lot of homeowners in the UK purchase appliances from NEDIS. So, this electric skillet stands among the best, and you’d love having it if you need a versatile unit in your kitchen.

Like the first product on the list, this electric frying pan also comes with a 40cm cooking surface that should be enough for preparing different types of foods. The best part is that the large cooking surface comes with a high-quality non-stick coating for easy cleaning. 

Another benefit of a non-stick electric skillet is that it allows you to use less cooking oil. In the long run, it is a real money saver.

With this frying pan, you can fry, braise, stew, or even bake. Its flexibility makes it one of the must-have appliances in the UK market. Even better, you won’t have to break the bank to own this skillet. The price is very friendly.

The thermostat is easily adjustable to suit your cooking needs. Along with that, there is a cast-in heating element that is meant to offer the needed heat distribution around the pan. However, some people complained of having unevenly cooked pancakes with this pan.

The thick-cast aluminum body is strong enough to serve you for a long time without being ruined. Plus, it comes with cool-touch handles that let you carry it without worrying about getting burned.


  • Comes with a strong cast aluminum body and tampered-glass lid
  • Cool-touch knobs and handles
  • Easy to detach thermostat
  • Deep design for accommodating more ingredients
  • Dish-washer safe with non-stick interior


  • The heat distribution is not even enough

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4. VonShef 07/089 1500W Skillet

VonShef Square Multi Cooker

Some of the features that make this skillet one of the best in the UK is that it is multifunctional, sturdy, easy to use, and overly efficient.

VonShelf is a leading brand in the UK, and this model deserves to be among the top units if you need an electric frying pan.

It is large enough, but not compared to the three previous models. This one comes with a 30 x 30cm cooking surface that should be enough for managing meals for two or three people. Besides that, it helps to save you some space in the kitchen, especially if you have a confined kitchen.

So, how versatile is this electric frying pan? Well, with the 30 x 30 x 5cm cooking area, you can brown, braise, sauté, simmer, or fry your food. Besides that, the cooking surface is non-stick to give you an easy time when cleaning it. This also will help to save you cooking oil. Even with the smallest amount of oil, the pan will spread it evenly to make your cooking easy enough.

Like the other models, this frying pan also comes with an adjustable thermostat to give you an easy time when changing the temperature accordingly. The maximum temperature setting on the thermostat is 240°C, which allows you to choose the one that suits your ingredients.

Can this electric skillet take a beating? Yes, it can do so very easily. Thanks to the sturdy and durable aluminum body. There’s also a strong heat-resistant glass lid with a vent to let the steam and heat to escape as you cook.


  • Robust aluminum body with heat-resistant glass lid
  • Comes at a friendly price point
  • Non-stick interior
  • Cool-touch handles
  • Easy control thermostat


  • The cooking surface is susceptible to scratches

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5. Geepas GMC35020UK Electric Skillet

Geepas GMC35020UK

This might be the last electric frying pan on our list, but it is still among the top models in the UK. It makes a good pick for a small family or if you are cooking for less than three people.

The electric skillet comes with a 30 x 30 cm cooking surface, along with a 5cm depth for frying your food. You can not only fry, but also sauté, simmer, bake, or brown your meals. Even long foods like bacon, fish, or corn can easily be cooked with this pan.

Cleaning the frying pan after cooking is made easy with this unit, thanks to the non-stick surface. Besides giving you an easy cleaning time, this electric skillet will also let you use little to no oil when cooking. As a result, you will not only be saving on the oil but be sure of cooking and eating healthy.

There is an auto-thermostat that lets you adjust the temperature to suit your cooking needs. One thing that places this model above most skillets in the UK is that it comes with an auto thermostat control. It comes with five different temperature settings that give you an easy time when cooking. In general, this will give you an easy time when cooking your meals. All you have to do is switch to the desired temperature.

Coming with cool-touch handles and a lid knob, this pan will let you carry it even when it is still hot. The pan itself is designed with a sturdy aluminum body and a tempered glass lid that is meant to last for a long time.


  • Cool handles and knobs for carrying it even when hot
  • Sturdy aluminum body and tempered glass lid
  • Auto-thermostat control with five temperature settings
  • Non-stick cooking surface
  • Detachable thermostat for using the pan like an ordinary cooker


  • Some people thought the heat control wasn’t effective enough

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How To Buy an Electric Pan

Now that you have an idea of the best electric frying skillet to go for, it is important to educate yourself on what you need to consider in an electric skillet.

It is not always about going for the most popular model out there. Neither is it about going to a well-known brand. Well, both situations are recommended, but you need to dig a little deeper if you want to find a skillet that suits your cooking needs and preferences.

That being said, here is a look at the things that you need to consider when finding an electric frying pan that meets your needs accordingly;


The first thing you should consider in a pan is its build. You want to take home a skillet that will serve you for a long time. Nobody wants a cooker that lasts less than a month before you replace it. That being said, you should consider a skillet made of durable material to withstand frequent usage.

Most of the models out there are made of a robust aluminum body. Aluminum is known to be a good heat conductor, and it will keep the heat locked into the pan without making the kitchen too hot.

Besides the body, you should consider the handles of the pot as well. In this case, you want handles that will easily contain the heat without burning your hands. Ideally, consider going for silicone handles that should be cool-touch. Such handles will remain cool even when the pot is cooking at the highest temperature.


The lid is another thing that you need to consider when looking for a new electric skillet. Too many people ignore this part, but it is one of the most important features that you should be considering. Preferably, the lid should come with tempered glass for it to let you view your ingredients as they cook. On the other hand, this type of lid should easily withstand high cooking temperatures. Don’t forget to ensure that the lid comes with a convenient steam vent.

Thermostat Control

Being an electric frying skillet, it will only make sense to pick one with thermostat control for you to adjust the temperature accordingly. The thermostat should be easily adjustable for you to choose the temperature that suits your ingredients. Most models will come with adjustable temperatures that range from 100 degrees to 240 degrees Celsius.

Choose the one with a higher range if you will be using the skillet for preparing different types of meals and ingredients.

Non-Stick Coating

With most cooking appliances that are made today, they come with a non-stick interior. The non-stick coating on the inside of the pot is mostly meant to prevent the food from sticking to the surface as you cook. In turn, it will give you an easy time when cleaning the skillet. Besides the cleaning ease that the non-stick coating offers, it also allows you to use little to no oil.

That helps to save the cooking oil but also lets you cook and eat healthily.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that some electric skillets will lose their non-stick coating after using them for a while. You might then have to replace them. That is why it is important to choose a pot with a long-lasting non-stick coating interior.

Cooking Surface Area

There is no specific surface area that is considered the best when it comes to the electric frying skillet. When it comes to the cooking surface area, it depends on what you will be cooking and the number of people you will be cooking for.

If you live alone or with your partner, you won’t have to go for a large cooking skillet. A normal 30cm x 30cm pan with a 4cm depth.

But if you have a family, you will need to go for a larger pan that is at least 40cm x 40cm large with a depth of 5cm.

It all depends on the amount of food you will be cooking in the pan.


We mentioned earlier that going for an electric frying pan from a reputable brand might not be a bad idea. Yes, it doesn’t only mean that you should pick a model from a well-known brand. Nevertheless, a well-known brand with a good reputation will assure you of a good quality electric skillet. Besides that, they will be responsible if there is any possible manufacture defect.

Furthermore, a good brand will offer a warranty for all their appliances. This way, you will be sure of purchasing a durable skillet or getting your money back.

The price of the pot is also another feature that you need to keep in mind. Luckily, all the skillets we have covered come at a friendly price. You won’t have to break the bank to purchase one of them. When purchasing an electric frying skillet, it is important to weigh the price of the model to its value. In other words, a quality skillet should come with a good cost-value balance.

What About The Pan’s Wattage?

The wattage of the skillet will translate to its electrical power. There is no specific recommendation, but any model with a wattage of 1100 or more would serve you well. If the wattage is high, it will save your cooking time. A model with low wattage will take a longer cooking time.


Why Use An Electric Frying Skillet?

With this appliance, it is known to possess several advantages over a traditional frying pan. One benefit of the electric model is that it allows you to simmer or slow cook your meals. This way, you can set it to cook and turn your attention to other chores around the kitchen. The best part is that the food will not overcook, undercook, or get burned.

Furthermore, the electric frying skillet can be set to cook at a constant temperature throughout. Most of them come with a temperature gauge that lets you adjust the temperature to meet the specific point that you want.

How Does The Electric Frying Pan Work?

There is no complicated working mechanism of the electric frying skillet. It very much works like any electric cooking appliance.

The skillet will be equipped with a heating element that is powered by electricity. With the heating element, it is designed to work independently from a hob or stove. In other words, you can set it on a cooking surface, but it will get its heat from the heating element, not the stove.

However, some come with a detachable thermostat that lets you remove it if you want to use the electric skillet like a regular pan.

Keep in mind that they come with heat-insulated stands that let you set it up safely on a kitchen counter. Even at the highest cooking temperature, the skillet will not burn your counter.

How Do You Clean An Electric Pan?

It is quite easy to clean an electric skillet. You can actually do it as you would clean a normal frying pan.

First off, you need to detach the power cable and thermostat. Usually, the power cord and thermostat control are detachable.

Once you have detached these electric components, go ahead and scrub off food residue on the skillet using a cleaning sponge or dishcloth. Avoid using a metal scrubber since it can damage the non-stick coating.

Submerge the pan into a sink with hot and soapy water. Use the sponge to rub around the skillet and rinse it thoroughly when done.

Is It Safe To Put The Electric Skillet In A Dishwasher?

Even though some models are labeled as dishwasher-safe, we do not recommend putting the pan in a dishwasher. Preferably, clean the skillet manually with your hands using a dishwashing cloth/sponge and warm soapy water.


So, have you decided which electric frying pan you will be going for? From the five models, we have covered in this article, which one suits you best? Would you like a large, family-size pan, or you prefer to go for a regular size model? Whichever size you choose to go for, make sure that it meets your cooking needs accordingly.

Keep in mind that the frying pan that you choose should perfectly match your cooking needs and preferences. Don’t forget to go for a skillet that will serve you for a long time without the need for replacing it.

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