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Duronic JE2 Masticating Cold Press Juicer Review

Having a slow (masticating) juicer assures you of enjoying all the nutrients from the fruits or veggies that you are extracting. The Duronic JE2 is one of the top slow juicers out there, and it comes with some notable features as well. This juicer is also designed with an aesthetic look that you would love having in your kitchen. But how reliable is this juicer? Let’s explore that in this article.

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Duronic JE2 Overview

The JE2 is a slow juicer that is made to make your juicing journey easy. Whether you are getting started or already in the course of the juicing journey, this model will prove to be very functional to you. It is loaded with a 200W motor that is powerful enough to crush veggies and fruits with ease. The motor runs smoothly and with minimal operating noise. The juicer comes with different functions to assure you of an easy juicing experience.

Features And Functions Of The JE2


If you love having a quality kitchen appliance that is made to serve you for long while looking elegant in the kitchen space, you’d love this model. The juicer is made with quality materials, and it rocks a contemporary design that would easily glorify your kitchen space. The black and white design looks good in any kitchen, regardless of the style. Keep in mind that the juicer comes with compact construction, so it will consume minimal space on the countertop.


This Duronic juicer is loaded with a 200W motor that is decently powerful if you compare it to most juicers out there. The motor is designed to run smoothly and with minimal noise.

There is a crushing screw/auger that is turned by the motor at a top speed of 70RPM to 80RPM. Yes, that is super slow, but for healthy and nutrients’ sake, it is considered the perfect speed. The auger will squeeze the fruits thoroughly to deliver fresh and nutrient-rich juice or smoothie.


The capacity of a juicer is among the top considerations you should have, especially based on the people in the house. Well, the Duronic JE2 doesn’t have the largest capacity out there, but it isn’t the smallest either. This one comes with a 600ml collection jug that can collect enough juice for serving 2 or 4 serving of refreshing juice.

Feeding Chute/Micro-Mesh Filter

You will easily crush large fruits without the need for chopping them into smaller pieces. There is a substantial 45mm x 30mm feeding chute opening to help you with that. Along with that, you get a food pusher that will guide the fruits downwards into the machine.

Plus, there is an integrated micro-mesh filter that is made of stainless steel. This part will filter the fruit bits and pulp from the liquid juice. There is also a spinning brush that has some silicone paddles to help the juice flow through quickly.

Dual Function

This JE2 juicer comes with two functions that you will find convenient as you prepare your juice. There is an ON function that will spin the auger forward. This function will also draw the ingredients forward to be juiced. The other function is the REV, which spins the auger backward to clear any potential blockages.

Non-Drip Nozzle

The Duronic JE2 also comes with an anti-drip spout that will guide the juice into the jug without making any spills around the countertop. This spout design also allows you to stop mid-flow to change glasses or jugs with ease. Generally, you will not worry about creating a mess as you pour juice from the collection jar.

Easy to Clean

You will have an easy time when you need to clean the removable parts of this juicer. Once you disassemble the parts, you can hand wash them easily with soap and warm water. For the base, which houses the motor, you can use a damp cloth that is well-wrung to wipe the surface over. Ensure that you allow the base and other parts to dry completely before your next use.


  • Elegant and space-saving design
  • Comes with a non-drip nozzle for easy juice pouring with minimal mess
  • Offers two juicing functions
  • Features four rubber feet for stability
  • Easy to dismantle for cleaning


  • Cleaning the parts might be easy, but quite time-consuming


The Duronic JE2 is a good unit that you should consider having if you are on a health and diet journey. It might not be the best pick for a large family, but it proves useful enough for solo juicing. You can be sure of the unit glorifying your kitchen space as it meets your juicing needs.

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