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Duronic JE10 Whole Fruit and Vegetable Juicer Review

Adding extra nutrients to you and your loved ones’ diets is made easy if you have a juicer at home and this is where the Duronic JE10 comes in. Many people find the whole process of making juice daunting however, with the right appliance, it can make things slightly easier. This juicer helps you produce delicious tasting juice to keep you and your loved ones healthy.

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Duronic JE10 Key Features

  • Freshly made juice – Not many appliances make the process of making juice as easy as Duronic JE10. If you are conscious about your health and want to achieve your 5 a day, you’ll be able to produce fresh juice that meets all your health requirements because you’ll know exactly what you’re putting in. There will be no additives, added sugar, or preservatives for you to worry about.
  • Impressive capacity – This JE10 juicer is incredible with a feeding chute that is  87 mm long that allows you to fit everything from pears, apples, and other fruits without having to cut them. With a 2.5 litre external pulp jug as well as a 1.1 litre juice jug, you can make plenty of nutrition filled juice in one go.
  • Extremely powerful – This juicer has a 1000 W motor which allows you to extract juice much quicker and effectively without making a mess. No one enjoys cleaning mess but it helps to have an appliance that doesn’t spill juices all over your kitchen. Having this juicer at home meaning no removing of pops, no slicing, and peeling of fruits or vegetables. You just simply put the whole fruit in it except for pineapples and bananas. The lovely external jag will collect every last drop of juice ensuring you have as much juice as possible.
  • Stylish and functional – Made out of stainless steel plastic, this juicer will look amazing in your kitchen alongside other appliances. It will not look out of place and thanks to its impressive speed, you will be amazed at how quickly you’ll be making delicious tasting juice.
  • Easy to clean – The parts are very easy to disassemble and clean. Everything from the mesh net, the feed chute, the jug, and more can all be removed with ease and washed. Once washed allow the juicer to dry thoroughly before putting it back together again. To clean the base of this machine, you need to use a damp cloth.
  • 2-speed settings – With 2-speed settings you are always in control and can work at your own pace.
  • Stable – It has 4 rubber feet that hold the juicer in place for added stability while making juices.


●     Very compact appliance – If you are worried about how much space this juicer will take, you’ll be happy to know that its amazing compact design means it will fit in with everything around your kitchen without taking up a lot of space.

●     Promoted healthy living – It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional or a beginner, the Duronic JE10 will help you hit your targets with ease. It’s great for people who are on weight loss programs, battling back from illness or looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Non-drip spout – The safety of customers is very important and manufacturers do their best to ensure their product is as safe as possible. This Duronic juicer has a non-drip spout that locks in place to prevent any juice from overflowing as well as a safety locking arm that holds the machine in place.
  • Parts are BPA free – All the plastic parts in this machine are BPA free which is wonderful and for durability, the metal parts are made out of stainless steel.
  • Affordable – The price of this Duronic machine is perfect for people who don’t have a lot of money to spend. High-end models are very expensive but this one is perfect for anyone who has limited funds to spend and just looking for something effective at making juice.


  • Fragile – The major drawback of this juicer is it is not durable. It is known to produce smoke when used for an extended period which is not good news for anyone who is counting on it for juices as part of their diet.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Duronic JE10 juicer is a truly remarkable product that can extract juice from both vegetables and fruits with little preparation required. It is very easy to clean after use and the micro-mesh filter ensures no nutrients are lost when the juice is drained into the collection jug.

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