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Daewoo SDA1553 Healthy Living 3.6L Air Fryer Review

If you’re looking to hit the market for an affordable but high-performing air fryer, one exciting option you can consider adding to your kitchen is the Daewoo SDA1553 air fryer.

Wait awhile; the above doesn’t mean we’re endorsing the product. Some eye-catchers like the product’s low price might have gotten your attention. So, we will evaluate the machine’s overall cooking performance, exceptional features, as well as the limitation and design flaws (since low price sometimes means low quality).

Our aim is that at the end of this post, you have an in-depth piece of information to make a definitive and accurate decision on this machine- either that it suits your preference and worth the buy or not.

Enough said, let’s ride.

What’s the price?

Daewoo SDA1553 Overview

The SDA1553 air fryer is a reasonably priced, aesthetically pleasing appliance that offers a healthier cooking method than deep frying. The device stands out from competitive products for its affordability, compact size despite a large frying basket, advanced heating mechanism, and extreme ease of use.

Some Unique Features Of The SDA1553

Fairly High Power With Large Basket Capacity:

This Daewoo air fryer runs on a 1400W power supply for thoroughly cooking meals like thick-cut bacon, chicken, fries, vegetables, and more efficiently. Although this power isn’t the highest compared to competitive products in the UK within its size, it sure will deliver an excellent cooking experience.

With its large 2.6L basket, this air fryer offers a healthier alternative to deep fat frying (utilizing little to no oil) for small to large homes. Thus, it would be an exciting addition to your kitchen if your home is large and you’re looking for a safe method of frying but don’t want to spend more on electrical bills. 

Rapid Air Circulation:

We can easily say that this function is the hallmark of Daewoo SDA1553. Unlike pricier models featuring a rotating paddle that moves foods around the basket, this one utilizes super-heated air circulation to achieve the same results as the paddle-type- cooking foods quite quickly and efficiently.  

The rapid airflow circulation function works with overheat protection to keep heating within a safe temperature throughout the cooking process.

Temperature Control And Timer:

This device allows for versatile cooking with selectable temperature controls between 80 – 200 degrees Celsius to meet an extensive range of cooking needs. Like the rapid airflow circulation function, the temperature control option works along with the integrated thermostat to regulate the entire cooking temperature and keep it within the selected heat until the cooking is complete.

With this product, you can eliminate the idea of burning your meals and the necessity for frequent, intermittent checks- thanks to its built-in timer function. The timer allows you to set your preferred cook time of up to 30minuts and the heating automatically stops when the time is reached.

Fast Fry Mode:

This function, as the name implies, helps you get your cooking complete in less than the standard time. A huge snag with fast cooking on air fryers is that some designers increase the cooking temperature to get foods ready quicker. As a result, the meal ends up burnt or shallowly cooked. Albeit, this product manages to increase the heat circulation speed and reduce the cooking time but get meals adequately cooked.

Other Functions:

The Daewoo SDA1553 comes with a non-slip feet design that provides stability during the entire cooking process. It also features a removable trivet and non-stick coating for comfortable use and cleaning. The 3.6L basket is dishwasher-safe, further improving its ease of use and convenience in cleaning.

Product Specification

Dimension36.83 x 36.07 x 30.73 cm
Weight4.6 kg
Basket Capacity3.6L


  • Equipped with overheating protection
  • Non-slip feet
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-stick, dishwasher-safe frying basket
  • Heat-resistant housing
  • Easy to operate
  • Affordable


  • Quite heavy
  • Fairly low power

Recommendation And Purchase Option

All in all, Daewoo SDA1553 air fryer incorporates essential features required for robust and efficient cooking. It comes with a fairly low price compared to products within its category. Thus, the reason it misses high-end features like a touch screen display console.

If you’re much interested in cooking performance, the product delivers excellently. So, it gets our full recommendation. Yet, if aesthetics means much to you, you can check out other products we reviewed.

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