Cuisinart FP8U

Cuisinart FP8U Easy Prep Pro Food Processor Review

Did you know that you can seamlessly switch between chopping some herbs, slicing onions, and whizzing some nuts in your kitchen with a single appliance? How can this be possible? Well, the Cuisinart FP8U is designed to make that a walk in the park. This unit is designed to offer you versatility with your food preparation.

But what makes it a special food processor? That is what we will be discussing in this article.

What’s the price?

Cuisinart FP8U Overview

The FP8U is a food processor that is designed to save you some space on the countertop while still delivering accordingly. In other words, you can use this model as a full-sized food processor or a mini chopper. The features and accessories onboard add versatility to it, which means you can use them to prepare just about anything before cooking. The design itself is meant to make it stable enough on the worktop.

Features And Functions Of The FP8U


The first point of focus of the FP8Uis its appealing design. It might not be the flashiest of them all out there, but it does the job expectedly. Even though it doesn’t come with a futuristic design like some models out there, it will still look good on your kitchen counter. The silver and grey theme means that it will fit in any kitchen space regardless of the style.

But the best part is that it will easily fit in your squeezed kitchen space. Even if you need to take it to your RV, studio apartment, or hostel, this model will make life easy for you.


Being that it is a food processor with a compact design, it may not be a good pick for a family. The Cuisinart food processor offers you a 0.7l bowl and a 1.9L bowl that would best suit a house of one or two people. This should be enough to help you prepare food with ease.


With this food processor, you can easily prepare different foods with multiple approaches. It lets you enjoy up to five functions. The food processor can let you chop onions, puree baby foods or sauces, mix dips like mayonnaise or salsa, grate pizza toppings or coleslaw, as well as slice ingredients for a salad.

There are two bowls, a large and a small one, which lets you mix, puree, or grate the ingredients.

3-Speed Settings

So, how can you achieve all these functions with a single model? There are three-speed settings that help you make that possible. The three settings on the Cuisinart FP8U include a high speed, low speed, and a pulse function. Whatever ingredient you might be preparing, this food processor will make you achieve it with absolute ease. Besides that, the multiple speeds offer you control and consistency with your recipes.

BladeLock Technology

The Cuisinart FP8U is made with advanced technology that helps to enhance its delivery while assuring you of safety as you work with it. Specifically, it comes with a unique feature, which is the BladeLock Technology. This technology will keep the blades in place as you pour the ingredients. It is there to assure you of safety and control.

Control Panel

Getting started with this model is very easy, and you will also find it less daunting to operate the food processor. There are some buttons that will let you choose the speed levels, pulse function, or switch the unit off. Nothing complicated, at all.

Easy To Clean

The parts of this food processor are very easy to clean. The two bowls, lid, blades, and discs can all be safely cleaned in a dishwasher. Still, you can choose to wash them manually. Either way, we found it easy to clean the accessories.


  • High-quality components
  • Comes with a nice design
  • Large feeding chute for quick prep time
  • Easy to clean the accessories
  • It offers multi-functionality when preparing ingredients


  • Not the best pick for a family setting
  • It doesn’t come with a jug attachment


Does the Cuisinart FP8U have what it takes to be considered among the best food processors? If you don’t mind the juice blending feature, you will find this model reliable. Just keep in mind that it is best suited for small tasks. It may not be the best model to use in a family setting. All in all, it performs decently and assures you of safety and better control.

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