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Cuisinart ECH4U Mini Chopper And Food Processor Review

If the thought of having a large food processor with all the extra accessories fills you with dread, the Cuisinart ECH4U would be the perfect pick for you. This model is compact enough to sit on your countertop without consuming much space. Its double-sided blades also help to manage different ingredients with ease. Those are just some of the top reasons for purchasing this machine.

Here is a detailed review of the Cuisinart food processor and why it is one of the best models in the UK.

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Cuisinart ECH4U Overview

The ECH4U is a mini processor that is meant not only to save your countertop space but still be functional enough at delivering its food processing functions. Besides its compact size, this unit also user-friendly, and it is designed to handle different food preparations with ease. The appliance comes with some useful features, including some that are meant to offer you safety as you work with it.

Features and Functions Of The ECH4U


One feature that most people consider when finding a good food processor is the size. Too often, food processors are designed with massive size, along with one too many accessories. As a result, it is not easy to find a person living in a small apartment or a house with a squeezed kitchen getting one of these appliances.

However, this Cuisinart ECH4U model is designed for those that have confined kitchen spaces in their homes. The food processor is made with a dinky design that helps to save you some space. It would fit even in the smallest kitchen.

Capacity: 900ml Bowl

Of course, this might not be your ideal model if you need one with a massive capacity. But we think it offers a decent capacity even with its small design. You will get a 900ml bowl that you can use for preparing almost any ingredient. The bowl should be enough for even preparing puree baby food.

The bowl then comes with a lid, obviously, which you can cover conveniently when you are preparing your ingredients. We loved the fact that the lid comes with some drizzle holes on it. With these drizzle holes, you can add some liquid streams as the food processor is mixing. If you are preparing mayonnaise, these holes would prove more functional.

Double-Edged Blade

The blade on the Cuisinart ECH4U is double-edged and it will slice just about any ingredient you throw at it. The double-sided blade can chop anything ranging from nuts, veggies, cheese, meat, grind coffee beans, chocolate, spices, seeds, or even make puree baby food. Even better, this food processor can be used to prepare pesto, hummus, or mayonnaise.

Reverse Blade/Two Pulse Buttons

Along with that, the blade works with reversible technology. In other words, you can set it to run on either side based on what you are preparing. You can choose the ‘Chop” button to activate the sharp edge of the blade, which is ideal for the ingredients that are harder, like nuts. The ‘Grind’ option will reverse the blade to activate the blunter side. This would be good for working on ingredients like chocolate, coffee, meat, and other tender ingredients. Furthermore, the reverse blade feature helps to dislodge all the stuck ingredients on the side of the bowl.

Blade Lock Feature

Too often, the blade of a food processor will move around when you are trying to scoop or pour ingredients from the bowl. However, this is meant to stay in position, thanks to the blade lock feature. This blade lock feature will hold the blade in place to prevent it from moving or falling when you tip the bowl upside down to pour or scoop ingredients safely.


  • Compact and space-saving size
  • Super-sharp blade
  • Dishwasher safe bowl
  • Pulse buttons/reversible blades for handling different ingredients
  • Blade lock keeps the blade in place when you flip the bowl over


  • It is difficult to wash the bowl manually with the blade on it


The Cuisinart ECH4U is a good food processor that would work if you need one that would fit in your squeezed kitchen. Also, it wouldn’t be a bad pick if you needed a moderate food processor to meet your needs. This model has some amazing features, and you will have an easy time working with it at home. Just make sure you wash the bowl in a dishwasher for perfect results.

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