Crisp & Dene

Crisp & Dene produce simple household products that are tastefully & skilfully decorated. They celebrate humble household items, recognising the importance of beautiful functionality. The philosophy at Crisp & Dene is simple - they believe in producing useful, quality products made from honest materials.

Everything in this range of kitchen textiles has been made using carefully selected natural materials that stand the test of time. The hard-wearing fabrics evolve, becoming more beautiful the more they are used, evoking a mood of traditional household supplies.

Crisp and Dene was founded in 2012 by William Crisp from his studio on the Suffolk coast. William has designed for many years, working internationally with well known fashion brands, trend forecasting & textile print designing. This wealth of experience in print design & retail product development can been seen in this new range of kitchen textiles.

Crisp & Dene kitchen textiles are part of a wider range of ever-evolving home products and their studio is constantly developing new and useful ranges.

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Crisp & Dene Mitts and Gauntlets

Crisp & Dene Tea Towels

Crisp & Dene Collection

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