The ICTC Christmas Guide

Posted 18/10/2017 : By: Ictc

The ICTC Christmas Guide

Christmas Range from Crisp & Dene

Just in time for Christmas, the new collection from Crisp & Dene is simple, tastefully decorated & skilfully made in the UK from hard wearing, honest material. The design was inspired by striped utilitarian kitchen linens & Scandinavian Christmas traditions.

A modern yet rustic range perfect for a traditional Christmas in a busy kitchen full of family, friends and plenty of food.

Table Knives

Sleek, beautiful and exquisitely designed, the Opinel Table Chic knives will perfectly compliment any setting at your Christmas table. With four beautiful designs to choose from, there’s sure to be one to suit all tastes & styles.

Woll Diamond Concept Plus

No one wants to experience overcooks sprouts on Christmas day, the Woll Diamond Concept Plus is ideal for gently steaming those delicate veggies to perfection with its genius silicon insert that can be easily adapted for steaming, cooking, draining and as a heat protecting pad. The Christmas gadget that will be used time and time again.

Pillivuyt Teak Collection Plates

What better way to serve Christmas lunch than on beautiful French porcelain plates? The Teak range of plates by Pillivuyt come in three different colours and sizes to accommodate all your food serving needs.

La Rochere Perigord range

Whether its mulled wine, a glass of prosecco or maybe a gin & tonic that gets you in the festive spirit this holiday season, the Perigord range from La Rochere has a glass for all your favourite tipples.

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