CHeflee SM-1511

CHeflee SM-1511 1800W Stand Mixer Review

The CHeflee SM-1511 is a mixer that is made by a reputable brand that has been in the industry for over two decades. But this model is not just a top pick because of its manufacturer’s reputation. Rather, the mixer delivers decently, and anyone would love working with it.

But who would be the perfect candidate for this mixer? Here is a review of the product to help you decide that.

What’s the price?

The SM-1511 Overview

Power, versatility, energy-efficiency, and reliability are some of the top factors that relate to the CHeflee SM-1511. This mixer is meant to make your whole mixing process a breeze. It will handle almost any ingredient around the house, and you will have a generally easy time when working with it. Like most models out there, this one also comes with enough accessories to offer you maximum versatility. There is a large capacity that allows you to use it confidently in a family setting.

Features And Functions


Starting with the design, this 1511 model is made to last for long while glorifying your kitchen space. The glossy and silver finish of this mixer will not mess up your kitchen style in any way. However, we wouldn’t recommend this model to you if you have a squeezed kitchen or if you live in a confined studio apartment.


So, how large is the mixing bowl of this CHeflee model? Does it come with enough capacity to prepare food for everyone in the house? What about if you have a family of six to eight people? Can the mixer still help you prepare bread, cake, or pizza dough for everyone in the house? The answer to all these questions is yes. This model offers you a generous capacity of 6.5 liters, and you can enjoy working with it in the house.

The stainless-steel bowl offers nonstick baking and you will also have an easy time cleaning it. Another plus-feature of the bowl is that it comes with a unique handle. The handle has a round and comfortable design to give you an easy time when you need to carry it around the kitchen.


With a mixer that offers that large capacity, it must have a powerful motor to handle your kneading or mixing perfectly, right? Yes, that is right. The mixer comes with a massive 1200W motor that can heat a peak of 1800W at full power.

Multiple Speed Settings

You will use this mixer confidently as you enjoy different speed settings. The speed settings here allow you to handle different recipes with ease. Specifically, there are 6-speed settings that come with the mixer, along with a pulse function for a blitz mixing experience.

Multifunctional Bowl Lid

The CHeflee SM-1511 was designed to offer you mixing versatility. Besides the variable speed settings, you also get to enjoy a bowl cover that is more than just a lid. This cover works as a splash guard, but it also comes with an access hatch that allows you to add ingredients as you work with you mix them. You will not worry about making any messes when you have this lid.


There are no many accessories that come with this mixer. But the ones that are offered make it fully functional. Here, you get a dough hook, a flat beater, and an egg whisk. All the attachments here play their role with perfection. You will use them to knead, whisk, or mix ingredients with ease.

Ease of Use

Changing the speed settings is easy breezy, and you will also find it easy to clean the bowl or accessories. Plus, they are all dishwasher safe. When working with the mixer, you don’t have to worry about it moving around the countertop. It is loaded with nonslip feet to keep it stable as the motor is running.


  • Sturdy construction for durability
  • Offers a super-large mixing bowl
  • The bowl comes with a multifunctional lid
  • Easy to use and clean the accessories
  • Comes with nonslip feet for stability


  • It can be very loud when set on a high speed


So, who is the best candidate for the CHeflee SM-1511? We would recommend this to a family person that needs a mixer with enough capacity to prepare food for everyone in the house. Besides its large capacity, this model is also easy to use and quite reliable.

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