CHeflee SM-1507

CHeflee SM-1507 1800W High Power Stand Mixer Review

A mixer is one of the must-have kitchen appliances if you tend to bake too often. And while it would be a wise move to purchase a mixer, it can be challenging to settle for a specific model. We can suggest the CHeflee SM-1507 model to you, which is a great mixer that is designed to offer you a versatile tool to meet your food preparation needs.

There is more to learn about the mixer, and this article will help you with that.

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The SM-1507 Overview

The SM-1507 ranks among the best mixers in the UK, and it is one model that you would love to have in your home if you appreciate good-looking appliances. This unit also comes with a generous capacity that would make it a good pick for a family setting. Thanks to its massive 1800W motor, this fella can handle just about any food or ingredient. There are also other settings and functions that allow you to enjoy a versatile model.

Features and Functions

Stylish Design/ Large Capacity

This CHeflee Stand mixer comes with a single, stainless steel theme that makes it look elegant but also sturdy enough. You don’t have to worry about it breaking down any time as soon as you start using it. On the contrary, the mixer can truly take a beating. With this design and theme, you can easily use this mixer in any kitchen regardless of the style.

With the capacity, the mixer comes with a large 6.8-liter stainless steel bowl that you can use to prepare a large number of ingredients all at once. Thanks to this large capacity, you can mix the dough for five loaves of bread or even prepare 8lbs or almost 4kg of mashed potatoes. Plus, the capacity is enough to prepare 10 dozen cookies.

6-Speed Settings

Unlike some models out there that come with two or three-speed settings, this CHeflee mixer offers you six settings to meet your needs accordingly. There is also a pulse function that helps to enhance the usability of the mixer. This way, you will enjoy all the settings that meet your needs. What’s to love about the speed settings is that they are easy to select.

There is a turn dial with glowing accents around it for you to see the exact speed that you need to choose. Keep in mind that the dial might be slippery if your hands are wet.

Anti-Slip Design/Anti Oil-Leaking Technology

You will not experience wobbling or moving around of the mixer as the motor is running. Thanks to the five-strong suction cups on the bottom of the unit, it will stay stable and limit movement even at the highest speed setting. This way, you won’t have to hold it firmly as it is running.

Another unique feature is the anti-oil-leaking technology. This helps to assure you of safety operation and also be confident of working without creating a lot of mess on the kitchen counter.

Also onboard is the heat vent that is not just a decorative feature but an addition that is meant to prevent the mixer from overheating as the motor is running. As the vent allows the free flow of air through the motor, it helps to enhance durability.


The CHeflee SM-1507 is designed to offer you the needed versatility. It already comes with different features. When you purchase the mixer, you will enjoy other accessories such as three mixing heads, a dough hook, a beater, and a whisk. With these accessories, you can use them to mix heavy mixtures like bread, medium-heavy mixtures, and light mixtures like egg white or cream.


  • Comes with a stylish stainless steel design
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Offers five suction cups on the bottom for keeping it steady
  • It is sold with multiple accessories
  • It can run continuously for up to 15 minutes


  • The mixer might be sturdy and durable, but it is a little on the heavier side


Who should purchase the CHeflee SM-1507 mixer? We would recommend this mixer to anyone that is a fan of baking. Plus, it would perfectly suit a family setting. Thanks to its massive cooking capacity, this unit can meet your family’s needs with ease. It is one unit that would glorify your kitchen whether it is in use or not. There are also multiple accessories that come with this mixer, so you will be sure of enjoying having it in your kitchen.

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