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Braun J500 900W Spin Juicer Review

Finding an affordable juicer that can still deliver accordingly can be a struggle. Nevertheless, the Braun J500 makes the cut in that category, and you would be glad of working with this model. The juicer is available at a friendly price point, and it is very reliable when it comes to its delivery.

We will be reviewing the juicer in this article.

What’s the price?

Braun J500 Overview

The J500 is one juicer that comes with a unique design that is meant to save you kitchen space while still delivering accordingly. If you love making a quick glass of juice in a matter of minutes, you would love to work with this unit. It can let you make a glass of juice in just 15 seconds. It also comes with a design that is meant to keep your kitchen counter mess and fuss-free. Generally, you will have an easy time when working and cleaning this fella.

Features And Functions Of The J500


Braun J500 juicer comes with a different design compared to the normal models. With the plastic finish and silver detailing, the juicer is meant to serve you for a long time while still glorifying the kitchen space. It features a few curves that will add some elegance to it. The juicer won’t take much of your space, as it only measures 30cm x 21cm x 42cm, which will save you some space.

Fast Juicing

Thanks to the 900W motor that is capable of hitting speeds of up to 10,000RPM, this unit will serve you with excellence. It is designed to be able to make a glass of juice in just 15 seconds. That sounds amazing, especially if you compare it to other units out there.

Two-Speed Setting

You will be getting a juicer that offers you enough power to handle different types of veggies and fruits. With the two-speed settings, you can choose whatever is good and suitable for the fruits/vegetables you are handling. The low-speed setting, which delivers around 7,000RPM is perfect for soft and juicy fruits like berries and citrus, while the high-speed settings work perfectly for hard ingredients like apple or carrots.

Keep in mind that the high-speed setting offers around 10,000RPM which should also be enough for handling the leafy vegetables. Generally, the juicer will assure you of maximum extraction regardless of whatever you are juicing.

Large Feeding Chute

You will have an easy time when loading this Braun juicer via the feeding chute. There is no need for slicing the fruits or vegetables before loading them. This is made possible with the large 75mm chute that can easily take a whole vegetable. Whether it is an apple, beetroot, or carrot, this one will easily accept them as a whole.

4-Way Safety System

This J500 juicer is also designed for the maximum safety of the user. As you set it up, you will be required to meet all the conditions accordingly. If none of them is met, the motor will automatically stop in just 3 seconds and it will not run again. Generally, you will need to ensure that the clamps are locked securely, the lid and filter should be placed as needed, and the juice collector must be assembled as needed.

Anti-Drip/Anti-Splash System

The Braun J500 comes with a convenient spout that is made to be anti-drip and anti-splash to offer you a tidy work surface. You will not have to wipe off the counter whenever you are serving juice with this model.

2-liter Pulp Container

Thanks to the large 2-liter pulp container on this juicer, you will have an easy time when working with it. You won’t have to empty it before you are done with the juicing process. In the long run, this helps to save you time and effort.


  • Powerful motor offers 2-speed settings
  • It can blend a glass of juice in under 15 seconds
  • Large 75mm feeding chute saves prep time
  • Large 2-liter pulp container
  • Anti-drip/anti-splash spout keeps kitchen counter neat
  • Anti-slip feet will keep the juicer stable on the worktop


  • The spout is not high enough to accommodate large jugs


The Braun J500 is very much worth the purchase as it has enough value to match and even surpass its price tag. It can make you a glass of juice in just 15 seconds, and it will assure you of a smooth and nutritious juice as well. Working with it is also easy and friendly.

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