Autumn Clean

Posted 17/09/2018 : By: Ictc


We’ve all heard of the annual spring clean, but what about an autumn clean? Preparing your home for the falling temperatures is a must to help avoid those dreaded winter bugs and keep our homes free of mould and mildew. We've put together our top 5 tips to help you with your annual Autumn clean.

1. Radiator clean- As the temperatures begin to fall, the inevitable central heating switch on is looming. It's therefore important to give your radiators a good & thorough clean. Use a multi-purpose disinfectant to clean the front, top and bottom of the radiator to kill any germs that might be lingering. Then use a radiator brush to clear any cobwebs & dust that might be hiding behind or inside. We recommend our Andrée Jardin 85cm radiator brush. RRP £15.95.

Andrée Jardin Radiator Brush

2. Clear cobwebs- It's easy to overlook those little webs in the corner of the spare room, but these webs can hold all kinds of bugs and dust. Use the Ostrich Feather Duster with 100cm handle from Andrée Jardin to get those hard to reach places. RRP £45.95.

Andrée Jardin natural dusters

3. Floor refresh- Give your floors a good clean and steam to kill any germs that may be lingering and give them their sparkle back.

4. Winter Wardrobe- Your home has it's own wardrobe, those cozy throws, scatter cushions and extra thick curtains are ready to come out of hibernation. Give them a good wash or dry clean before placing them around your home to avoid any musty smells and give them a fresh, clean scent.

5. Window Wipe down- This can be an area of easy germ build up, especially if your windows are susceptible to condensation. Give your windows & windowsills a good clean to help prevent build up of germs and bacteria and leave your windows looking fresh and bright.

These 5 easy steps are a great way to prepare your home for a bug free, clean winter. For more information on any of our products contact us at or call us on 01603 488019.