Are Gas Hobs Going Out Of Style

Are Gas Hobs Going Out Of Style – The Most Controversial Heat System

Are gas hobs going out of style? What do we will do in the future? What will be the replacement of this hob? To this and many more questions like these must revolve in your mind after hearing the most controversial news about the gas hobs.

But why are these gas hobs going out of style?

There are a lot of reasons that play hand-to-hand rule in replacing the traditional yet modern gas hobs. For those who don’t know what gas hob is, let us first check that out.

What is a Gas Hob?

The gas hobs are a modern heat system as compared to the traditional gas stoves. These gas hobs are not only capable of offering on and off options. But also have an advanced array of features that provides convenience in cooking.

Gas hobs use fossil fuel to produce heat. The used fossil fuel contains carbon dioxide. When this emission reaches the atmosphere produces pollution. Due to this cause, this gas hob is getting controversial day by day.

But as the technology is getting advance, these gas hobs are getting replaced by the upcoming modern heat system. It would not be wrong to say that these gas hobs are questionable these days.

To check out that what the matter of these hobs is and why gas hobs are going out of style, check out this article.

What is the Matter with Gas Hobs?

The fact that gas hobs use fossil fuel is a crucial drawback. 

It distinguishes them from electric cookers, which can also powered by sustainable power. As a result, they’re in the very same scenario as gas boilers.

Gas is cleaner than coal, although it is still very destructive to the atmosphere. Furthermore, the UK government has decided to decrease the country’s pollution by banning the gas hobs. By the way, this is a contractually enforceable action.

It suggests that in the upcoming years, the innovative homes linked to natural gas will be limited. It also means that after a few years, we have to say goodbye to them forever.

Banned by 2025?

This news is circulating the internet and has taken many people by a thunderclap. According to the Climate Change Community (CCC), these gas hobs are considerably harming the environment. So for climate protection, CCC has passed a proposal for the ban of gas hobs by 2025.

Climate Change Community has also proposed to use less-carbon heating equipment instead of the gas hobs. In the UK, the CCC tends to reduce up to 70% of the carbon emission. An order has passed to build new buildings and houses with improving water and climate flexibility.

This sudden announcement has shown a negative impact on the gas hob’s image. Many manufacturers are thinking put down their factories because, after six years, everything is going to change.

What is the Replace of the Gas Hob?

Can you expect what will be the replacement of the gad hob? Well, we only can predict the future. As per the speed of modern technology, we predict the following replacement of the gas hobs.

Electric Stoves 

There are a lot of possibilities that after the complete ban of gas hobs, the cooking solution in every third house will be the electric stoves. These electric stoves are well-established with no carbon emission. 

But the major drawback they have is, they consume high electricity. Due to this reason, it is also possible that direct electric stoves will not implement in future housing.


The use of hydrogen is another possible way to reduce carbon dioxide percentage in the environment. New hydrogen-compatible hobs and boilers are launching in the market. For the proper distribution of heat, there is a reformed gas network.

Heat Pumps

The air-to-air and air-to-water heat pumps are likely to play a vital role in providing heat in the future housing system. The best thing about these heat pumps is that you do not need to dig the garden to install these pumps. The installation process is pretty simple but still requires a specialist presence.

Either it is an air-to-air heat pump or the air-to-water heat pump; both produce low emissions. The working procedure of the air-to-water heat pump is as under,

  • The air-to-fluid absorption process is complete in the surrounding. 
  • The fluid is stayed in the compressors for a little while, where it warms up as well.
  • Once the solution is warmed, the radiator is their next destination.

The air-to-air heat pump has the same working process as the air-to-air heat pump.

Heat Network

Here is the last rising heat system expected for the future. These heat networks are also known as district heating. The design of the heat network is in a way that it transfers heat to the surrounding buildings.

In the UK, the government is considering this method as one of the authentic techniques. Because via this method, not only a single house, but the whole society can take benefits. The cost of this method is high. But since it is for a large community, so it is affordable.


Bypassing seconds, it seems like the time is pretty near when the gas hobs will be out of fashion. 

We think that the government is taking legal action in banning the gas hobs. All the materials in the environment that damage the climate need to proscribe.

We advise you that before the gas hobs get completely ban and the electric stoves become the need of every third person, grab electric stoves or heat pumps in advance so you can save your time and money that waste when these replacements will be in fashion.

Also, as a part of this environment, we have to stop those activities that harm the climate. We all should prevent the use of gas hobs so it can reduce the percentage of increasing pollution. Also, we need to find valid replacements for the gas hobs. 

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