Appolia are leading manufacturers of quality French ceramic cookware with unique shapes and a variety of stylish colours. The factory continues to innovate, introducing new products and designs, and improving the manufacturing processes, whilst maintaining the original quality and versatility of traditional ceramic cookware.
Appolia ceramic cookware is crafted from natural clays of very high quality and is designed and manufactured entirely in France. The low porosity of the raw material guarantees the best cooking performance as well as high thermal and mechanical shock resistance. The enamels are scratch resistant and easy to clean. All the Appolia products comply with recognised food safe standards and health and safety regulations. Appolia also take their ethical and environmental responsibilities very seriously. All the raw materials used are non-polluting and the entire manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, including the use of recyclable packaging materials. Appolia cookware is ovenproof, suitable for microwave, freezer and dishwasher and is scratch resistant.

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