Electric Frying Pan Temperature

An Easy Electric Frying Pan Temperature Guide

When it comes to finding convenience in frying, all votes go to the electric frying pan (aka. electric skillet). The design of the electric frying pan is to offer precise temperature and heat for deep-frying and sautéing. The question that most people often ask in public forums is about the electric frying pan temperature guide.

Are you also not getting the perfectly cooked food you want on a frying pan? That’s maybe because you are not setting the accurate temperature. Either you are a home cook or camping person, you need to learn the temperature guide when it comes to the electric frying fan.

Here in this article, we have sorted the issue by providing you the ultimate temperature guide. Note that the range of temperature will vary based on what you are cooking. Check out the article below and make sure to read the details clearly.

How Do Electric Frying Pans Work?

The electric frying pans working process is simple yet impressive. A network of electric coils is present at the inner side of the electric skillet. These coils continuously provide heat. Due to the presence of a coiled network, an electric frying pan is capable of providing precise temperature, as compared to the typical stovetop frying pan.

Want to know more benefits of the electric frying pan? Above all, the electric skillet’s portability is the most heart-winning benefit. Just pack it in your bag and carry it along on camping and anywhere you want. The second benefit of the electric frying pan is that it doesn’t heat the house as the ordinary stovetop frying pan does. The art of using the electric skillet is to control the temperature setting. Scroll down to know about the temperature setting of the electric frying pan.

How to Set Electric Frying Pan Temperature Setting?

There are no such hard and cold rules in setting the electric skillet temperature controls. The general temperature the electric skillet offers is between 93.3º- 232ºC. For temperature indication, some electric frying pans support the light option. And also, a time controller to signal that the preparation has ended.

Different brands offer different controllers for temperature settings. Mostly there is a dial used to set the temperature. Some electric pans also have warming trays. Warming trays are an excellent option for keeping the meal warm before munching it. You also need to set the temperature of the warming tray.

Cooking Temperatures

This guide is on the four main cooking temperatures (low, low-medium, Medium, and High). Once you learn the temperature setting, then you can cook on any electric frying pan type. Scroll down to get informed.

On Low Temperature

Temperature between 93.3ºC to 121ºC falls in the category of low temperatures. At this temperature, you can braise meat, simmer sauces, cook beans, and roast chicken. Make sure to use an appropriate amount of oil.

Braising meat and pork can take time. Around 80 minutes is the minimum time required. Make sure to use thin slices of beef and pork because you cannot braise thick slices at low temperatures.

On Low-Medium Temperature

121ºC to 149ºC is falling in the low-medium temperature range. At this temperature, you can cook bacon, Canadian bacon, eggs, scrambles, and fish. The cooking time for each meal is different. Canadian bacon and simple bacon can take around 5-10 minutes. While on the other hand, eggs and scrambles can take up to 3 minutes.

For shallow frying fish, you have to preheat the pan. After preheating, 7-9 minutes are enough to fry the fish with golden brown color. While shallow frying, use a medium amount of oil. If you use extra oil amount, then the cooking time will increase.

On Medium Temperature

Are you thinking about what to cook at medium temperature? Well, first, know what medium temperature is. 148°C to 190°C is the medium temperature range. At medium temperature, you get a lot of cooking variety. You can cook hamburger, cottage fries, pork chops, potatoes, sausage, grilled sandwiches, and liver.

However, the time for each dish is different. Beef steaks and pork chops can take around 15-25 minutes. Hamburgers and cottage fries can cook in 10-12 minutes. While on the other hand, grilled sandwiches take 5-8 minutes only.

On High Temperature

Here comes the last temperature mode of the electric skillet. High temperatures are between 190°C to 204°C. You can cook pancakes, minute steaks, and thick beef steaks. Pancakes take 3 minutes to fully cooked. Thick beef steaks and minute steaks take around 18-20 minutes.

Every individual has a distinct cooking style. Make sure to find an electric skillet of your cooking style. Note that usage of the lid can alter the temperature and time. For instance, while frying fish and thick beef steaks, the cooking time can reduce to 15 minutes if you use a covering lid. Never use a cover while making pancakes because the moist can spoil the taste.


The most common mistake people do, is they wash the electric frying pan immediately after using it. Never do this mistake. By doing this, users damage the non-stick material of the pan. Let the pan cool down completely at room temperature, then clean it with a tissue. Some pans can be dishwasher safe. Make sure to investigate first.


Finding the best electric frying pan according to your cooking style is suffocating. But since you want to enjoy convenience in cooking, let’s face this task. No matter which brand you choose for the electric skillet, make sure to learn the electric frying pan temperature guide. Because temperature plays a vital role, and we all know that.

Keep in mind that these guidelines can be useful for some users. While for others, they may not. The temperature setting varies on electric skillet type. Some electric skillets support temperature reading infahrenheit while some in centigrade. In this article, we have mentioned readings in centigrade. You can convert the readings according to your skillet requirement.

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