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Air Fryer vs. Deep Fryer – How Do They Compare?

Whether you are making chips for your children or frying chicken for dinner, you would definitely need a quality fryer for your task. Fried foods serve as a guilty choice for several people, with a tender taste on the inside and crispy outside. Fried food is delicious; however, there is an unhealthy aspect attached to it, and it is the excessive oil that is used to properly fry it.

It would be best to consider the options that could serve you in both aspects (health and taste). For some people, cutting down on the consumption of frying food might be an option, but they need a more accommodating solution for others. As per the producers of air fryers, it can help you get the desired taste without posing a health risk.

How Does A Deep Fryer Operate?

Deep fryers are considered to be the only option for various people when it comes to frying. It can be used to prepare different foods. It could include small things like potato chips or French fries or larger items such as chicken wings.  Certain deep fryers are bigger, and they are capable of cooking a complete turkey at once.

In terms of their operation, it comprises a container that is filled with hot oil. The food is placed inside a basket that is then lowered into the container, and the food entirely submerges in a bath.

Hot oil is an excellent heat conductor that cooks the food from every side when the food is submerged into it. Furthermore, another benefit of having it is that it reduces the time taken as it can cook faster than a frying pan that cooks from a particular side at a time.

Deep frying food creates what’s known as the “Maillard effect.” It is a reaction that includes the breakdown of the sugar and proteins located on the food surface and turning them golden brown.

Deep frying, moreover, eliminates the water content from the external layer of the food, turning it crunchy and catching all the moisture inside it.

How Does An Air Fryer Operate?

Air fryers operate by utilizing super-heated air for cooking the food. A fan that is located at the upper side of the fryer moves the air down by a heating component. The air moves through, and around the food, positioned in a basket like the one installed inside a deep fryer.

The air bounds off from the air fryer’s base and then move back up over the food. The hot air is used for cooking the food from every side properly and creates the “Maillard Effect,” resulting in a crispy external crust.

What Are Some Of The Differences Between An Air Fryer And A Deep Fryer?

  1. The major and one of the most notable differences are in terms of the quantity of oil used in each process. Deep fryers need a higher proportion of oil in which the food can be entirely submerged. Meanwhile, air fryers only require a tablespoon or no oil at all to thoroughly cook food.
  2. In deep frying, the oil used is capable of penetrating the food a lot deeper, so food that is cooked through the process will normally have a thicker and crispier crust.
  3. The fact that air fryers use either little or no oil at all, certain food might tend to be dryer compared to what you would get with a deep fryer.
  4. Deep fryers are firmly for frying food. By using an air fryer, different procedures of cooking can be used like grilling. It is also possible to bake desserts by using an air fryer
  5. Cleaning an air fryer since it uses little to no oil is a lot more easily compared to a deep fryer. Disposing of a large quantity of oil can be difficult to dispose of.

Which Is Better?

Consider the following aspects to help you reach a better decision.


If you prefer the top-quality taste, then the ideal choice is a deep fryer. Even though an air fryer is capable of producing a crispy outer, which is similar to a deep fryer, the consistency that a deep fryer provides can’t be replaced.

Another thing to note is that you might find that certain foods come out dryer with an air dryer than you would expect. However, overall, you might want to get a deep fryer than an air fryer overall in the taste category.


The major concern when it comes to deep-fried food is health. Provided that the food is entirely immersed in some sort of cooking oil, it contains an excess flat level, which is added to the food.

Air fryers use little or no oil at all, thus greatly reducing the fat percentage in your meal.

If you are someone who prefers health and can compromise on the taste for your personal betterment, then an air fryer should be your desired choice. So in terms of the health category, the winner is an air fryer.

However, it is also possible to reduce your food’s fat percentage if you desire to have a deep fryer. One critical method of lowering the fat amount is ensuring that the cooking oil gets warm at an ideal temperature.

If the oil isn’t hot enough, the food’s external layer would not be that crispy. This layer is responsible for keeping the oil from getting into the internal food layers during cooking.

If the oil is hot, then the crust will instantly form, and it would be thicker, thus making it hard for the internal side of the food to cook. You would have to place it into the food for a longer duration to ensure it’s properly cooked.


In terms of the versatility of the products, the air fryer would be the better choice. You can get additional accessories to let you grill and roast foods and even make desserts with them.

If you want to get a single product out of the two choices, you would need to weigh in on your preferences and choose an ideal choice. Although the products provide separate functions and benefits while also adding some disadvantages to it, both are fit for the purpose in relation to specific preferences.

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