AIGOSTAR 30IBW 2.5L Deep Fat Fryer Review

In our review of the AIGOSTAR 30IBW deep fryer, we will focus on its overall performance in making tasty and properly fried meals as well as its durability, design, ease of use, and limitations. We will see how the product compares to competitive models within its price and size; thus, whether it is worth buying.

What’s the price?

Our Evaluation Of AIGOSTAR 30IBW


Think of your device’s power the same way it applies to your regular daily routine – the more power you have, the more work you can get done efficiently without being drained.  Like every electrical appliance, deep fryers follow the same principle – the more the power, the better its versatility and robustness in handling cooking tasks.

The 1680W rated heating system on this device sits on the top-end for power among competing products in the UK within its price and size. So, it cooks any of your favourite meals, including chips, scotched eggs, shrimps, and more quite easily, efficiently, and wouldn’t crimple upon successive and frequent use.

Food Capacity:

The 30IBW deep fryer comes with a relatively large 2.5L capacity food tank suitable for a family of no more than five. This tank capacity isn’t the largest available- there are models from other brands with baskets as large as 3.2L or more. Yet, it is recommendable to buy products that fit your home and not focus too much on features you don’t need. For example, there’s no need to look for a larger device if you have fewer mouths to feed. Similarly, except you intend to cook in successions, you shouldn’t consider a small deep fryer.


AIGOSTAR 30IBW comes in a brightly-coloured exterior featuring a stylish overall design that undoubtedly would improve your home aesthetics and wouldn’t go unnoticed when a visitor gets into your kitchen. Yet, it manages to combine this elegant design with a functional space-saving size that is easy to move and store; thus, fit for holiday homes, caravans, student accommodation, and small cafés.  

Additionally, there is a transparent window at the top of the device to monitor the cooking process easily. The two layers of lampblack filters beside the visible window prevent smoking; hence, safe for use with minimal possibilities of stuffing the air in your kitchen.

Temperature Range:

Like every other top-quality deep fryer, this one allows you to vary the oil temperature from 150 to 190 degrees Celsius to meet a wide range of deliciously crisp savoury foods like spring rolls, samosas, crispy noodles, chicken, fish, and more. It allows you to select the heat from a four-gear temperature knob, easily achieving the best results always.

This machine’s temperature selection is quite impressive. That is because many competitive models within its price offer only a range from 160 to 190, but this one allows you to select hotter options like 150 degrees Celsius.  

Ease Of Use And Cleaning:

With a single knob selection of temperature, easy to open ad fill lid, this product’s overall user-friendliness is superb. Even better, there is a gap between the lid and cover to ensure efficient heat dissipation. This design, along with the non-stick coated inner surface, makes cleaning the machine after use hassle-free. In fact, you can simply wipe food crumbs in the pan with a soft cloth and achieve a perfectly clean surface. Albeit, it is recommendable to use wooden or less-abrasive spatulas and cleaning tools (if needed) to prevent wearing the non-stick coating.


With the Teflon non-stick tank coating and stainless steel construction, we can easily say that the AIGOSTAR 30IBW comes with one of the most premium grade construction for deep fryers. Thus, it will last for a long time if you follow safe cooking practices (you can check the product manual for how to use your machine safely). 

The 30IBW Specifications

Dimension33.9 x 28.8 x 27.1 cm
Weight2.62 kg


  • Fairly large food capacity
  • Elegant and modern design
  • Top-quality stainless steel construct
  • BPA-free plastic parts
  • Anti-heat handle
  • Easy to clean non-stick inner pan
  • Extensive temperature range

Product Limitations

  • Being high power, it requires a connection to a high amp socket; else, it will blow out the fuse
  • Quite expensive


AIGOSTAR 30IBW deep fryer may be more expensive than competitive products of similar tank size. Still, its design, superior-quality construction, and other standout features like the two layers of lampblack filters and the extended temperature option justifies its price. So, we can easily say it is an ideal product for small homes and worth buying. 

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