AICOK GS-332 800W Centrifugal Juicer Review

If you want to take your smoothie and juicing game to another level, you might want to consider the AICOK GS-332 juicer. This is one of the most-bought juicers in the UK, and it has some of the best features as well.

Here is a review to help you understand what the juicer has to offer.

What’s the price?

The GS-332 Overview

The AICOK GS-332 is a juicer that comes with a powerful motor to let you juice any type of vegetable or fruit. It also comes with a large feeding chute that is meant to lessen your preparation time while saving your energy. The maintenance of this juicer is also easy enough since it lets you clean it quickly and easily. And yes, assembling this unit is a walk in the park.

Features And Functions Of The AICOK Juicer


We would recommend this juicer to anyone living in a small apartment or a kitchen with a confined space. It is a real space saver as it only measures 42.5cm x 35cm x 23cm. If you have a squeezed kitchen space, this fella will be your friend. It also comes in lightweight at only 4kg. Of course, some models out there are lighter, but this still belongs to the lightweight category.

The stainless steel design makes it easy on the eye, and it also means that it will remain strong and durable for a long time.

In terms of the capacity, this one can make 1.1 liters of juice, which isn’t bad at all. As long as you don’t need to prepare the juice for a family or more people, you will find the model useful enough.

Powerful Motor

How does an 800W motor sound to you? Well, it sounds like a powerful unit that can grind, mix, or blend any type of vegetable or fruit. Plus, the motor is meant to work with more power while preserving the nutrients inside. You don’t have to worry about clogging or foaming when you work with this juicer.

Two-Speed Modes

If the powerful motor doesn’t seem enough for you, there are two-speed modes that let you choose the one that suits whatever you are blending. Along with the powerful motor, you get a low-speed and high-speed setting. With the low speed, you can use it for grinding soft and juicy fruits and veggies like orange, cucumber, watermelon, celery, or grapes.

On the other hand, the high-speed setting is ideal for hard fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, beetroots, pear, kale, or ginger. Regardless of what you are preparing, this AICOK juicer will give you an easy time.

Extra-Wide Feed Chute

Preparing fruits and vegetables can be tedious and time-consuming at the same time. This is because most juicers come with a small feed chute that will force you to slice every fruit and vegetable that you feed in. However, the GS-332 offers you an extra-wide feed chute of 75mm, which means that you can easily place a whole fruit like beetroot, apple, or carrot without the need for slicing them.

Besides that, there is a unique non-drip spout that will ensure your kitchen counter stays clean and neat enough even as you prepare your juice.

Pulp Collector

There is a large 2-liter pulp container that will collect all the pulp with ease while ensuring the kitchen counter stays clean. You will have an easy time when emptying the pulp container. Unfortunately, the pulp collection container is not transparent, so you might not know when it is full.

We loved that all the removable parts are easy to clean since they are dishwasher-safe.


  • Sturdy and elegant stainless-steel design
  • Comes with a powerful 800W motor
  • The two-speed settings let you choose the right speed for whatever fruit/vegetable you are preparing
  • Large feed chute saves you prep time and effort
  • Good-size pulp container


  • It cannot run continuously for a long time
  • The pulp container is not transparent


This AICOK GS-332 juicer can make a good addition to your kitchen arsenal. It is available at a friendly price, comes with a powerful motor, and you get to choose the right speed for whatever vegetable or fruit you are preparing. Since it comes with a large feed chute, you will have an easy time when loading fruits or veggies. Even when it comes to cleaning the juicer parts, you will find it super easy.

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