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Best 2 Ring Electric Hob UK – Portable Double Hot Plates

A 2 ring electric hob is a vital cooking appliance that can be used almost in any scenario. Due to their compact and lightweight nature, they can easily be carried from one point to another. Even if you are planning to have a wild experience or camp in the woods, finding the right ring electric hob would be helpful.

But then again, it is not as easy as such to select the best 2 ring electric hob. With the multiple models from different brands in the UK market, it becomes even harder to settle for one unit. We understand how challenging it can be, especially if you are fairly new to this. That is why we came up with this article to help you have an easy time shopping for one.

In this article, we will share the best 2 ring electric hobs available on the UK market and how you should choose one specifically.

2 Ring Electric Hobs: Our Top 8 Pics

CUSIMAX Electric Double Hot Plate9.0Check
CUSIMAX Double Electric Hob9.0Check
Russell Hobbs 2 Plate Mini Hob9.0Check
SUNAVO Electric Double Burner8.9Check
Oypla OYP3838 Electric Double Hot Plate8.9Check
Quest 35250 Electric Twin Double8.4Check
VonShef Double Hot Plate8.0Check
Laptronix HTR08 2 Twin Ring Hob8.0Check

2-Ring Electric Hot Plate Reviews

Having an idea of what to choose as you explore the market can be really helpful when you plan to purchase an electric hob. Instead of being spoilt for choices as you explore the hundreds of models out there, here are some models you should consider trying out.

1. CUSIMAX Electric Double Hot Plate

CUSIMAX Electric Double Hot Plate

The first contender on our list is this awesome 2 ring electric hob from CUSIMAX. We think is among the top models in the UK based on its construction and durability.

Specifically, this unit is made with a durable stainless steel top that can truly add some glamor to your kitchen space. Besides that, the cooker will serve you for a long time while resisting stain, rust, or scratches.

It offers you double burners that can work with any type of cookware that has a 7.4-inch diameter. Whether you have stainless steel, copper, aluminum, cast iron, or non-magnetic stainless steel cookware, this unit will let you use it with ease.

Along with the sturdy stainless steel surface, this unit also comes with cast iron hot plate heating that assures you of no electromagnetic radiation. In turn, you will enjoy safe cooking.

Even better, there is an inbuilt thermostat that assures you of perfect cooking. This thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature accordingly to match your cooking needs. The best part is that this unit retains heat perfectly and you would appreciate using it if you need to cook at low-temperatures.

The two plates come in different sizes to let you use them with varied pots and pan sizes as well. There are individual variable temperature dials that are best for convenience and control. Once you are done cooking with this unit, you will also have an easy time cleaning it.


  • Elegant and durable stainless steel construction
  • Inbuilt thermostat for efficient cooking
  • Comes with individual neon power indicators for warning you as the cooker is running
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Durable cast-iron plates


  • It gets really hot when cooking

If you value a stylish and long-lasting double electric hob, you’d love having this one. In terms of its design and delivery, this fella easily makes it among the best units in the UK.

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2. CUSIMAX Double Electric Infrared Hob

CUSIMAX Double Electric Hob

Like the previous product, this amazing 2 ring electric hob also comes with a stainless steel material that looks classy as well. You’d love having it on your kitchen counter, RV, or studio apartment. Even when it is not in use, this cooker will still prove to be useful enough. With this model, it offers you a cool black theme that looks elegant enough. If you don’t like having highlighting appliances in the kitchen, this one would be a good pick for you.

It is then loaded with tow heating elements of 1200W each. Plus, there is a variable temperature dial that allows you to use it to meet your specific cooking needs. Along with that, you get seven heating settings that can be controlled thermostatically to give you the perfect temperature setting for your cooking. You can use this unit as a food warmer or a slow cooker and it assures you of perfect delivery.

The ceramic hotplate comes in equal sizes of 18cm each, and they can accommodate any type of cookware with ease. You can use your glass or aluminum cookware easily on this model and the results will be satisfying enough.

Portability is another unique feature of this portable hob. It comes with a compact design and it is very much portable. This way, you can carry it with you to use it outdoors. In other words, this unit can be used in the garden, at the workplace, in your RV, or even out in the woods when camping.

We loved the fact that the cooker comes with anti-skid feet that keep it stable on the surface. It won’t move around as you cook with it.


  • Cool, black theme
  • Compact and highly portable
  • Comes with anti-slip rubber feet for stability
  • Double burners come with overheating protection
  • Offers 7 heating settings


  • It can get too hot and unable to handle, but it cools down very fast

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3. Russell Hobbs 15199 2 Plate Mini Cooktop

Russell Hobbs 2 Plate Mini Hob

It would be impossible to talk about the best 2 ring electric hobs in the UK without mentioning one model from Russell Hobbs. Here is another model that would serve you perfectly if you need a true space-saver. This cooker is both compact and lightweight. As a result, you can be confident of having a highly portable model.

The double electric hob comes with a clean and durable stainless steel finish that you would love to have in your kitchen space. The glossy finish is scratch-resistant, and you will have an easy time when cleaning it.

With the two hot plates, you will be having enough space to cook two meals at the same time. The large plate is rated at 1500W, while the small plate offers you 750W. Luckily, each plate comes with a convenient dial that allows you to adjust the temperature independently. We loved the fact that the dials are heat isolated. In other words, they won’t get hot even when the whole unit is.

By the way, there are lights that will come one when the hob is heating up. Once the desired temperature is hit, the lights will then go off. This helps to offer you convenience as you work with it.

You also enjoy stability when working with this 2 ring electric hob, thanks to the rubber nonslip feet. Keep in mind that this one heats up a little slower than expected. However, it will hold the temperature well once it heats up to the set level.


  • Holds up heat perfectly
  • Comes with a compact and portable design
  • It has an appealing design
  • The cooker is sealed around the edges to prevent spillage
  • Power-on neon indicator on each plate


  • It takes a long time to heat up

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4. SUNAVO Ceramic Electric Double Burner

SUNAVO Electric Double Burner

It is not easy to find a 2 ring electric hob that offers advanced technology, efficiency, and elegance while still staying affordable. However, you get all these in this cooker from SUNAVO. Those qualities are reasons for this unit being among the best models in the UK.

This one is also made of a strong and durable stainless steel material, but the hot plates are made of ceramic. However, one thing that makes this model stand among most others in the UK market is the fact that this one runs with infrared technology.

The infrared heating plates run with a far-infrared energy technique that is meant to deliver vertical heating conduction and even heating. In the long run, it will assure you of even heat distribution on your cookware.

Another thing to learn about the hot plates is that they come with six temperature settings. This way, you can control the temperature to perfectly meet your cooking needs accordingly. With these settings, you can warm your food, cook soup, fry, steam your food, and more.

Thanks to the compact design, this portable cooker can be used in vacation, camping, parties, kitchen, RV, or any other place. It is a very multifunctional unit.

You’ll enjoy working with this unit, especially since it comes with heat-insulated handles that allow you to move it around with ease.


  • Comes with far-infrared technology to prevent energy losses and save electricity
  • Runs with overheating protection with auto-off when temps go too high
  • Fast heating operation saves time and electricity
  • Offers six temperature settings
  • It offers you thermos-insulated handles
  • Nonslip rubber feet


  • The auto cut feature makes it difficult to cook delicate meals

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5. Oypla 2000W OYP3838 Portable Infrared Electric Double Hot Plate

Oypla OYP3838

Here is another 2 ring electric hob that would make a good pick for you if you need a compact model with reliable cooking delivery.

Another thing about this cooker is that it comes with a unique design that is appealing enough to include in your kitchen space. The design is another feature that makes this model one of the best in the UK market.

This unit comes with stainless steel construction that allows it to take a beating with ease. Along with that, there are two heating plates that let you cook with different pots and pans while meeting your cooking needs. There is a small plate, which comes with an 800W rating, and a large hot plate that comes with a 1200W rating.  

Of course, each plate comes with a dedicated dial that allows you to adjust the temperature accordingly. We noticed that this portable hob heats up really quickly, which then helps to save energy use. In turn, the unique design is meant to retain the heat.

There are some rubber, nonslip feet that help to keep it stable on a smooth surface. Even if you will be stirring food in the pot or pan, this model will not get shaky.


  • Unique design retains energy
  • Comes with rubber feet for stability
  • Easy-to-use dials
  • Adjustable temperature levels
  • Heats up quickly and features overheating protection


  • The power cord could be longer

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6. Quest 35250 Electric Twin Hot Plate

Quest 35250

Moving on with the list, we present this impressive double electric hob to you. It stands among the best models available in the UK market, and its features are enough to convince you to buy it.

One thing to take note of this 2 ring electric hob is that it is super easy to set up and get started with it. Well, it does come fully assembled, like most models. And all that you will be needed to do is plug it into the socket outlet and you will be ready to start cooking.

It is made with a nice, nonstick coating that helps to keep it stain and corrosion-resistant. Even more, this coating helps to give you an easy time when cleaning it. You will only need a piece of cloth and some water to clean it.

The two hot plates on this fella come with a rating of 100W and 1500W, so you get to choose the one that meets your cooking needs. Furthermore, there is a knob for each plate to let you select the temperature setting accordingly. Speaking of the temperature settings, this one offers you five levels to let you choose what suits your cooking needs accordingly.

We have to mention that this one comes with an overheat protection that will turn off the plate once it hits the set temperature. From there, it will maintain the temperature until you are done with your cooking.


  • Comes with nonstick coating for easy cleaning
  • Nonslip feet for stability
  • Five temperature settings
  • Thermal-insulated dials
  • Spill-resistant design along the edges


  • It takes a long time to cool down

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7. VonShef 2500W Portable Electric 2 Ring Hob

VonShef Double Hot Plate

If you already have a VonShelf appliance in your kitchen, you might want to throw this one in there too. Undoubtedly, VonShef stands among the best kitchen appliance makers in the UK.

This 2 ring electric hob comes with a cool, black theme that makes it make a classy statement on your kitchen space. With this theme, it can easily blend with any type of kitchen colors out there. But also, its black color means that it can easily be used outdoors for camping since it is stain-resistant. It is important to note that this unit is made of a durable stainless steel material that is sturdy to the maximum.

Even with that, it comes with a compact and lightweight design. In other words, you can carry it around with ease and even fit it in your space-confined kitchen. Storing it is also easy enough. Loaded with the nonslip rubber feet, this fella will stay stable enough on those smooth and level surfaces.

The dual hot plates are made of cast iron, and they work along with the inbuilt thermostat. Each plate comes with an individual dial that lets you choose from the five heat settings available.

Unlike most portable units out there, this one comes with a non-spill edge design that will prevent milk or other liquid substance from spilling down to the counter. Luckily, the overheating feature helps to prevent the food from heating beyond the set temperature.


  • Compact and portable design
  • Black theme makes it great for using outdoors
  • Offers five temperature settings
  • Easy to clean
  • Spill-resistant edge design


  • It takes a long time to heat up

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8. Laptronix HTR08 2500W Electric 2 Ring Hot Plate

Laptronix HTR08

Last but not least, is this double electric hob that comes from one of the most reputable brands in the UK. This one comes with a simple design but it is very functional.

The cooker comes with a white design with a nonstick coating that assures you of an easy cleaning time. It also comes with two hot plates that are 1000W and 1500W. These hot plates do vary in size and they let you use different pan and pots sizes as you tweak the temperature to meet your needs.

This 2 ring electric hob offers four temperature settings that allow you to cook at the ideal temperature. You can even use it as a hot plate when you need to keep your food warm.

If your kitchen space is limited and you need a cooker that can fit in there perfectly, this one would do. Furthermore, you can choose it as your backup cooker if your main cooker breaks down. Once you are done with it, you can easily store it away.

Thanks to the thermos-insulated steel construction, this unit will give you an easy time when you need to clean it. There are also neon power light indicators to let you know if the heat is flowing to the plates. With the rubber feet that are nonslip, you can be sure of having a stable cooker even as you stir your food in pans or pots.


  • Comes with a compact and portable design
  • Rubber and nonslip feet for stability
  • Nonstick coating for easy cleaning
  • Comes at a very friendly price point
  • Thermal-insulated dials


  • It might smoke heavily if not used as instructed

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Buying Guide

Now that you have an idea of the best 2 ring electric hobs in the UK, it is important to understand how exactly we came up with this list.

Before we settled for these 8 models, we weighed all the necessary options. Specifically, we went through the necessary factors that make a good electric hob. That being said, here are some of the factors we were looking out for, and you should do the same if you want to get the perfect model.


The first thing you should consider is the size of the cooker, as well as its construction. If you have a kitchen that has a confined space, you will need to be very considerate of the cooker’s size. The cooker should fit in your kitchen space perfectly while also giving you enough room for cooking.

Another factor to consider is its portability. If you will be using it outdoors or in different locations, you might want to go for one with a lightweight and overly portable design.

In terms of the construction, you should consider finding a model that is made to last for long. All the models that we have covered in this article are made with a sturdy stainless-steel body. Choosing that material would do you a lot of favor.

You should also consider the material used to make the hot plates. It can either be ceramic or cast iron. Whichever you choose, ensure that you understand its pros and cons completely.

Power Level

The 2 ring electric hob should offer you a dial for each plate. The dial should then let you adjust the temperature accordingly. Preferably, there should be a thermostat onboard that will contribute to the temperature adjustment.

If you will be using the cooker to prepare different types of foods and for versatility, then you should consider one that has more temperature levels.


With the control, so the hot plates, they can either come with a dial or touch controls. The dial control is the most common, and it is generally the easiest to use. However, adjusting the temperature from high to low or vice versa can take a relatively long time with the dial control. On the other hand, a touch control panel offers quick access to the temperature setting, but using it at first might be somewhat tricky.


Is a double heat plate cooker better than a single plate cooker?

Not exactly. But it depends on your cooking needs. If you live alone, you can easily work with a single-plate electric hob. However, a dual plate allows you to prepare different foods simultaneously. If you have a family, it would be better to choose a dual plate model.

Why do induction cookers go on and off while cooking?

If an induction hob runs for an extended period, it will usually go on and off to regulate the temperature accordingly. This then helps to save on energy consumption in the long run.

How long will the 2 ring hot plate serve me?

That depends on how you use it, along with the quality of the cooker itself and the cooking habits. Nevertheless, a good double electric hob should serve you for 7 to 10 years.


So, which is the best 2 ring electric hob in the UK? There is no specific model that qualifies as the best. Rather, the ideal unit is that which meets your cooking needs accordingly. However, you should always choose one that lasts long with sturdy construction and it should give you different temperature settings. Above all, using and cleaning the cooker should be easy enough.

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